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1 Mozilla wants to understand your weird YouTube recommendations
2 First death reported following a ransomware attack on a German hospital
3 Mozilla shuts down Firefox Send and Firefox Notes services
4 US charges Iranian hackers for breaching US satellite companies
5 Cerberus banking Trojan source code released for free to cyberattackers
6 Human biohacking: an exciting prospect, but only for the rich?
7 CEO of cyber fraud startup NS8 arrested for defrauding investors in $123m scheme
8 Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth makes peace with Ubuntu Linux community
9 Google 'formally' bans stalkerware apps from the Play Store
10 Microsoft Teams and OneNote bring these new features for remote learning
11 98% of mayors surveyed believe this disheartening projection
12 Microsoft: Now PowerShell's secrets tool preview supports Linux and macOS
13 Cloudflare and Internet Archive team up to make sure websites never fully go offline
14 Iranian hacker group developed Android malware to steal 2FA SMS codes
15 Alibaba unveils Cloud 2.0, Wuying cloud computer, and Xiaomanlv logistics robot
16 Billions of devices vulnerable to new 'BLESA' Bluetooth security flaw
17 How Microsoft is looking to MetaOS to make Microsoft 365 a 'whole life' experience
18 COVID cybercrime: 10 disturbing statistics to keep you awake tonight
19 Twitter imposes new security rules for US political accounts ahead of the 2020 election
20 New MrbMiner malware has infected thousands of MSSQL databases
21 US sanctions Iranian government front company hiding major hacking operations
22 'We built two data centers in the middle of the pandemic'
23 20 years of Linux on Big Iron
24 Facebook launches Business Suite app for SMBs
25 Magento online stores hacked in largest campaign to date
26 Campaigners demand Google, Facebook, YouTube stop targeting ads at under 18s
27 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 design team focused on harmonious look
28 Apple respectfully trashes Chromebooks
29 Researcher kept a major Bitcoin bug secret for two years to prevent attacks
30 What is Apple One? Plans, pricing, and features explained
31 Zerologon attack lets hackers take over enterprise networks: Patch now
32 Linux Foundation launches new entry-level IT certification
33 Leaky server exposes users of dating site network
34 When is Prime Day 2020? Everything we know so far about Amazon's big sale
35 iOS 14 out today, but it might be a very good idea to avoid installing it
36 Breaking up is hard to do: Chrome separates from Chrome OS
37 Cloudera adds operational database to cloud service
38 FBI says credential stuffing attacks are behind some recent bank hacks
39 Spammers use hexadecimal IP addresses to evade detection
40 ServiceNow launches latest Now Platform, telecom and financial services workflows
41 US charges five hackers from Chinese state-sponsored group APT41
42 CISA: Chinese state hackers are exploiting F5, Citrix, Pulse Secure, and Exchange bugs
43 US charges two hackers for defacing US websites following Soleimani killing
44 Oracle's Java 15: New features aim to keep millions away from languages like Rust, Kotlin
45 Your thoughts can be displayed on this cyborg garment
46 Ransomware warning: Hackers are launching fresh attacks against universities
47 Department of Veteran Affairs discloses breach impacting 46,000 veterans
48 Microsoft warns: This Windows 10 workaround to cure Lenovo ThinkPad BSODs hits security
49 Microsoft confirms Chinese, Iranian, and Russian cyber-attacks on Biden and Trump campaigns
50 Facebook previews smart glasses and the future of work in VR
51 Chilean bank shuts down all branches following ransomware attack
52 Microsoft: These patches aim to make Linux run as root partition on Hyper-V
53 European ISPs report mysterious wave of DDoS attacks
54 With TikTok, Oracle hopes its cloud infrastructure business goes viral
55 Snowflake shares skyrocket on data warehousing player's market debut
56 Adobe tops third quarter financial targets
57 MIT SCRAM: a new analysis platform for prioritizing enterprise security investments
58 Academics find crypto bugs in 306 popular Android apps, none get patched
59 Microsoft is working on making Window 10 feature update blockers clearer and more detailed
60 Southwest Airlines just gave customers a brutal view of future life
61 Microsoft Teams just added a key new feature
62 Samsung to supply Verizon with $6.6 billion worth of network equipment
63 France, Japan, New Zealand warn of sudden spike in Emotet attacks
64 Coronavirus fears are destroying Ring doorbells
65 Android security: Six more apps containing Joker malware removed from the Google Play Store
66 Apple bundles services with Apple One, unveils Apple Fitness Plus
67 MITRE releases emulation plan for FIN6 hacking group, more to follow
68 LG unveils Wing phone with swivelling dual screens
69 Data center giant Equinix discloses ransomware incident
70 New KryptoCibule Windows malware is a triple threat for cryptocurrency users
71 Firefox will add a new drive-by-download protection
72 Ransomware accounted for 41% of all cyber insurance claims in H1 2020
73 White House publishes a cyber-security rulebook for space systems
74 Samsung and SK Hynix to halt memory supply to Huawei
75 A Samsung user upgraded her Galaxy S7 and I'm stunned by her choice
76 DDoS extortionists target NZX, Moneygram, Braintree, and other financial services
77 US Commerce Department to ban TikTok and WeChat downloads starting Sept. 20
78 Aussie Broadband chief sees a path for 1Gbps to be available to half the NBN
79 DeepMind's AI is helping to re-write the rules of chess
80 Even cybersecurity companies spill data and passwords
81 Warner Music discloses months-long web skimming incident
82 HP's new PCs include the first-ever AMD-based business class desktop mini PCs
83 Webmaster forum database exposed data of 800,000 users
84 Microsoft September 2020 Patch Tuesday fixes 129 vulnerabilities
85 Microsoft enters the final stretch with Windows 10 20H2
86 Google announces Series One, new flagship Google Meet hardware
87 Academics bypass PINs for Visa contactless payments
88 University of Utah pays $457,000 to ransomware gang
89 TypeScript creator: How the programming language beat Microsoft's open-source fears
90 FoodPanda expands delivery service to Japan
91 IFTTT debuts paid Pro subscription service for Applet creation
92 Millions of WordPress sites are being probed and attacked with recent plugin bug
93 Raccoon attack allows hackers to break TLS encryption 'under certain conditions'
94 CISA warns of BLINDINGCAN, a new strain of North Korean malware
95 IBM pushes for US to limit facial recognition system exports
96 Smart contact lens prototype raises eyebrows
97 IBM hits new quantum computing milestone
98 What is Microsoft's MetaOS?
99 Surface Duo review: Why I'm still confused about Microsoft's dual-screen device
100 Surprise! Even Google's engineers don't understand its privacy controls