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1 Young Blood and Old Blood | In the Pipeline
2 A New Drug Slows Aging in Mice. What About Us?
3 One More Key to Human Longevity Found After Worm Research
4 Pathways that extend lifespan by 500 percent identified: Discovery of cellular mechanisms could open door to more effective anti-aging therapies
5 Human Trials of Plasma...
6 A New Anti-Aging Therapy Is Starting Its First Human Trial—and It Costs $1 Million
7 'Extraordinary' Breakthroughs In Anti-Aging Research 'Will Happen Faster Than People Think'
8 Researcher on aging confronts his own mortality
9 Gene Tweak Can Extend Life 500% (But You Have to Be a Worm)
10 Biologists identify pathways that extend lifespan by 500%
11 Facial Injectable Market Growth Analysis, Size Projection, Future Trends and Key Players By 2025
12 Anti-aging research: 'Prime time for an impact on the globe'
13 Researchers identify novel anti-aging targets
14 3 Anti-Aging Biohacks for Life Extension – FitCommerce
15 Longevity Best in Aging Survey Of Anti-Aging Beauty Products
16 'Anti-ageing' protein shown to slow cell growth is key in longevity – new research
17 Biologists extend worm lifespan by 500% in surprising discovery on aging
18 How Much Can We Delay Aging? A Gene Therapy Trial Is About to Find Out
19 Why do men support life extension technologies more than women?
20 The ultra-rich are investing in companies trying to reverse aging. Is it going to work?
21 WATCH: Scientists Look To Reverse Aging So We Can Live Decades Longer
22 What if aging weren’t inevitable, but a curable disease?
23 Breakthrough pathways can extend lifespan by 500%
24 VRK-1 extends life span by activation of AMPK via phosphorylation
25 How to live when nobody dies | E&T Magazine
26 Top Companies Working To Extend Longevity
27 Has Harvard's David Sinclair Found the Fountain of Youth?
28 Scientists Have Extend the Lifespan of These Animals by 500 Percent
29 Justices Rule Teachers At Religious Schools Aren't Protected By Fair Employment Laws
30 Life Extension® unveils new brand for its upcoming 40th anniversary
31 How can we live longer? 5 European startups extending our lifespans
32 An 'anti-aging' gene therapy trial in dogs begins, and Rejuvenate Bio hopes humans will be next
33 Radical Life-Extension Is Not around the Corner
34 Transhumanist progress deserves its own prize
35 The science of senolytics: how a new pill could spell the end of ageing
36 Breakthrough Gene Therapy Clinical Trial is the World's First That Aims to Reverse 20 Years of Aging in Humans
37 Could a Drug Cocktail Reverse Biological Aging?
38 Breakthrough discovery in plants' DNA may lead to slowing aging process in humans
39 First hint that body's 'biological age' can be reversed
40 Rapamycin for longevity -- Opinion article
41 Age Reduction...
42 Scientists harness AI to reverse ageing in billion-dollar industry
43 Scientists may be closer than you think to an anti-aging pill. But beware of the hype.
44 Nass Valley Gateway Ltd Announces It Will Comply With the CSA Extension and File Its 2019 Annual Financials and MD&A Report by Friday, June 12, 2020
45 A 'Fountain Of Youth' Pill? Sure, If You're A Mouse.
46 FTC Takes Action to Stop Anti-Aging “Cure-All” Marketers From Making Baseless Health Claims
47 Can Destroying Senescent Cells Treat Age-Related Disease?
48 The enlightenment of age
49 A pill to reverse aging? Enthusiasm outpaces reality
50 Anti-Aging Protein Shown To Slow Cell Growth Important To Longevity
51 Longevity retreats: Clinique La Prairie proves 'health is the new wealth'
52 15 Compounds Life Extension
53 Getting closer to victory over aging: IVAO company announces a new product
54 Juvenescence Moves IPO To Second Half Of 2020
55 Rolling Back Aging: 70 Is The New 65
56 DIY Tips To Hack Your Healthspan
57 COVID-19 UPDATE: Global Wellness Supplements Market Explosive Growth | OPTAVIA LLC, Beachbody LLC, Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc, Organo Gold
58 An Anti-Aging Pill? Think Twice
59 Buyer beware of this $1 million gene therapy for aging
60 Age-Reversal Therapies in Carlsbad and Encinitas
61 How We Picked the 2020 SELF Healthy Beauty Award Winners
62 Glutathione benefits for life extension
63 Exploring the effect of fasting on age-related diseases
64 Study reveals how diabetes drug promotes healthy aging
65 New brain-controlled, bodywide anti-aging mechanism identified
66 Here Are 5 Things You Should Start Doing Today to Live Longer
67 Anti-Aging Drug Candidates ID'd Using Transcriptomes of Long-Lived Worms
68 Out With the Old...
69 What can hold back the hands of time? Scientists have looked at these five treatments
70 Long-term Management of Neovascular Age-related Macular Degeneration
71 Maine researchers made tiny worms live longer, discovery could help humans live 500 years
72 The Risky Anti-Aging Pill Men Are Taking Now
73 Brain Scientists Tap Secrets of Staying Healthy while Aging
74 The transhumanists who want to live forever
75 Scientists Just Released a New Playbook for Engineering Longer, Healthier Lives
76 CRISPR/Cas9 therapy can suppress aging, enhance health and extend life span in mice
77 Study identifies potential drug treatments for telomere diseases
78 GEROPROTECT™ Longevity AI™ from Life Extension® provides anti-aging extracts that targets the anti-aging pathways
79 Other news to note for July 7, 2020 | 2020-07-07 | BioWorld
80 The search to extend lifespan is gaining ground, but can we truly reverse the biology of ageing?
81 Long-lived roundworms help identify new anti-aging compounds among the FDA approved drugs
82 Fruit flies live longer with combination drug treatment
83 Cancer Research Points to Key Unknowns about Popular "Antiaging" Supplements
84 A stealthy Harvard startup wants to reverse aging in dogs, and humans could be next
85 The ambitious quest to cure ageing like a disease
86 Life Extension™ joins with Insilico Medicine to develop advanced anti-aging technologies utilizing artificial intelligence
87 Anti-ageing drugs are coming – an expert explains
88 Finally, the drug that keeps you young
89 Anti-aging drug cocktail teases significant lifespan extension in early experiments
90 Radical Life Extension Is Already Here, But We're Doing it Wrong
91 The Challenges In Bringing An Anti-Aging Pill To Market
92 Longevity Linked to Proteins That Calm Overexcited Neurons
93 The Race To Find A Cure For Aging
94 'Longevity gene' responsible for more efficient DNA repair
95 Is aging a disease? What if we call it one anyway?
96 Case Illustrates New Treatment Regimen for Salivary Duct Cancer
97 How Silicon Valley’s Elites Hatched Their MultiBillion-Dollar Scheme to Cure Death
98 Analysis on Impact of COVID-19-Anti-Aging Products Market 2019-2023 | Use of Anti-aging Ingredients to Boost Growth | Technavio
99 Can We Live Longer but Stay Younger?
100 Cocktail Of Drugs Gives First Hope That ‘Biological Age’ Can Be Reversed