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Result Content Idea Research
1 Apparent racial bias found in Twitter photo algorithm
2 Twitter pays up to $150M for Magic Pony Technology, which uses neural networks to improve images
3 Twitter’s Algorithm Failure Shows Big Tech’s Ongoing Struggle With AI Bias
4 £125m cash boost for game-changing UK innovators
5 Twitter buys AI startup founded by Imperial academic to tackle fake news | Imperial News
6 Wluper, a London-based startup building a better conversational AI, picks up $1.3M seed
7 Imperial College London takes entrepreneurship to next level | Imperial News
8 Twitter is using machine learning to crop photos to the most interesting part
9 University friends aged 26 and 28 sell video software tech firm they founded to Twitter for £102m
10 Company builder Entrepreneur First raises $12.4M led by Greylock, Reid Hoffman joins board
11 Electrically compensated, tattoo-like electrodes for epidermal electrophysiology at scale
12 Twitter acquires machine learning startup for $150 million
13 Imperial start-up wins big at The Duke of York's entrepreneurship competition | Imperial News
14 Enhance enhance: Using machine learning to recover lost detail from upscaled photos
15 Entrepreneur First created Magic Pony, the startup bought by Twitter for $150 million
16 Twitter's Latest Photo Update Is So Brilliant You Won't Even Notice It
17 Twitter's new AI can find the most interesting part of all your photos
18 10 British AI companies to look out for in 2016
19 Magic Pony founders built their company at Entrepreneur First
20 Community Testing Suggests Bias In Twitter's Cropping Algorithm
21 UK and France to strengthen ties in AI and data
22 Tulane to award degrees to 3,443 students with online tribute planned Saturday: See names
23 Inside the Imperial College Enterprise Lab | Imperial News
24 Twitter Now Using Machine Learning to Detect 'Salient' Features in Images for Previews
25 Cover Story: Death Follows as People Push Into Elephant Enclave
26 Human-elephant conflict escalates in China's Xishuangbanna
27 Best tech startups in London include Deliveroo and AI startup Babylon
28 Entrepreneur First turns strangers into startup founders
29 Entrepreneur First tech backers channelling MI5 to find London’s next big things
30 How to approach an Angel investor
31 Official US Trailer for Chinese Firefighters Action Movie 'The Bravest'
32 Numerical study of achiral phase-change metamaterials for ultrafast tuning of giant circular conversion dichroism
33 Is the academy too close to Silicon Valley?
34 Hierarchical Heteroaggregation of Binary Metal-Organic Gels with Tunable Porosity and Mixed Valence Metal Sites for Removal of Dyes in Water
35 Mechanism and modulation of terahertz generation from a semimetal
36 Optically tuned terahertz modulator based on annealed multilayer MoS2
37 Effect of Surface States on Terahertz Emission from the Bi2Se3 Surface
38 Visualization of GaN surface potential using terahertz emission enhanced by local defects
40 Structural and electronic properties of epitaxial multilayer h-BN on Ni(111) for spintronics applications
41 Simultaneous morphology manipulation and upconversion luminescence enhancement of β-NaYF4:Yb3+/Er3+ microcrystals by simply tuning the KF dosage