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1 He's an ex-Proud Boy. Here's what he says happens within the group's ranks
2 A Proud Boys leader is trying to rebrand the group as explicitly white supremacist and anti-Semitic
3 Proud Boys Member Threatens Armed Revolt Outside Giuliani Meeting: 'Not Going to Stand Back and Stand By Anymore'
4 Proud Boys Infighting Sees Leading Member Form Breakaway Group to Fight 'White Genocide'
5 Ex-Proud Boy on life inside the far-right group's ranks
6 DC officials preparing for Proud Boys protest over the weekend | TheHill
7 DC Police Said Proud Boys Were Stabbed on Election Night. Then They Changed Their Story.
8 'Y'all are gonna kill each other:' Protesters from across political spectrum clash at Governor's Mansion
9 Cats and Gay Men Take Over #ProudBoys Hashtag During 'Million MAGA March'
10 Fair Lawn mayor disturbed by Proud Boys' presence at town's pro-Trump rally
11 BLM Accuse Police of Emboldening 'White Supremacists' After Linking Them to Proud Boys Attack
12 After thousands of Trump supporters rally in D.C., violence erupts when night falls
13 Proud Boys celebrate after Trump's debate callout
14 3 stabbed during DC protests
15 Far-right protesters, counterdemonstrators plan to gather Saturday in D.C. amid pro-Trump rallies
16 The Proud Boys, Who Trade in Political Violence, Get a Boost From Trump
17 Meet Adrian Tam, the Gay Man Who Beat a 'Proud Boys' Leader in Hawaii's Election
18 Proud Boys celebrate Trump’s ‘stand by’ remark about them at the debate.
19 Who Are the Proud Boys Trump Told To 'Stand Back and Stand By'?
20 Stand back, Proud Boys. Philadelphia is stronger than you.
21 Proud Boys draw smaller-than-expected crowd to Portland as city hopes for calm
22 Proud Boys: A small, incendiary group chummy with Florida
23 Gay men have taken over the Proud Boys Twitter hashtag
24 Why are Republicans OK with all the haters who love Donald Trump?
25 The absurdity is the point for the Proud Boys
26 Letters: The truth is, Proud Boys is a racist, violent group
27 Donald Trump to host Christmas events at White House amid SOARING coronavirus figures
28 Parler's vibe is MAGA-red and unreal. Extremism by design?
29 After Election Debate, Is Trump Downplaying the Proud Boys Threat?
30 Confederate flag keeps showing up at NJ right-wing rallies
31 George Floyd protests: Who are Boogaloo Bois, antifa and Proud Boys?
32 Proud Boys reportedly planning rally in West Philadelphia this weekend
33 Letters to the Editor | Opinion |
34 Philly’s police union says it didn’t invite Proud Boys to a Pence after-party. It didn’t ask them to leave, e
35 Who are the Proud Boys: Englewood business owner proud to lead controversial group
36 Trump's refusal to concede is legally irrelevant, but it could affect U.S. for years
37 US Voters Startled By Fake ‘Proud Boys’ Emails Blamed on Iran
38 People embrace rebranding of 'Proud Boys' to 'Poor Boys' after Biden misspeaks | TheHill
39 Who are the Proud Boys, the far-right group that got a shoutout from Trump?
40 Proud Boys sightings are now a regular occurrence at Republican rallies in Florida
41 Jewish congressional reps rip Trump over Proud Boys 'stand by' comment
42 Portland Parks Denies Permit for Planned Proud Boys Rally in North Portland
43 Proud Boys websites kicked off web host, Google Cloud
44 2 arrested as Trump supporters, Proud Boys gather for Labor Day caravan, Salem rally
45 Proud Boys: Patriotic, pro-Trump fraternity or hate group?
46 Bicycle riders ensnared by police and Proud Boys during weekend protests
47 Former Neo-Nazi Says Trump's Call for Proud Boys to “Stand By” Will Encourage More Violence
48 Proud Boys, right-wing militias clash with counter protesters in several U.S. states
49 Ahead of Saturday's Proud Boys Rally, 30 Local Unions and Civil Rights Groups Call on Oregon Officials to Denounce Hatred
50 Irish pub denies it is center for Proud Boys right wing militia group
51 Far-right Proud Boys move Portland rally to the former Vanport City, a site fraught with racist history
52 Along El Paso Border, Biden's Election Sparks Hope for Change
53 Chicago Police Department investigating officer’s alleged ties to the Proud Boys
54 Proud Boys leader who helps run Latinos for Trump group is not part of Trump campaign
55 Proud Boys
56 In Oregon, far-right groups like Proud Boys feel support from Trump
57 US blames Iran for spoofed Proud Boys emails threatening Democrat voters
58 What hunting Bigfoot taught a Republican congressman about politics
59 Assassination in Iran Threatens Fate of Nuclear Deal
60 WATCH: Man Wears Swastika Mask at Wauwatosa MAGA Rally
61 Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Visited by Violent Proud Boys
62 Anti-Defamation League CEO: Proud Boys see Trump comment as 'call to arms' | TheHill
63 OSP, MCSO won't help with crowd control at Proud Boys rally because of Portland tear gas ban
64 CAIR Condemns Trump's Call for White Supremacist, Islamophobic Group Proud Boys to 'Stand By'
65 No, the Proud Boys are not white supremacists
66 U.S. government concludes Iran was behind threatening emails sent to Democrats
67 Northeast Valley News: Former ICE nurse alleges forced sterilizations on detained female immigrants, recalling America's own dark history of eugenics—U.S. to investigate
68 How I escaped 'The Proud Boys' ideology
69 Trump Attorney Calls For Execution of Former DHS Cybersecurity Official
70 Portland killing renews focus on tactics of far-right group Patriot Prayer
71 Proud Boys members sentenced to four years in prison for violent clash with antifa
72 FBI Probes "Official" Proud Boys Emails Threatening Dem Voters
73 Tense Modesto straight pride rally has militia, Proud Boys face counterprotesters
74 Trump tells Proud Boys to ‘stand back and stand by’
75 ‘This is a Voter Intimidation Campaign': Explaining Iran's Threatening ‘Proud Boys' Emails
76 The Alt-Right's Star Racist Propagandist Has No Regrets
77 Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys Continue Violence Even As Legal Consequences Mount
78 5 reasons not to underestimate far-right extremists
79 Counterprotester aggression was ‘catalyst’ for violence at Proud Boys event in Kalamazoo, officer’s report sa
80 Myron B. Pitts: My advice for Fayetteville march with Proud Boys, QAnon? Stay away
81 Trump Briefly Condemns White Supremacists
82 Donald Trump Jr.'s Tampa rally attracted Proud Boys, bikers and the MAGA faithful
83 As Portland deals with Proud Boys protests, here's what Trump doesn't get about antifa
84 Proud Boys Berate Organizer of Far-right Rally Who Had Teeth Knocked Out for Underestimating Enemy
85 Explained: Who are the far-right Proud Boys?
86 Saturday 'Free Speech' Rally and Big Tech Protest by Trump Supporters and Proud Boys Gets Permit for UN Plaza
87 A look in Chief Thomas' inbox: More than 50 emails refer to Proud Boys rally
88 Proud Boys Founder Recorded Video Titled '10 Things I Hate About The Jews' in 2017
89 3 Arrests, Little Violence at Far-Right Group’s Portland Rally
90 Who are the Proud Boys, 'western chauvinists' involved in political violence?
91 Facebook removes Roger Stone from Instagram after linking him to fake accounts
92 Proud Boys Seen in Video Attacking Protester With Bat at Oregon Rally
93 Pamplin Media Group
94 Portland FBI Head Clarifies Statement On Proud Boys
95 Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies
96 Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes quits 'extremist' far-right group
97 Far-right rally in Clark Park? Here's a response from city officials, police
98 Proud Boys member may face jail time after Seattle CHOP assault, crossing state lines to Portland protests
99 When the 'Alt-Right' Hit the Streets: Far-Right Political Rallies in the Trump Era
100 Democrats' ad seeks to tie Jason Brodeur to Proud Boys through alt-right Jacob Engels