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1 Hundreds of European parliamentarians protest Israel's 'de facto annexation'
2 Coronavirus Israel: Government approves nighttime curfew for Purim holiday
3 Oil spill off Israel's coast is its worst maritime pollution in decades, and cleanup 'could take years'
4 Why Israel's choice for national tree is so destructive
5 Kingmaker of Israel's election is about to get the full royal treatment
6 Anyone can fake Israel’s vaccination certificate
7 An unarmed Palestinian is shot dead at a settler outpost. The Israeli army's conclusion? He was a terrorist
8 Coronavirus Israel live: Pfizer vaccine is 98.9% effective in preventing death, Israeli data shows
9 The ICC's decision is a red flag for Israel
10 U.S. Jewish leaders praise Israel's High Court ruling on Reform and Conservative conversions
11 A guide to Israel's idiotic election, part 3: The irrelevant Israeli 'left'
12 How California's Jewish community won the battle over the state's ethnic studies program
13 COVID-19 vaccines for the Palestinians
14 The UAE’s Mars mission is more about hype than science
15 Waze CEO sparks debate over Google’s ‘entitled’ work culture
16 Trump lawyer David Schoen shames Orthodox Jews like me
17 Biden to make announcement on Saudi Arabia, crown prince focus of tensions
18 Morocco freezes ties with German Embassy amid Sahara tension
19 Construction at Israeli Safari Park Unearths 1800-Year-Old Sarcophagi
20 Israeli environment minister says Iran caused oil spill that coated country’s coastline
21 Covid Vaccine: Employees Who Get Shots Enjoy More Office Benefits Than Holdouts
22 Overcrowded and overwhelmed: Why Israel's current COVID-19 wave is the ‘worst yet’
23 Tel Aviv, is that still you?
24 Israel's founding generation of looters
25 In Germany, a witch hunt is raging against critics of Israel. Cultural leaders have had enough
26 Israel's ambitious vaccine drive is set for success as Netanyahu seeks election campaign boost
27 Fascism is dead, long live dictatorship
28 Israel is an 'apartheid' state, says Israeli human rights group B'Tselem
29 The latest in Jewish morality: House demolitions, displacement, settlement construction
30 Read Saeb Erekat's most impactful columns in Haaretz
31 Israel's police watchdog has failed
32 Facebook accused Haaretz of ‘fake news.’ If only that was their biggest lie
33 Israel is leading the world in vaccinations. There are downsides to that as well
34 Israel's government is set to fall. Here's how it got there and what happens next
35 When Israeli soldiers moonlight as armed robbers
36 Israel gave them 10 minutes to pack up their whole lives: 74 Palestinians, including 41 children, left homeless
37 The pride of Israel: assassinations
38 One is a free hero, the other, a hostage
39 Israel to halt inbound and outbound flights to curb spread of COVID variants
40 Why is Morocco holding back on diplomatic relations with Israel?
41 Coronavirus Israel live: Cabinet approves stricter lockdown, closing schools and workplaces
42 Is 'Jewish' a nationality or religion? Inside Israel's fierce, bitter debate about identity
43 Highways to annexation: Across the West Bank, Israel is bulldozing a bright future for Jewish settlers
44 3 months to go: Haaretz launches weekly 'Election Overdose' podcast for political junkies. LISTEN
45 Israel is a success story with vaccines. On other COVID fronts, it’s a fiasco
46 Coronavirus live: Israel sees drop in infections 14 days after first vaccine dose
47 Safed’s non-Jewish treasures face disrespect and vandalism
48 Zoom with Haaretz: How Israel’s COVID failure led to a second national lockdown
49 Peace for peace? Israel-Morocco deal is occupation in exchange for occupation
50 From ‘Fauda 4’ to Clinton's impeachment – the shows to look out for in 2021
51 Stop the hypocrisy: This self-proclaimed racist is a suitable pick to head Yad Vashem
52 From Charlottesville to Capitol Hill: This is Trump's legacy
53 Coronavirus Israel: Lockdown extended through January 31
54 Israel is being dragged into elections again, but this time it's a whole new ballgame
55 The solution to Israel's political crisis is blindingly obvious
56 Thousands attend rabbi's funeral in Jerusalem amid COVID lockdown; police say won't confront 20,000
57 Trump is bad for Israel, too
58 Contempt for Palestinians’ time is in the DNA of Israeli rule
59 The case for nationalism, by the Israeli credited with shaping Trump's foreign policy
60 ‘Ladino’s renaissance’: For this dying Jewish language, COVID has been an unlikely lifesaver
61 Coronavirus Israel live: Death toll hits 4,500 as cabinet mulls longer lockdown
62 Defectors from Netanyahu's party are breaking the silence
63 Netanyahu is holding the state budget hostage
64 How the UAE is buying Egypt
65 Israel's nuclear secrets that Peres shared with Kissinger in 1965
66 'There's never been anything like this': Israeli military chief's Iran remarks rattle senior officials
67 Israel-Sudan deal is more cause for caution than celebration
68 Israel's Health Ministry recognizes that transgender identity is not a psychological disorder
69 China is the Middle East's rising power. Israel must tread carefully
70 Israeli experts plan to ease lockdown within week save for 14 ‘red’ towns
71 Biden is good for Israel
72 ‘The integration failed’: Tel Aviv is segregating foreign kids at school
73 Ivanka Trump is perfect cover for antisemitic, racist, conspiracy-loving Republicans
74 Pakistan recognizing Israel is dirty politics. But it's legitimate
75 Israel’s war on Palestinian children
76 ‘Netanyahu is in deep trouble’: Haaretz answers your questions on Israel’s second COVID-19 lockdown
77 Israel's compensation for the false arrest of a Palestinian is a fraction of what Jews receive
78 Israel suspends West Bank annexation in deal to normalize relations with the UAE
79 Trump is bullying Sudan into embracing Israel. It won’t end well
80 Ten years on, the Arab Spring's biggest winner is Israel
81 Israel's three-week lockdown explained: The dos, don'ts and High Holy Day plans
82 Poll shows small gains for Netanyahu's Likud
83 Trump might leave scorched earth on his way out. Netanyahu is happy to lend him a lighter
84 Jerusalem hospital orders 1.5 million doses of Russian COVID vaccine despite concerns
85 Israel’s understanding of American Jews is a sad joke
86 Mendelblit secretly consulted with a group of legal scholars before deciding on Netanyahu's cases
87 The Israeli public’s right to know
88 Adelson's legacy: Israeli democracy can easily be bought
89 In his darkest hour, Netanyahu is on the road to his greatest victory
90 State-sanctioned pogroms ravage Palestinians after settler teen's death
91 Morocco’s king is rich, but his country is poor
92 Israel rejected U.S. inspection of Haifa port over fear of Chinese surveillance
93 COVID vaccines for Gaza isn't charity. It's Israel's legal and humanitarian duty
94 On Wikipedia, Israel is losing the battle against the word 'apartheid'
95 Israel is in shock, in a sickening show of hypocrisy
96 King Herod's throne room where 'Salome danced' found in Jordan
97 No, Sweden's coronavirus model hasn't failed. Here's why | Opinion
98 Buying Jerusalem soccer club, Emiratis have just invested in Israel's ruling class
99 A scion of Zionist aristocracy wants to quit the Jewish people. Will Israel let him?
100 Coronavirus Israel: President apologizes for leadership failure as cases break record