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1 Coronavirus: Ethnic minorities 'over-exposed' to Covid-19
2 COVID-19: Runnymede Trust calls on government to introduce policies to protect black and minority ethnic groups
3 For U.K.’s Minority Women, Economic Toll of Lockdown Lingers
4 Coronavirus: Government must replace failing test and trace scheme so schools can reopen, Independent Sage warns
5 Paulette Wilson: Windrush campaigner who faced deportation dies aged 64
6 BAME groups 'more exposed, less protected', says Runnymede Trust report
7 Covid hits Brick Lane currey trade
8 UK curry capital Brick Lane struggling to survive, say experts
9 UK's curry capital faces 'devastating' impact due to Covid-19, says report
10 Why does Covid-19 affect ethnic minorities so badly? It isn’t to do with biology
11 Could Covid-19 be the end of UK’s curry capital?
12 As U.S. Coronavirus Cases Hit 3.5 Million, Officials Scramble to Add Restrictions
13 The real voter fraud is this government’s new ID plan
14 The Windrush review is unequivocal: institutional racism played its part
15 A Glaring Omission In Coronavirus Data Is How BAME People Are Affected
16 Why Are People of Color More Likely to Die From Coronavirus Than White People?
17 Islamophobia row over choice of consultant for UK Covid role
18 To take on this racist government, we need to build a movement in every community
19 Scientists call on UK to rethink ‘dangerous’ coronavirus strategy
20 If we do not address structural racism, then more black and minority ethnic lives will be lost
21 Race equality charities and MPs criticise 'wholly inadequate' coronavirus report
22 1 in 4 black and Asian voters not registered to vote
23 Starmer: England's back-to-school plans 'lie in tatters'
24 'The time for action is now': Boris Johnson's planned review on racism criticised
25 Firms 'not doing enough' to tackle £3,200,000,000 BAME pay gap
26 Third of critically ill COVID-19 UK patients from BME backgrounds
27 Chuka Umunna and Zubaida Haque debate British multiculturalism
28 Black People Are Four Times More Likely To Die From Coronavirus, U.K. Statistics Show
29 Who Is Tony Sewell, The Controversial Head of The Government's New Racial Disparity Commission?
30 Report into racism in schools criticises increased police presence
31 Is Britain's minority community disproportionately affected by the coronavirus? Lack of public data makes it difficult to answer
32 Why are BME people more vulnerable to loneliness?
33 RFU more focused on burying its problem with monitoring ethnicity rather than addressing it, says leading race equality think tank
34 Coronavirus: extra police powers risk undermining public trust
35 English mask plan will help tackle high Covid death rate for shop staff – Matt Hancock
36 Fury as Afua Hirsch calls out Britain's racism and Nick Ferrari asks: 'Why do you stay in this country?'
37 Young BAME workers more likely to be in unstable work, research finds
38 “We Don't Have That Stuff in America Here”: How Can The U.K. Tackle Systemic Racism When Those In Power Refuse To Accept It Exists?
39 Coronavirus advice for over-70s 'ignores Asian families living together'
40 Coronavirus: Independent Sage suggests vacant wedding venues be used as outdoor classrooms
41 Scientists issue a direct challenge to the government over its shambolic coronavirus response
42 Coronavirus: Ethnic minorities 'are a third' of patients
43 Coverage of Black Lives Matter shows there is a lack of diversity in UK media
44 Government launches investigation into why ethnic minorities are worst hit by coronavirus
45 The Home Office’s harsh ‘good character’ tests are ruining children’s lives
46 John Barnes is right: unconscious racism is important. But institutional racism is worse
47 Education secretary 'ignoring' warnings that poor and ethnic minority pupils will suffer when predicted grades replace exams
48 GCSEs: DfE and Ofqual accused of not addressing bias
49 No-deal Brexit would hurt the millions of BME Brits who have been totally ignored in debates
50 Why are Britain's ethnic minorities fearful after Johnson's win?
51 Only 140 of the UK's 21000 university professors are black, new stats show
52 David Lammy's review bursts the myth of a link between race and crime
53 Britain deports people who grew up here. This racialised system must end
54 How Boris Johnson's Vow To Tackle Race Inequality Stands A Year On
55 Local lettings policies are not reflecting BAME housing need, MPs told
56 Employers told to 'hold themselves accountable' for ethnicity pay gaps
57 Exam grades 'should be relaxed' to stop coronavirus having 'life-long' impact on children
58 Muslim groups hit back at Ofsted claims of fundamentalism at UK schools
59 Children excluded from primary school for racism has increased by 40 per cent in 10 years
60 Official Windrush report shames racist UK visa at Home Office
61 BME groups sound alarm over 'US style voter suppression' through mandatory voter ID plans
62 How children of EU nationals could be vulnerable to hostile immigration policies after Brexit
63 Timpson Review: where was the acknowledgment of race?
64 Where did the UK go wrong on coronavirus?
65 Mayor calls for more transparency and a united effort to tackle COVID-19 inequality
66 Coronavirus: new research has highlighted the disproportionate impact the pandemic is having on BAME women in the UK
67 Pakistani, Gypsy, and travellers more vulnerable to loneliness
68 Offline: Independent science advice for COVID-19—at last
69 Systemic racism exists in the UK at every level of government and society
70 BAME workers suffer biggest financial hit from Covid-19
71 BBC's £100m fund for yet more virtue signalling (sorry, yet more diversity)
72 How the gig economy is widening racial inequality
73 Coronavirus: Williamson warned over grading 'injustice'
74 Man Leading COVID-19 BAME Deaths Inquiry is Being Investigated for Islamophobia
75 UK's Johnson plans to scrap two-metre distancing rule by September
76 Covid-19 GCSE grades: No checks for bias within schools
77 Coronavirus: BAME safety plan not published
78 UK PM defends 'astonishing' response to virus
79 Letters to the Editor: PM must become a champion of BME
80 Why are ethnic minorities more vulnerable to coronavirus?
81 More Blacks Could Die Of COVID-19 Compared To Whites,”- National Statistics UK
82 Resurfaced Boris Johnson novel branded 'sexist, racist and homophobic'
83 Labour must not ignore BAME base in rush to rebuild red wall, activists warn
84 Britain's eight million ethnic minorities are still being ignored over Brexit
85 Police presence in schools criminalises black pupils report finds
86 Education Committee inquiry launch: The impact of COVID-19 on education
87 'Why Amanda Spielman is wrong about the white working-class'
88 Nick Ferrari Clashes With Guest Who Says Single Parents Not To Blame For Youth Crime
89 Boris Johnson urged to publish BAME Covid-19 review immediately
90 Boris Johnson Won’t Axe The Unit That Tackles Race Equality — But Activists Aren’t Celebrating Just Yet
91 Communities of colour are over-policed and under-protected, say Quakers
92 Why Are So Many Health Workers From BAME Backgrounds Dying Of Covid-19?
93 Women still missing from top ranks of business, politics and law
94 Trevor Phillips suspended from Labour over alleged Islamophobia
95 The "BME" vote is up for grabs in the general election 2017
96 Covid-19: Asians are at higher risk
97 Covid-19: PHE review has failed ethnic minorities, leaders tell BMJ
98 Nearly half of BAME UK households are living in poverty
99 Information heroes
100 Ethnic minorities dying of Covid-19 at higher rate, analysis shows