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1 Japan issues 3rd coronavirus emergency in Tokyo, Osaka area
2 How to manage public health is something that Japan should decide. We don't need to be told about it by President Bach. The host nation and its organizing committee understand the current situation the best. So I want Bach to respect their decision.
3 Opposition lawmakers in Japan speaking out against holding Tokyo Games
4 Suga's fate may be on the line in key April 25 by-elections
5 Opposition parties rebuke Suga over results of summit with Biden
6 Tamaki Reelected as DPFP Head |
7 Yuichiro Tamaki chosen as sole leader of the Democratic Party for the People, Japan's second largest opposition party
8 Japan's main opposition CDP leader eager to merge with DPP
9 New political party set to become Japan's largest opposition force
10 Japan lawmakers seek extra parliamentary session after GDP collapse
11 Japan opposition leaders call for Tokyo Olympics to be canceled or delayed
12 Party of Hope picks Yuichiro Tamaki to serve as co-leader alongside founder Yuriko Koike
13 Yukio Edano named as chief of Japan's new main opposition party
14 Japan's opposition camp urges Suga to face debate in Diet session
15 Japan's DPP seen as potential destabilizing factor for opposition unity
16 Japan's largest opposition parties to merge in September : The Asahi Shimbun
17 Japan's fractured opposition unites as party of 140-plus lawmakers
18 Japanese opposition parties watch for possible policy changes by Biden
19 PM Suga's change in phrasing of "Indo-Pacific" concept raises questions
20 Japan opposition leader Yuichiro Tamaki sees 'double election' as unlikely
21 Despite merger, Japan opposition leader Yukio Edano has his work cut out for him
22 Japan Opposition DPFP to Split over Merger with CDPJ
23 Japan lawmakers join Clubhouse app to reach voters
24 The D&D Alignments of Fire Force Characters | TheGamer
25 Japan embarks on random and targeted COVID-19 testing, but some experts call for more
26 Japanese opposition parties demand budget revisions
27 Dry ice, containers and overworked doctors: Olympic hurdles for Japan's vaccine roll-out
28 Japan's new opposition party to decide name, chief on Sept. 10
29 Japan opposition parties' failing merger bid offers glimpse into divisions
30 'Why You Can't Be Prime Minister': A Sisyphean slog toward the top office
31 Japan considers how to mark 3/11 anniversary after final Tokyo ceremony
32 Diet in review: Suga defensive on virus response but steadfast on Olympics
33 For Japan's new Constitutional Democratic Party, the hard work starts now
34 Japan's opposition slams tardy virus relief as emergency lifted
35 Japan eyes punishment for breaking COVID-19 rules
36 Edano vows to make new CDP a viable alternative to LDP rule : The Asahi Shimbun
37 Olympic hurdles for Japan's vaccine roll-out: Dry ice, containers and overworked doctors
38 Japan appoints 'minister of loneliness' to help people home alone
39 Suga blasted as 'out of touch' for allowing entry to virus-hit Japan : The Asahi Shimbun
40 Heckling at Diet meeting may spur dual surname debate in Japan's LDP
41 Japan Opposition CDPJ Makes Fresh Merger Proposal to DPFP
42 Japan's emergency coronavirus bill set to clear Lower House on March 12
43 DPFP Votes to Merge with CDPJ |
44 Campaign starts to elect leader of new main opposition party : The Asahi Shimbun
45 Virus surge puts ‘real pressure’ on Japan to cancel Olympics, Australia leader says
46 Japan eyes more spending backed by second extra budget to combat pandemic fallout
47 Opposition in Japan requests extra Diet session to debate virus response
48 Renho, Maehara, Tamaki launch campaigns for DP presidency
49 Leaders of Japan's two main opposition parties fail to agree on merger
50 Japan opposition still seeking candidate for Tokyo governor race
51 Japan PM Shinzo Abe returns to hospital a week after 7-hr health checkup
52 State of emergency expanded to seven more prefectures
53 Rock bottom in opinion polls, Japanese opposition parties Kibo no To and Democratic Party decide to merge
54 Once fallen 'election master' finds new role as party unifier : The Asahi Shimbun
55 FOCUS: Abe's signature virus-relief cash program faces barrage of criticism
56 Merger of Japan opposition parties remains elusive as DPP lawmakers balk at immediate action
57 Ichiro Ozawa may be on verge of comeback as Japan's DPP and Liberal parties form joint Diet group
58 Japan PM Suga vows to bring COVID-19 under control in Diet speech
59 Arrests of deeply-connected Kawais a serious blow to Abe : The Asahi Shimbun
60 Japanese PM Abe leaves Tokyo hospital after checkup amid speculation about health
61 Scandals, immigration and constitutional reform set to dominate extraordinary Diet session opening Wednesday
62 Japan trade minister resigns over vote buying scandal
63 Japan's gentleman equestrian at heart of Olympics corruption probe
64 Abe's LDP nearing decision to back Yuriko Koike in July's Tokyo governor race
65 Ox walking, heckling and other strange Diet practices
66 Shinjiro Koizumi backs different surnames for Japanese couples
67 Glitches and design flaws limit value of Japan's COVID-19 tracing app
68 CDP leader Yukio Edano tries to bury the hatchet with fellow opposition parties to counter ruling bloc
69 Cash handouts in Japan: How the financial incentive offered to the whole population in Japan compares to Basic Income | BIEN — Basic Income Earth Network
70 Tokyo governor quits as head of conservative opposition 'Party of Hope'
71 Abe to consider moving start of the school year to September : The Asahi Shimbun
72 Japan risks creating ‘immigration problem’ warns opposition leader
73 'Don't get married!' Legislator heckled for backing separate surnames for spouses in Japan
74 Opposition Figure’s Rise Could Pave Way for Female Leaders in Japan
75 Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Says Recent Scandals 'Very Regrettable'
76 Abe's coronavirus-relief cash program faces barrage of criticism
77 Japan minister's ignorance of revised coronavirus death toll slammed by opposition head
78 Japan Stumbles as China’s Growth Engine Slows
80 Kibo no To leadership contenders detail opposing views on security laws and Constitutional revision
81 Japan's Abe won't deny nominating President Donald Trump for Nobel Prize
82 As suicides rise amid the pandemic, Japan takes steps to tackle loneliness
83 2 parties to merge to form largest opposition parliamentary group in upper house
84 Alliance negotiations between two Japanese opposition parties break down
85 Proposed Kibo no To policy criticizes Abe-backed security laws, but conservative members may balk
86 Can a Universal Basic Services Plan Save Japan's Opposition?
87 Two masks, no lockdown: Japan PM's latest coronavirus step riles social media
88 Bill to accept more foreign workers in Japan 'half-baked': opposition parties
89 Japan's Abe, finance minister are under fire over suspected cronyism scandal
90 Lawmakers slammed for using coronavirus to justify emergency clause for Japan's Constitution, curbing rights
92 Japan opposition party leader confirms 'Don't get married' jeer came from LDP lawmaker
93 Can Shinzo Abe change Japan's basic law?
94 Policy clashes could endanger opposition party cooperation in next Japan election
95 The ‘rural revolt’ in Japan shrouded by Abe’s party leadership win
96 Key opposition party favors opening way for female, maternal-line emperors
97 Abe's push to amend Japan's Constitution faces uncertain future after Upper House vote
98 Parties engaging apathetic youth in hopes of increasing support base
99 Japan’s cabinet votes to allow in more foreign workers
100 Opposition party calls for Diet recess amid spread of coronavirus in Japan