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1 A former social media evangelist unfriends Facebook
2 Zucked by Roger McNamee review – Facebook’s catastrophe
3 Mark Zuckerberg mentor on why Facebook refuses to curb disinformation: ‘It’s about power’
4 Don't be Out-Zucked by Facebook
5 Early Facebook investor blasts company in new book 'Zucked'
6 CU Boulder’s Conference on World Affairs announces online fall speaker lineup
7 Policy Matters: Roger McNamee On Why We're 'Zucked'
8 'We got Zucked': Facebook pages for Idaho militias, other groups removed in massive ban
9 Review: ‘Zucked’ examines Facebook’s unchecked power and ‘catastrophic’ results for us all
10 Zucked by Roger McNamee — anti-social network
11 How Netflix film The Social Dilemma probes the dark side of tech
12 What Happened at the Congressional Hearing on Facebook and Libra?
13 We’ve been Zucked!
14 An Anti-Facebook Manifesto, by an Early Facebook Investor
15 Beyond ‘Zucked,’ what concerns author Roger McNamee most about our future in tech
16 In ‘Zucked’, an Early Facebook Investor Explains What Went Wrong
17 Farley gets Zucked: Facebook signs huge lease at Post Office redevelopment
18 CWA panel on "Leadership and Ethics" discusses values and this generation of college students
19 See the CWA Virtual Speaker Lineup Sept 10-11 | Conference on World Affairs
20 ‘Zucked’ shows how a mentor of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is now one of the social network’s biggest critics
21 Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe by Roger McNamee
22 Book reviews: 'Zucked', 'Snowden's Box', 'Keep Calm and Log On'
23 Review: Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe by Roger McNamee — a damaging attack from a former insider
24 Spring Books: Zucked author Roger McNamee lays bare the threats of Google, Facebook, Amazon
25 City Visions: Are we Zucked? Silicon Valley investor Roger McNamee on fixing Facebook
26 Interview: Moonalice's Roger McNamee on New Book, 'Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe'
27 Big Tech’s Big Defector
28 Roger McNamee: ‘It’s bigger than Facebook. This is a problem with the entire industry’
29 Review: "Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe
30 ‘Zucked — Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe’ review: The devil is in the DNA
31 Former Zuckerburg Mentor and 'Zucked' Author Roger McNamee Calls for Drastic Changes to Tech Industry
32 Misinformation Was Always Dangerous. Social Media Has Turned It into a Viral Sickness
33 To fix anti-vaxxing, climate change, and white supremacy, we 'have to fix Facebook and Google': Roger McNamee
34 Assessing the Facebook Problem
35 Politics: The Government We ‘Like’
36 Early Facebook investor: Zuckerberg has ‘lost the plot’
37 Review: Zucked — The story of Facebook's rise and fall (Includes first-hand account)
38 Waking up to the Facebook catastrophe: How Mark 'Zucked' his brand image
39 Facebook while black: Users call it getting 'Zucked,' say talking about racism is censored as hate speech
40 What to do when there's 'nothing' to do...
41 Roger McNamee thinks Mark Zuckerberg's privacy announcement protects Facebook not you
42 We're All Zucked
43 Facebook, Amazon Came Out of Hearing Looking Bad, Says McNamee
44 Facebook Cannot Fix Itself. But Trump's Effort to Reform Section 230 Is Wrong
45 We Got ‘Zucked’: Facebook Censors Speech That Calls Out Racism, Black Activists Charge
46 You're Being Zucked: Why You Should Worry About Facebook's Redesign
47 A Rude Awakening | The UCSB Current
48 Facebook boycott: North Face is first to join civil rights groups in demand to end to hate speech
49 More companies halt ads on Facebook despite new plans to curb hate speech
50 “Zuck off”: Doctors, nurses, scientists rail against Zuckerberg
51 The Book Show #1600
52 I got Zucked: Cambridge Analytica may have my Facebook data now
53 Facebook ordered to unblock Israeli spy group workers tied to cyber attacks
54 Social Media Platforms Claim Moderation Will Reduce Harassment, Disinformation and Conspiracies. It Won't
55 This is how you will appeal to Facebook's 'Supreme Court' when your post is taken down
56 ‘Mark Is an Authoritarian’: A Facebook Investor Sounds the Alarm About the Company He Helped Build
57 Is Facebook really that bad? A conversation with Roger McNamee and Antonio Garcia Martinez
58 Boycotting Facebook: Eddie Bauer, Ben & Jerry's and other companies join campaign to halt ads
59 What civil rights groups want from Facebook boycott: Stop hate speech and harassment of Black users
60 Whose Anger Counts?
61 The Technology 202: Facebook employees demand tougher standards for political ads
62 The Bob Lefsetz Podcast: Roger McNamee
63 How Facebook’s early decisions set the stage for scandal
64 Zucked Up: Facebook's Live Video Rollout Marred By Mishap
65 Boycott Facebook: Civil rights groups call on big advertisers to yank ads over hate speech policies
66 These are the Facebook oversight board members who will decide what you can and cannot post
67 Early Facebook investor on meeting Mark Zuckerberg
68 Facebook Will Drop Its TikTok Rival In Weeks And It’s Looking Incredibly Zucked Up
69 Mark Zuckerberg’s Early Mentor Said He Was ‘Disappointed’ and ‘Ashamed’ of Facebook
70 Roger McNamee: Facebook and Google, like China, use data to manipulate behavior and it needs to stop
71 Under fire from civil rights groups, Facebook highlights Black stories, pledges to hire more African Americans
72 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gets sweaty armpits blow-dried before public appearances, book claims
73 Six great technology books to give as a present this Christmas
74 [OPINION] Are we 'zucked'? The case for regulating Facebook
75 I Mentored Mark Zuckerberg. I Loved Facebook. But I Can't Stay Silent About What's Happening.
76 Airbnb launches initiative with Color of Change to root out racial discrimination on its platform
77 Bloomberg
78 Charting the Rise of ‘Surveillance Capitalism’
79 Social media reaches point of no return on moderation
80 9 New Books We Recommend This Week
81 Best books of 2019: Business
82 Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe
83 Mark Zuckerberg has a messianic belief in his own work, says former mentor
84 Roger McNamee: Facebook must stop making 'superficial' privacy fixes and change its business model
85 'Facebook is the biggest problem we have for democracy,' former investor says
86 Jacob Ward on Facebook data release: ‘A historic moment’
87 #SiliconValleySoWhite: Black Facebook and Google employees speak out on big tech racism
88 Mark Zuckerberg halts Facebook stock sale as value PLUMMETS over privacy scandals
89 Here's the Real Trouble With Tech
90 On Lester Chambers' 80th lap around the sun, he's the fancy of Moonalice whose leader speaks
91 Roger McNamee: “Facebook Is Terrible for America” | Stanford Graduate School of Business
92 The 15 books everyone needs to read this year
93 Conservatives push censorship narrative during Zuck hearings
94 Antitrust Spotlight: Facebook's Social Media Stronghold
95 Zuckerberg stands defiant on political ads, swinging ‘free expression’ at critics like a hammer
96 'I Got Zucked!'—Sudden Wealth Losses Of the Rich
97 Amazon's online data use has been 'less dangerous' than Facebook's, says tech investor Roger McNamee
98 'Facebook and Twitter are amplifying attacks against the media'
99 Facebook labels Trump, Biden posts on voting
100 Five Best Literary Things to Do in Denver This Week, March 25-31, 2019