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1 The spread of Coronavirus to red America is not shifting opinions
2 Labour joins chorus calling for a wealth tax
3 Uber Eats, Blue Apron brands see gains as Americans told to stay home
4 LGBTQ+ Americans who plan to vote in the Democratic primary favor impeachment
5 Poll: Warren fares better against Biden than Sanders
6 On coronavirus social distancing, Americans not so divided
7 The Economic Impact Of Covid-19 Creates ‘Clear Burning Platform’ For U.K. Wealth Tax
8 Why The Progressive Left Fits So Uncomfortably Within The Democratic Party
9 What have people changed about their lives in the COVID-19 world?
10 Five Radical Climate Policies That Most Americans Actually Like
11 Analysis | The Daily 202: Mississippi removing Confederate icon from flag shows power of pressure campaigns
12 Is this art? Your answer can reveal a surprising amount about your politics.
13 How Americans order their steaks and hamburgers
14 Warren’s Rise Hasn’t Come At Biden’s Expense
15 A third of nurseries in the most disadvantaged areas may be forced to close permanently
16 What If The Third Debate Were Based On Different Polls?
17 Exclusive: Warren Leads Among LGBTQ+ Voters in First-of-Its-Kind Poll
18 Breaking up big tech companies like Amazon and Google is really popular, poll shows
19 The Fox effect? GOP voters agree with harsh messaging on migrant kids
20 Red vs. Blue on Coronavirus Concern: The Gap Is Still Big but Closing
21 Can This Sam Gilliam Drawing Reveal Your Opinion of Trump?
22 YouGov’s “blockchain-based” sell-your-own data platform makes no sense (*update)
23 Tories still set for majority but lead narrows, latest poll shows
24 Americans feel coronavirus-fueled market panic will have lasting economic impact
25 Voters’ Second-Choice Candidates Show A Race That Is Still Fluid
26 The Gap Between Democrats And Republicans Is Growing On The Coronavirus Crisis
27 Most Democrats Want Border-Crossings Decriminalized, Poll Says
28 This One Chart Explains Why the Kids Back Bernie
29 Polls: Trump still leads among older voters, but Biden hopes to cut into it
30 Kamala Harris’s decline in the polls, explained
31 Obama-Trump voters still like Trump, not Biden.
32 Voters Back Ban On Fracking, New Poll Finds
33 Are Older Voters Turning Away From Trump?
34 New poll reveals large Tory win expected in Barrow
35 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows Republicans largely dismiss threat of coronavirus
36 Medicare-for-all polling: Employee fee more popular than payroll tax
37 Which Countries Are Handling The COVID-19 Crisis Best? New Public Opinion Data Offer Answers
38 'Corona Beer Virus?' The Global Epidemic Is Taking a Real-Life Toll on the Beverage
39 Hyndburn set to turn blue in huge General Election swing, according to polls
40 Why is blue the world's favorite color?
41 Sean McElwee's media influence
42 Where Trust In The Media’s COVID-19 Coverage Is Highest & Lowest Around The World [Infographic]
43 Telemedicine Could Be More Widely Adopted Due to the Coronavirus
44 US consumers are warming up to HelloFresh
45 America's political parties remain polarized
46 America's favorite beer is from Europe
47 How Joe Biden attracts both black voters and racially ‘resentful’ voters
48 Charts: Coronavirus pandemic is affecting Trump’s voters differently
49 A Majority of Voters Now Support Decriminalizing Sex Work
50 CBS News/YouGov Battleground Tracker
51 Before We Consider Breaking Up Big Tech, Let's Regulate Better
52 Why Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic primary
53 Analysis | The Trailer: Labor union members and leaders are skeptical -- but pondering their 2020 choices
54 Biden's Support Among Democrats May Be Exaggerated
55 YouGov General Election poll predictions for every constituency in Lancashire
56 Bad news for Bernie has his backers getting antsy
57 Voters Are Ready for a Green New Deal. Are Democrats?
58 5 facts that explain why 70% of millennials would vote for a socialist
59 How Coronavirus Is Breaking Down Along Familiar Political Lines
60 Voting Lib Dem could hurt the Tories as much as Labour
61 Yougov poll: Prince Harry's Duchy of Cornwall funds should stop
62 Coronavirus, Trump, and the death of American exceptionalism
63 GBP/USD drops 40+ pips after YouGov MRP poll
64 How Brands Should Speak To Consumers During The COVID-19 Pandemic
65 Calteq picks up Blue Cube Networks
66 Not all states are red or blue: in search of the purple states
67 Equifax's perception dropping faster than recent data breaches and other crises
68 Western Mass SHAKE-UP — House to vote on PRESSLEY bill — Step inside the UMASS club
69 Has Labour really lost the working class?
70 Conservatives will take nine seats from Labour in Yorkshire and the Humber to win 68-seat majority, major poll predicts
71 Tories aiming to turn West Bromwich blue for the first time ever
72 London may look red in a sea of blue now — but it’s not that simple
73 One in 20 Britons Have Lost Job Due to Virus, YouGov Says
74 YouGov polling predicts Conservative gains in north Wales
75 People Actually Like the Green New Deal
76 The Trailer: The Democratic centrists are worrying
77 The U.S. States Most & Least Likely To Wear Face Masks [Infographic]
78 Covid-19: Keeping track of attitudes and behaviour
79 Why Do 44% of Republicans Believe Bill Gates Will Use Coronavirus Vaccines to Inject Them With Microchips?
80 YouGov predicts how Huddersfield and Kirklees will vote in General Election
81 'The leave vote is split,' Burnley candidates speak after latest YouGov poll
82 Most NCAA basketball fans say it's not right that college athletes don't get paid
83 Poll: Democratic Voters Support Cutting Aid to Israel
84 General Election 2019: Sedgefield seat result
85 Opinion | Andrew Yang Is Listening
86 The Price of Modern Parenting
87 Predictions for crunch Kent seats revealed
88 Why Primary Challenges Might Sneak Up on Democrats in 2020
89 Who's visiting the Titanic?
90 Survey: 20 million Americans have had groceries delivered but feel bad about it
91 Who’s Leading The Democratic Primary In Super Tuesday States?
92 US: Poll of “Left Agenda” Examines Support for Basic Income | BIEN
93 Why JetBlue Is Entering The Low-Cost Fare Fight
94 The violence in American cities reflects the fury of polarisation
95 What time will we know who won? Hour-by-hour election night guide
96 New York Has a Chance to Change Voting Forever
97 Pinterest Users: More Adventurous, Sensitive And Materialistic
98 General election 2019: preview of the East Midlands
99 Could a Universal Basic Income Become a Political Reality?
100 A Democrat Who Votes With Trump 69% of the Time Should Be Primaried