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1 Tesla YouTuber Bjørn Nyland breaks 24-hour electric car distance record — 2,781km
2 Tesla Model S achieves 400 miles of range in new test — but there’s a catch
3 Watch a Tesla Model 3 being charged by a Honda E electric car
4 Watch A Honda e Charge A Tesla Model 3
5 A YouTuber Boosts Its Performance by Installing Only Magnesium Wheels on Tesla Model 3 (Video)
6 This E-Car Enthusiast Charge His Tesla Model 3 with a Honda E
7 Story Behind One Of The Most Influential Tesla EVangelist's Of Our Time
8 Is The All-New Porsche Taycan 4S Quieter Inside Than The Tesla Model S?
9 Bjorn Nyland Thinks Fast-Charging Accelerates Tesla Model 3 Battery Capacity Fade
10 The Incredible Story Of An EV Evangelist Who Won 4 Teslas
11 Tesla Reportedly Updates Software For Future 205-kWh Max Battery Size
12 Audi E-Tron Sportback Acceleration Tests: It's Quicker Than Advertised
13 Watch A Honda e Being Used To Charge A Tesla Model 3
14 This EV Parking Advice Goes Against EVerything You've Been Taught
15 Tesla Model 3 Tested On Snow Versus Electric Snowmobile
16 Tesla Model S Long Range 'Raven' Range Test: Does It Beat The EPA Test?
17 Xpeng G3 Gets Infotainment System Upgrade And Bjorn Nyland Checks It Out
18 Tesla Model 3 Battery Degradation After 14 Months: Bjorn Nyland Checks It Out
19 Why You Should Never Drive A Porsche Taycan From Norway To Spain
20 Honda E Charges Tesla Model 3 In A Cool Vehicle-To-Vehicle Charging Experiment
21 Porsche Taycan 4S (93 kWh) Range Test Surprises With Strong Results
22 Testing A Tesla Model 3’s Battery Degradation After 14 Months & 60,000 Kilometers
23 Tesla Model S Goes Up In Flames, But The Battery Pack Didn't Ignite
24 The Xpeng P7 Can Put On A Pretty Cool Light Show
25 UPDATE: Was Tesla Phantom Braking The 'Cause' Of This Multi-Car Crash?
26 Teslabjorn’s Facebook Post Highlights The Startling Norway-Zimbabwe Paradox
27 Comprehensive Collection Of Unique Audi E-Tron 50 Test & Review Videos
28 Bjørn Nyland Hits High Speeds In Tesla Model 3 Performance In Germany
29 Bjørn Nyland Finds Lots To Like In The Affordable MG ZS EV: Video
30 Polestar 2 Range Test At 56 And 75 MPH: No Match For Tesla Model 3
31 How Can Tesla Model 3 Seats Already Be Rusting?
32 Tesla Model 3 Breaks EV Distance Record In 24-Hour Run: Video
33 Watch These Porsche Taycan 4S With 79 kWh Battery Charging Tests
34 Watch Bjorn Test Out Kia Niro EV
35 Tesla Model 3 fleet is delivered to Thai police who turns them into patrol cars
36 Bjorn Nyland Drives Volkswagen e-Crafter Electric Van: Video
37 Tesla Model X Raven subjected to EV veteran’s real-world efficiency test
38 Bjørn Nyland Checks Out If IONITY Prices Are Really That Bad
39 Xpeng Motors brings 2nd model to market in China
40 This Fast Charging Test Proves Polestar 2 Is No Match For Tesla Model 3
41 Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, MB EQC: Charging Race
42 Bjørn Nyland Interviews A Kia e-Niro (Niro EV) Taxi Driver
43 Tesla owner gets a nod from Elon Musk for going the extra mile
44 Watch: Is Tesla Sentry Mode Worth The Energy It Consumes?
45 Tesla Roadster 2 die cast 1:18 model goes on sale, look at that hatchback
46 This Norwegian Man Won a Free Tesla Model X Just by Being Really Convincing...
47 Bjorn Tests First-Ever Xpeng P7 Performance To Reach Europe
48 Is The Cheaper Xpeng G3 Actually Better Than A Tesla?
49 Tesla Model 3 Supercharging Speed Restrictions Exposed
50 Bjørn Trades In Problematic Tesla Model X For BMW i8
51 Soda Explodes In A Tesla Model 3 With White Seats: Nightmare Or Easy To Clean?
52 Bjorn Nyland Praises The Hyundai Ioniq Electric
53 DS3 Crossback e-tense Electric Crossover Goes On Range Test In Norway
54 Watch Cellphone-Using ForkLift Driver Smash A Tesla Model S And Flee
55 Video: What Happens To A Frozen Tesla Model 3?
56 Tesla Update May Have Lowered The Model 3's Range As Well
57 Tesla Model 3 vs. Audi e-tron at IONITY 350kW charge off, who wins?
58 Early Tesla Model S gets ‘Autopilot’ retrofit and it works surprisingly well
59 Bjørn Nyland Ruins His Tesla Model X Winter Off-Roading
60 Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats: In-Depth Analysis (Video Review)
61 How Did The Tesla Model 3 Performance Beat The Porsche 911?
62 Bjorn Drives Kia Niro EV 310 Miles On A Charge
63 Bjørn's Efficiency Test: Tesla Model X Vs I-Pace Brings Mixed Results
64 Tesla Battery Drains Only 0.2% Per Day: 2.5 Times Better Now Said Owner
65 Watch This Brand New Tesla Model 3 Get Smashed Up: Video
66 Tesla Model 3 looks like rugged electric off-road machine with new kit
67 Porsche Taycan Banana Box Test: Big Car, But Not So Roomy Inside
68 Bjorn Takes Jaguar I-Pace Out For First Drive
69 Bjorn Crowns Tesla Model 3 Efficiency King After High-Speed Test
70 Noise Levels: Tesla Model S Raven With 21-inch Wheels (Video)
71 2020 Honda e Gets Highway Range Tested
72 YouTuber breaks world electric car record by driving Tesla Model 3 for 2,781km in 24 hours
73 Bjørn Nyland Sells Tesla Model X, Orders Tesla Model 3: See Why Here
74 Watch Tesla Model 3 Navigate On Autopilot Through Amsterdam
75 How Does Tesla Model X Raven Fare When It Comes To Range / Efficiency?
76 Tesla Model 3 Towing A Big Trailer: Test And Review Video
77 New Tesla Model 3 vs Second-Hand Model S: Video
78 Audi e-tron Test Drive Review By Bjørn Nyland: Video
79 Sleeping In A Tesla Model X In Norwegian Winter
80 Open and shut case: Did EPA leave open a door that lowered Tesla range rating?
81 Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Door Issue Discovered
82 See Which EV Wins An Efficiency Showdown
83 Porsche Taycan battery overheats on Nürburgring North Loop
84 Bjørn Nyland: Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus Range Test Results
85 Kia Soul EV (e-Soul) Review By Bjørn Nyland: Video
86 Hyundai IONIQ Electric Featured By Bjørn Nyland in Norway (Videos)
87 Tesla Model X is put to the test off-road and in tug of war with Hummer and Land Cruiser
88 Rivian R1T Electric Truck Gets The Nyland Analysis
89 Jaguar I-Pace First Impressions From Bjørn Nyland
90 Bjørn Nyland Tests Kia Soul EV (64 kWh) Range: Video
91 Cold Weather Reveals A Tesla Advantage
92 Tesla Sentry Mode Energy Consumption Test By Bjørn Nyland: Video
93 The Tesla Model 3’s Norway Invasion — Model 3 Outsold ALL Pure-Fossil Cars In March
94 Find Out Why Bjørn Nyland Believes Tesla Isn't A Luxury Car
95 Bjørn Nyland Tests Tesla Model 3 Performance Battery Capacity
96 New Renault ZOE Matches Tesla Model 3 In Banana Box Test
97 Tesla Model 3 Performance Is So Noisy In 20-Inch Wheel Test: Video
98 Bjørn Nyland’s Tesla Model X Battery Lost 6% Capacity At 46,600 Miles
99 Tesla Model 3 Poised To Set Norwegian Record For Most EV Sales In One Month
100 Tesla Model X Snowy Off-Road Incursion Turns Very Expensive Very Quickly