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1 The Top Non-COVID Workplace Law Stories You May Have Missed: May 2020
2 Madison City Week Ahead 7/6/20
3 Amazon warehouse workers interviewed by New York attorney general in retaliation probe
4 Worker’s misunderstanding of free speech rights costs him his job
5 Virginia House of Delegates approves bill establishing collective bargaining rights for public-sector workers
6 'Yes, they could shut down this city': Ruling clears path for San Francisco city workers to strike
7 Bills advance in Virginia to provide collective bargaining rights for public-sector workers
8 Virginia lawmakers approve bill allowing local governments to bargain collectively with employees
9 2020 California Legislature: New Employment Laws
10 Florida lawmakers consider changes to public-sector union membership and dues processes
11 National Labor Relations Board on Employee Free Choice
12 California bill proposing public-sector union release time for union activities vetoed
13 Springfield police detective Florissa Fuentes fired over pro-Black Lives Matter social media post
14 Virginia State Senate approves legislation allowing local governments to bargain collectively with unions
15 California woos in-state travelers with safety campaigns
16 Elected Govt Officials Challenge California’s Public Employee Union Law
17 Why Are Workers Struggling? Because Labor Law Is Broken
18 Takeaways from Tallahassee — Dancing with history
19 PBA Arbitration Chair's Bowing Out to Delay Contract for Months
20 Virginia Labor and Employment Law Revolution due to COVID-19
21 Federal judge rejects public school teachers' attempt to obtain refund of union fees
22 COVID-19: Union Employer Duties Under NLRA
23 Top Five Employment Law Developments March 2020
24 Second in Trio of NLRB Rules to Clarify Joint Employer Standard
25 New Jersey Employment Law 2020 Developments
26 New York Budget Includes Changes to State Employment Laws
27 Six Newly-Enacted New Jersey Employment Laws
28 21 Key Issues In Negotiating Merger And Acquisition Agreements For Technology Companies
29 Delaware legislative union effort sparks anger, confusion
30 Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employment Law Provisions
31 Federal Labor and Employment Laws and COVID-19
32 COVID-19 Pandemic Employment Law Questions
33 CARES Act: Labor & Employment Issues
34 Labor Law Developments from NLRB & Trump Admin: Nov 2019
35 FAQ: CARES Act SBA Loan Programs-UPDATED June, 2020 #4
36 Union Representation Elections Suspended By NLRB Due to Coronavirus Exposure
37 2019 California Labor & Employment Law Updates
38 Employment Union Contract Negotiations & COVID-19
39 2020 California Employment Law Update
40 Notable 2020 Employment Law Cases
41 Union Elections Suspended Through April 3 by NLRB
42 Calif. Labor Law 2020: ABC Test, Arbitration, Paid Family Leave
43 Right to Organize
44 NLRB: Employee Free Choice Enhanced Rules
45 2019 State Employment Laws: Wage, Paid Leave, AI & Cannabis
46 Oregon Passes Union Rights Law Affecting Public Employers
47 Parma Heights firefighters file unfair labor practice charge against city
48 COVID-19 Work Stoppages Protesting Safety: NLRA, LMRA, OSHA Laws
49 NLRB Memo: Weekend Work & Overtime
50 An Employer’s Action Guide to Coronavirus
51 Top Five Labor Law Developments: January & February 2020
52 NLRB Continues Reversing Obama-Era Labor Decisions
53 Under new law, Rhode Island unions can charge fees to non-members for grievance representation
54 Labor Board Issues NLRA Pandemic Guidance For Employers
55 NLRB Releases Multiple Memoranda on Hot Button Topics
56 National Labor Relations Board Establishes Voiding Rule for Ballots
57 Can Employees Refuse to Return to Work due to COVID-19?
58 Responding to Healthcare Employee Concerns in the COVID-19 Age
59 Coronavirus and Employment Law in Germany
60 California Employment Laws Going into Effect Jan 1 2020
61 A How-To Guide for State and Local Workers' Boards
62 Federal, IL, CA, NY, MI, DC 2020 Labor Employment Laws
63 NLRB Union Board Proposals Potentially Impact Construction Industry
64 NLRB on Investigation Confidentiality & Email Restrictions
65 Nigeria and US Authorities battle former Enron Nigerian Subsidiary over $80 million Yacht
66 NLRB Proposes to Exclude Private University Student Workers from NLRA
67 Return to Work After COVID-19: Employment Considerations
68 Non-Union Educators Lose in Commonwealth Employment Suit
69 Public Sector Training Partnerships Build Power
70 NLRB on Conflict between Title VII and Section 7 of NLRA
71 Labor and Employment Obligations for Federal Contractors
72 NLRB Gives Employers Flexibility to Act Unilaterally
73 NLRA Legal Coverage: Union & Non-Union Employers
74 NLRB Adopts Rule Voiding Union Ballots With Stray Marks (US)
75 Virginia Law Expands Employee Protection and Liability
76 NLRB's Recent Kroger Ruling
77 NLRB in Walmart: Size and Scope of Union Buttons
78 Dems. Introduce Act to Classify Grad Student Workers as Employees
79 COVID-19 Employment Litigation Claims Will Rise
80 NLRB Division of Advice Says Union Restricts Resignation
81 California Done with 2019 Employment Law Legislation
82 LA Specialty Produce Employee Handbook Ruling by NLRB
83 Attorneys Karlee Bolaños And William Lowe Launch Bolaños Lowe, PLLC, Labor And Employment And Corporate Law Firm
84 Workplace Response to Coronavirus: Employment Law Concerns
85 DC Inmate Wasn't Isolated Hours After Showing Coronavirus Symptoms, Email Says
86 NLRB Finds Confidentiality, Media Contact Rules Lawful in Boeing Case
87 Final Joint Employer Rule Announced by NLRB
88 Pride Industries lands in crosshairs of outsourcing strike at UC Davis Medical Center
89 COVID-19, Force Majeure and Employment & Bargaining Contracts
90 Government COVID-19 Stay Home Orders and NLRB Labor Issues
91 Coronavirus COVID-19 Leave Entitlements Under FFCRA, EPSLA, EFMLEA
92 NLRB GC Memo on NLRA Bargaining Obligations In Emergencies
93 Ohio Coronavirus COVID-19 Stay at Home Order Non Essential Employees
94 Nigeria's debt rises to $79.5 billion, as debt to revenue ratio worsens
95 Employment Law This Week®
96 New York State COVID-19 Quarantine Leave Guidance
97 Medical Marijuana Users May Be Protected Class in FL
98 California 2020 Laws: What Employers Should Know
99 NLRB: Amnesty Int'l Unpaid Interns Not Employees under NLRA
100 US DOL Releases Federal Family First Coronavirus Response Act Guidance