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1 Drug Companies Investigated for Possible Failure to Disclose Zantac Cancer Risks
2 New Class Action Zantac Lawsuit Includes Claims from Over 200 Zantac Users
3 Louisiana Woman Blames Zantac for Her Husband's Deadly Cancer
4 While Zantac MDL Gets Underway, Study Highlights Risks of Storage Conditions
5 Local doc talks Zantac alternatives for those seeking heartburn relief
6 Heartburn Med Zantac to Stop Distributing After Cancer Link
7 FDA Requests Removal of All Ranitidine Products (Zantac) from the Market
8 Sun Pharma the latest to recall metformin after carcinogen tests come up positive
9 5 Alternatives To Zantac
10 The FDA just pulled popular heartburn drug Zantac due to cancer risk
11 Zantac (Ranitidine) Side Effects | NDMA Contamination
12 More generic Zantac drugs recalled as fears linger over cancer risk
13 Zantac is prescribed 15 million times a year. So how did it become a potential cancer risk?
14 Popular heartburn drug ranitidine recalled: What you need to know and do
15 What We Know about the Possible Carcinogen Found in Zantac
16 Sanofi Provides Update on Precautionary Voluntary Recall of Zantac OTC in U.S.
17 Sanofi recalls popular heartburn medication Zantac OTC
18 Why Was Zantac (Ranitidine) Recalled by the FDA?
19 'They need to be held accountable'; Swenson & Shelley can help if you've been harmed by using Zantac
20 The Best Alternatives to Zantac, Which the FDA Just Recalled Due to Possible Cancer Risk
21 Popular heartburn drug ranitidine (Zantac) recalled
23 Zantac pulled over cancer risk: What we know
24 Zantac Recall
25 Ranitidine Cancer Lawsuits Move Forward in Florida After Months of Zantac Recalls
26 Canada Faces A Zantac Alternatives Shortage
27 Heartburn Meds, Including Zantac, May Contain Carcinogen
28 After Over a Decade Taking Zantac, FL Man Suffers Bladder Cancer
29 Should You Keep Taking Zantac for Your Heartburn?
30 What you need to know about the dangers of Zantac
31 Zantac (Ranitidine) Recall | Is Your Heartburn Drug Affected?
32 Popular heartburn medicine being linked to cases of specific cancers in growing number of lawsuits
33 Two Plaintiffs Join Zantac MDL, Claim Antacid Caused Bladder and Uterine Cancer
34 Plaintiffs File New Zantac Lawsuits, Claim Drug Caused Colon, Pancreatic Cancer
35 Corporations Accused Of Allowing Excess NDMA In Zantac MDL
36 Zantac Manufacturers Face DOJ Probe Into Possible Fraud Charges
37 Exposure To Heat During Storage Causes Zantac Contamination
38 Zantac Lawsuits Seek Accountability, Compensation | Lansing Injury Law News
39 More generic Zantac recalled as NDMA contamination concerns build
40 Zantac? Cancer? What!? | Honolulu Injury Law News
41 Zantac Recalled: What You Need to Know About the Class Action Lawsuit
42 Sanofi takes $186M hit on the heels of Zantac recall
43 Three Plaintiffs File New Zantac Cancer Lawsuits | New York Injury Law News
44 A tiny pharmacy is identifying big problems with common drugs, including Zantac
45 Zantac in global recall over 'unacceptable' levels of potential carcinogen
46 RMH surgeon explains acid reflux in light of Zantac recall
47 Zantac does not form impurity in your stomach, FDA testing finds
48 Why Zantac Has Been Removed from the Market
49 Maker Halts Distribution of Generic Zantac Due to Possible Carcinogen
50 FDA says don't take Zantac – it could cause cancer
51 Zantac Recalls Highlight the Need To Screen and Quantify Impurities With Confidence
52 FDA Calls for Zantac to be Removed From Store Shelves Citing Cancer Risk
53 Your Guide To Understanding Zantac Recalls And Lawsuits
54 FDA Wants All Zantac Products Pulled; Probable Carcinogen Levels Increase During Storage
55 N.H. Man Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer After 7 Years of Zantac Use
56 FDA orders Zantac pulled from store shelves
57 Lab finds NDMA in Zantac can develop during storage
58 Zantac Recall Update: The FDA Officially Wants Zantac Off Shelves
59 Popular Heartburn Medication Zantac Recalled Over Possible Cancer Risk
60 As FDA Continues Zantac Tests, Agency Releases Lists of Safe Alternatives
61 The Zantac problem: What’s NDMA?
62 I Believe Zantac Killed My Brother
63 SCV News | FDA Requests Recall of All Zantac Products
64 FDA: Zantac carcinogens no more dangerous than 'grilled or smoked meats'
65 Product Liability and Dangerous Drugs: A Look Into Zantac
66 FDA Recalls All Zantac (Ranitidine) Drugs Due to Presence of NDMA
67 California Attorneys Seek To Consolidate Zantac Lawsuits
68 DOJ probes Sanofi, GSK over possible carcinogen in Zantac
69 Cancer From Zantac: Signs and Symptoms To Watch Out For
70 Zantac Recall: FDA Orders All Prescription & OTC Ranitidine Drugs off Market
71 FDA requests Zantac product removal
72 Is the active ingredient in Zantac safe?
73 What Zantac Recall Could Cost Drugmakers, Consumers
74 Virginia woman who took Zantac every day says the medication led to her esophageal cancer
76 Zantac Recalled for Carcinogen Levels Above FDA Standards
77 Zantac Manufacturers Well Aware of NDMA Risks Decades Ago, Plaintiff Claims
78 Defense Health Agency to Beneficiaries: Stop Taking Zantac
79 Plaintiff: Manufacturers Purposely Hid Zantac's Alleged Cancer-Causing Problems
80 Update on the Zantac Lawsuits against Drug Manufacturers
81 Your heartburn drug has been recalled. Now what?
82 Carcinogen in Heartburn Drug May Build in Storage, Lab Finds
83 Some ranitidine (Zantac) has tested safe, but more recalled for too much carcinogen
84 Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline under investigation for possible carcinogen in Zantac
85 Zantac has low levels of cancer-causing chemical, FDA warns
86 What You Need to Know About Contaminants Found in Zantac
87 Sanofi, GSK face U.S. investigation over potential Zantac carcinogen link
88 Retailers pull popular heartburn drugs after FDA finds cancer-causing chemical
89 Zantac Recall Update: Another Company Recalls Ranitidine Heartburn Drug Over Cancer Fears
90 After Years on Zantac, Florida Woman Blames Manufacturer for Colon Cancer
91 Popular Heartburn Drug Zantac Pulled From The Market
92 Zantac Lawsuit | Cancer Risk and NDMA Contamination
93 Zantac Lawsuit
94 Glenmark Zantac generic recall comes as Congresswoman assails FDA for inaction
95 Dozens suing over Zantac cancer concerns likely to be just the start
96 After Zantac scare, FDA targets generic metformin for carcinogen tests
97 Military Families Urged to Stop Using Zantac Due to Presence of NDMA
98 What has Zantac recall cost drugmakers? Dr. Reddy's gives a hint
99 Florida Judge Appoints Diverse Legal Team to Lead Zantac Lawsuits
100 FDA Orders Removal of All Ranitidine Products (Zantac) from Market