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1 US election results 2020: Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump to win presidency
2 We Need Election Results Everyone Can Believe In. Here’s How.
3 The ugliest presidential election in history: Fraud, voter intimidation and a backroom deal
4 Election 2020 live updates: Michigan certifies election results finding Biden the winner
5 Roiled by Election, Facebook Struggles to Balance Civility and Growth
6 New Democrat Dutchess elections commissioner chosen
7 Westmoreland judge tosses more than 200 ballots elections board wanted counted
8 Meet The Top 2020 Presidential Election Misinformation ‘Superspreaders'
9 Lehigh Valley, other Pa. counties make their election results official, a setback for Trump’s efforts to over
10 Trump's election fight includes over 30 lawsuits. It's not going well.
11 Election updates: Christie calls Trump legal team 'national embarrassment'; Hogan tells Trump 'stop golfing and concede'
12 Michigan board votes to certify election results despite GOP calls to delay
13 How Misinformation ‘Superspreaders’ Seed False Election Theories
14 A Great Election, Against All Odds
15 Utah's voter turnout in this election certified as state's highest on record
16 Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, has tested positive for the coronavirus
17 No, judges don’t overturn elections because of isolated irregularities.
18 Trump Mocked After Telling GOP to Listen to Randy Quaid's Election Demand
19 Pa. legislative committee rejects request to conduct election audit
20 Putin uses whataboutism to weaponize Trump election conspiracies
21 Opinion | The Supreme Court’s “Breathtakingly Radical” New Approach to Election Law
22 Michigan Board Certifies State's Election For Joe Biden
23 At Least 4 Pennsylvania Counties To Miss Election Certification Deadline
24 Supreme Court denies appeal seeking audit of Wayne County's election results
25 Rodimer election lawsuit delayed amid 'ministerial oversight' requiring new judge
26 Nevada judge denies request to halt state certification of election results
27 The Birther Myth Stuck Around For Years. The Election Fraud Myth Might Too.
28 US election 2020: Biden certified Georgia winner after hand recount
29 The 2020 election just keeps getting worse for House Democrats
30 Woman votes in Idaho, then California. Fraud? The problems in Idaho’s 2020 elections
31 Burkina Faso holds elections amid fear of attacks
32 Michigan Faces Challenges Certifying Election Results
33 The Certification of the 2020 US Election Results is on Schedule. Here's a Timeline.
34 Republican in local N.J. election files for recount after losing by 3 votes
35 Results Still Unclear And 5 Other Takeaways From Election Night 2020
36 Trump repeats unfounded election fraud claims in late-night posts flagged by Twitter
37 Trump's challenges to election results: What they are and what could happen
38 Elections Are Partisan Affairs. Election Security Isn't.
39 Congressman Mike Kelly, Sean Parnell seek injunction to stop Pa. election certification
40 Newly elected Rep. Boebert asks about carrying a gun on Capitol grounds
41 A Guide To Election Night 2020: When Will We Know Who Won?
42 Why 'close-call' presidential elections are happening more often
43 Two Republicans; Two Different Opinions on Trump Election Results
44 Viral Misinformation in the 2020 Election Results: November 17, 2020
45 Latest news on the Trump-Biden transition: Live updates
46 Real-Time Election Results: How to Track State by State
47 Editorial: Rural Missourians discover elections have consequences as big hog farms move in
48 Does he live where he has to? Newly elected Keys politician faces suit over residency
49 All counties in 6 News viewing area certify election results
50 Election Security Experts Contradict Trump’s Voting Claims
51 2020 Election Results: Map, Updates, and Analysis | Time
52 Presidential election results 2020: Live updates
53 Election Officials Directly Contradict Trump on Voting System Fraud
54 As Biden Plans Transition, Republicans Decline to Recognize His Election
55 Election live updates: Online coverage, 2020 results, polls & reaction
56 The latest on election results: Live updates
57 When Will We Know the Election Results?
58 Regardless of election, Thai giant PTT's cracker project in Ohio in flux
59 What we know so far about the 2020 election
60 A viewer's guide to election night
61 How elections are called and what “projected winner” means, explained
62 Michigan Republicans Backtrack After Refusing to Certify Election Results
63 House Democrats At Odds After 2020 Election Losses
64 White House Christmas tree arrives, continuing tradition amid Covid-19 and election disputes
65 Tucker Carlson: Yes, the election was rigged for Joe Biden. Here's how
66 Local, State Elections Hit Unique Diversity Milestones
67 Georgia announces hand audit
68 Fighting Election Results, Trump Employs a New Weapon: The Government
69 Michigan GOP asks state board to delay certifying election results
70 Here's when we'll hear from election officials across the country today
71 Biden expresses confidence that he’ll win as states keep tallying votes
72 Biden projected to win Arizona and its 11 electoral votes
73 An election loser who wouldn’t leave office? It happened once in North Carolina
74 2020 elections live results: Biden wins presidency
75 This is the most surprising result of the 2020 election
76 Around the world, election results sometimes take time to call
77 Trump Wants To Fight Election, But 'It's Dawning On Him,' Former Adviser Says
78 Election officials face threats in five swing states: report | TheHill
79 Trump tweets about election results and skips session on pandemic during G20
80 State officials say they're baffled, offended by false election claims
81 Updates: 2020 Election Results
82 ARRL Announces Director, Vice Director Election Results
83 ‘The whole world waits’ with unease as drawn-out election and Trump’s unsubstantiated claims batter America’s image
84 2020 Presidential Election: Likely Most Consequential Of A Lifetime
85 US Election 2020 Results
86 Everything you need to know about US elections – in infographics
87 US election 2020: What to look out for on election night
88 Trump, as lead narrows in counts in Pa., Ga., repeats baseless claims of fraud
89 2020 election news: Live updates
90 Panel sinks GOP lawmakers' push for election audit
91 US election: Justice lawyer quits after attorney general orders 'vote fraud' inquiries
92 Trump wavers between reality and election fiction with eye on his legacy
93 Trump election challenges sound alarm among voters of color
94 We Have Never Had Final Results on Election Day
95 States cite smooth election, despite Trump's baseless claims
96 US election results 2020: When will we know who has won?
97 Senate and House elections 2020: full results for Congress
98 Trump Is Not Doing Well With His Election Lawsuits. Here’s a Rundown.
99 6 Key Swing States In The 2020 Election And Mail Ballots
100 Live Streaming Election Results Tip-Sheet