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Result Content Idea Research
1 Miwu Type-C 7-in-1 docking station adapter launched on Xiaomi Youpin
2 Xiaomi Youpin launches the Quange GA1 Smart Sorting Garbage Bin for 99 yuan (~$14)
3 Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds the Move It Smart Thin Waist Hula Hoop
4 Fengmi 4K Max Laser Projector presented on Xiaomi Youpin. Buyers are presented with a modern screen
5 Xiaomi Youpin presented a portable sterilization box for $ 13
6 Xiaomi crowdfunds the Viomi Instant Hot Water Dispenser with a front display
7 Xiaomi crowdfunds Amazfit X curved smartwatch on Youpin for 999 yuan ($144)
8 Xiaomi Youpin has now started selling Apple AirPods in China
9 Xiaomi launches the Mi Smart Dashcam 2 Standard Edition for 299 yuan (~$44)
10 Huami Amazfit GTR 2 and GTS 2 is official – sports similar features
11 Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds handheld printer for 499 Yuan ($72)
12 Xiaomi's Youpin Store lists HKC Curved Monitor and Loctek Electric Standing Desk for Gamers
13 Xiaomi Youpin is crowdfunding an award winning Portable Multi-function Rice cooker
14 Aqara Smart Clothes Dryer Lite launched on Xiaomi Youpin
15 catch the trash on the fly
16 Xiaomi Youpin website Crashes temporarily after buyers flood to purchase Medical Masks online
17 Xiaomi Youpin lists iRobot Roomba i7, features automatic dirt disposal
18 Xiaomi Youpin releases F95 mask for children, easy to breathe and better fit for Asians
19 Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds new Qin AI Phone for kids that looks like a GameBoy
20 Xiaomi's Youpin & Seconds Smart Health Calendar now on sale for 299 yuan ($41)
21 Xiaomi Youpin has launched a Notebook with fingerprint security
22 Xiaomi Youpin launches the Haylou LS04 Solar Smartwatch, features a 30 day standby and 12 sports modes
23 Xiaomi Youpin releases the WalkingPad S1 for home workout
24 Xiaomi Youpin announces partnership with Indiegogo for global crowdfunding
25 Xiaomi Youpin Launches FIVE Smart Disinfection and Sterilization Lamp
26 Xiaomi Youpin launches the Ningmei CR600 all-in-one desktop computer
27 Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds a Foldable Electric Bicycle, runs up to 80km
28 Xiaomi Youpin launches the Baseus Encok W04 Pro TWS earphones
29 Xiaomi inkPad X eBook reader goes on sale on Youpin at 1699 yuan
30 Social E-commerce Market (Covid-19 Updated) demonstrates a spectacular growth by 2026 | Yunji Global, Instagram, Twitter, Snap.
31 Xiaomi Youpin launches Trident tactical knife in China for 158 yuan ($23)
32 Xiaomi Youpin launched a multi function power bank with a plug
33 NEOGEO Mini game console global variant launched on Xiaomi Youpin
34 Xiaomi Youpin store launches Lipstick color Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard for 658 Yuan ($95)
35 Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds Fixnow Battery Powered Foam Gun for Cars
36 Xiaomi Youpin offers the perfect bike for quarantine. Smart simulator is one third cheaper
37 Xiaomi Youpin launches EDON foldable fan which can also be used as a humidifier
38 Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds the new Haylou Smart Watch
39 Xiaomi Youpin Launched Barcon Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
40 Xiaomi Youpin launches the MIJIA Humidifier 1S, features an OLED display
41 Xiaomi Youpin launched the Elite Keyboard and Mouse, with Voice Input support
42 Xiaomi Youpin launches multi-function capsule drink machine Mini One
43 Xiaomi Youpin launches the Viomi IH Sugar-free Rice Cooker
44 Xiaomi Youpin's Uah Gene Test for Cats and Dogs checks your pet's pedigree and health for 99 yuan ($15)
45 Xiaomi is crowdfunding an affordable massage chair on Youpin
46 Xiaomi Youpin starts crowdfunding for Mobi Fitness Springbok stationary bicycle
47 Xiaomi Youpin launches Morfun Pocket Hot Water Dispenser, boils water in just 4 seconds
48 Xiaomi Youpin teases product launch, possible new alarm clock
49 Xiaomi Youpin Multifunctional smart electric bed released
50 Xiaomi Youpin Launched an affordable massage chair for 3999 Yuan ($572)
51 Xiaomi Youpin launched the Small Q Ruler, an Electric ruler for highly accurate measurements
52 Xiaomi Youpin launches the Bemcom infrared thermometer
53 Xiaomi launches on YouPin a mini-printer that you will want to have
54 Xiaomi Youpin, Indiegogo collaborate to promote Chinese brands overseas via crowdfunding
55 Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds the Deerma Sweep/Mop Integrated Mop
56 Youpin sells smart watches with 30-day autonomy for $ 25
57 Xiaomi Youpin launches a PC Monitor Stand with a sterilization lamp, smart assistant
58 Xiaomi Youpin launches training bike with 19.5-inch display for 9,999 yuan ($145)
59 Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds the Kingsmith Smart Foldable Treadmill
60 Baseus Encok W04 Pro TWS launched on Xiaomi Youpin | BGR India
61 Xiaomi Youpin launches the QCY T5 Pro TWS Earphones for ¥149.9 (~$21)
62 Smart air conditioning on casters. An interesting novelty for $ 225 is presented on the Xiaomi Youpin platform
63 Xiaomi’s cheap electric bikes are getting better with new $350 and 50-mile rear suspension e-bike
64 Xiaomi Youpin launches the feature filled BeeBest Smart Walkie-talkie
65 Xiaomi Youpin launches RunMi's 90 Points Antibacterial T-shirt
66 Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds Xiaoshi Electric Nail Polisher, features full suite of nail grooming tools
67 Xiaomi Youpin launches a 5-port Charger with 94W power rating
68 Xiaomi launches the Ningmei Desktop PC with AMD Ryzen R5 2600, up to 16GB RAM
69 Smart stove with integrated hood, oven and double boiler. The mistress's dream appeared on Xiaomi Youpin
70 Xiaomi Youpin training bike with 19.5-inch display official | BGR India
71 Haylou LS04 Solar Smartwatch official with 30-day battery life | BGR India
72 Xiaomi Youpin presents Midea table lamp with built-in fan and makeup mirror
73 Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds the Line Friends True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds
74 Xiaomi Youpin launches the Baseus 3-port 60W fast charger
75 Xiaomi puts the Haylou LS01 smartwatch on sale for 129 yuan ($18)
76 Xiaomi Youpin launches the 59 yuan ($8) Pinjing Electric eyebrow trimmer
77 Xiaomi Youpin launches the Jiyin Gramophone Photo Printer
78 Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds HIMO K1 Helmet, features an ABS hard body and Windshield
79 Xiaomi crowdfunds fruits and vegetables purifier, removes pesticides and bacteria
80 Xiaomi DOCO ultrasonic handheld misting fan offers up to 5100 rpm of cooling power for just 69 yuan (US$10)
81 Xiaomi crowdfunds a Smart Health Calendar with a large e-ink display, WiFi for 199 yuan ($28)
82 Xiaomi Youpin debuts on Indiegogo with WalkingPad R1 Pro & Oclean X
83 Electric sofa recliner. On the Xiaomi Youpin platform, the announcement of Qifeng Electric Sofa
84 Xiaomi Youpin 3 in 1 Mini Cooling Fan review
85 Xiaomi Youpin launched a Disposable Raincoat for 29.9 Yuan ($4.3)
86 Xiaomi YouPin Lands on Indiegogo with Smart Toothbrush, Foldable Treadmill
87 Xiaomi Youpin's new leafless fan supports 9 modes of natural winds
88 The Amazfit X is now available to order from Xiaomi
89 Interesting products of Xiaomi you probably don't know
90 Xiaomi Haylou LS01 smartwatch. Price, Specs, Features
91 Xiaomi Launches Haylou Smart Watch on YouPin Crowdfunding Platform
92 Xiaomi launches Mi Commerce Platform in India to boost Sales during the Pandemic
93 Futuristic hair dryer for $ 5. Fanless new featured on Xiaomi Youpin platform
94 Xiaomi launches the Daewoo F9 Bladeless Fan with air purification function
95 Xiaomi is crowdfunding a $14 smartwatch on Youpin
96 Xiaomi launches the NEOGEO Mini Game Console Int. version with 40 classic games
97 QCY T5 Pro TWS earbuds now available on Xiaomi Youpin | BGR India
98 Xiaomi crowdfunds Xiaoxun 16-inch Color LCD Tablet for kids
99 Xiaomi XiaoAI Portable Speaker: Built-in AI and 2 W of power in a compact square form for 49 yuan (US$7) or US$19.99 from Banggood
100 Xiaomi Bcase ring light with adjustable stand should help you take perfect portrait shots and costs just 159 yuan (US$23)