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2 3Doodler’s 3D Printing Pens hit Amazon lows from $36.50: Create+ bundle or Start+ kids 9to5Toys 2 months ago
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13 Introducing 3Doodler's 3D Build & Play 3D storytelling and hands-on STEAM learning for ages four and up 1 year ago
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19 3Doodler’s newest toy lets kids make 3D objects with molds The Verge 2 years ago
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24 3Doodler Juku Create+ Review: Drawing in thin air Gearbrain 2 years ago
25 The third generation 3Doodler 3D printing pen is lighter and simpler The Verge 6 years ago
26 Hands On With The 3Doodler Start, A $39 Kid-Friendly 3D-Printing Pen TechCrunch 6 years ago
27 WobbleWorks 3Doodler Review PC Magazine 8 years ago
28 3Doodler targets architects and designers with a new professional 3D printing pen TechCrunch 5 years ago
29 3Doodler Unveils New Create+ Pen and Project Kits for 2018 All3DP 3D Printing News 3 years ago
30 3Doodler 2.0 printing pen makes drawing in air a reality The Guardian 7 years ago
31 3Doodler Create+ Review: a different kind of creativity SlashGear 3 years ago
32 Magic Marker? 3Doodler Pen Draws Objects in 3-D 7 years ago
33 Office Depot Collaborates with 3Doodler to Launch Educational 3D Printing Kit All 3DP 3 years ago
34 With 3Doodler App and Pen, Your Phone and Tablet Are the Canvas 3 years ago
35 This new 3D-printing pen draws with wood, copper, and bronze The Verge 5 years ago
36 3Doodler 3D Build & Play 3D Printing Pen review The Gadgeteer 1 year ago
37 3Doodler Celebrates One Million Milestone Just Four Years After First Pen Shipped GlobeNewswire 4 years ago
38 Design your own action figures with 3Doodler’s new kits Gearbrain 2 years ago
39 Get a 3Doodler Create 3D-pen bundle for $99.99 CNET 5 years ago
40 3Doodler’s new kit lets kids draw bodies for robotic insects The Verge 4 years ago
41 3Doodler pen turns scribbles into 3D structures New York Daily News 7 years ago
42 3Doodler Start Is a 3D Printing Pen for Kids PC Magazine 6 years ago
43 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen Announced 3 years ago
44 3Doodler Create+ makes creativity easier and safer SlashGear 3 years ago
45 Nissan drew a life-sized SUV using a 3Doodler 3D pen TechCrunch 5 years ago
46 3Doodler's new pro pen 3D prints in wood and metal Engadget 5 years ago
47 Making Harry Potter glasses and huffing plastic fumes with the 3Doodler 3D-printing pen The Verge 6 years ago
48 3Doodler's new kits help kids make robotic bugs and dinosaurs Engadget 4 years ago
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50 Followup to Kickstarter success 3Doodler pen now available for preorder ExtremeTech 6 years ago
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55 From Kickstarter To $20M In Revenue: How 3Doodler's Inventors Built A Business In 3D Printing Pens Forbes 5 years ago
56 DLD returns with pop-up locations Doha 11 days ago
57 3D-Printing Pen, The 3Doodler, Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal In Hours TechCrunch 9 years ago
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67 3Doodler Gives Their 3D Printing Pen a Sleek Redesign with the 3Doodler Create 6 years ago
68 Pre-Order 3Doodler Start Now: 3D Printing Pen Designed for Younger Kids, Safe & Simple to Operate 6 years ago
69 The world's first 3D printing pen: Yours for just $75 ExtremeTech 9 years ago
70 3Doodler 3D-printing pen launches in professional version Dezeen 5 years ago
71 WobbleWorks unveils new pen for drawing 3D objects in the air Dezeen 7 years ago
72 3Doodler Pro: Advanced 3D Printing Pen For Creators Tech.Co 5 years ago
73 3Doodler has a new plastic-squirting pen for design pros Fast Company 5 years ago
74 WobbleWorks 3Doodler review: 3D printing for the masses with 3Doodler pen CNET 9 years ago
75 WobbleWorks has raised $2m for its 3D printing pen 3Doodler on Kickstarter, with 19 days to go The Next Web 9 years ago
76 World’s First Life Sized 3D Printed Humanoid Skeleton, Created with 3Doodler 7 years ago
77 25 Tech Gifts (You and) Your Kids Will Go Crazy Over Newsweek 18 days ago
78 Kickstarter 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen Nothing of the Sort But Somehow Raises $2 Million 9 years ago
79 3Doodler Set to Launch 12 New Plastics, a Foot Pedal, New Nozzles & More 7 years ago
80 The Best 3D Drawings of 2016 Made with a 3Doodler 3DPMN 5 years ago
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82 I Tried 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen at CES 2014 and All I Could Draw Was This Terrible-Looking Dog Popular Mechanics 8 years ago
83 Somerville makers of Kickstarter hit 3Doodler plot retail phase for the 3D printing pen Boston Business Journal 8 years ago
84 3Doodler Start is a Kid-Safe 3D Printing Pen Digital Trends 6 years ago
85 Lix is the world's smallest 3D printing pen that makes 3Doodler look old 8 years ago
86 3Doodler 3D printing pen gets nozzles, DoodleBlock moulds and accessories at CES Stuff Magazine 1 month ago
87 Max Bogue, 3Doodler 7 years ago
88 Nissan sketched the World's Largest 3Doodler Sculpture 3D Printing Industry 5 years ago
89 The Best 3D Pens Available in 2020 Grit Daily 1 year ago
90 British Designer Uses 3Doodler, 3D Printing Pen to Build Remote Control Airplane and Car 7 years ago
91 3Doodler’s Tiffany Candle Holder Project Introduces “Doodle Baking” and Yields Lovely Results 6 years ago
92 The 3Doodler Awards 2015 Winners Have Been Announced! 6 years ago
93 3Doodler lets you draw 3D objects with a pen 8 years ago
94 3Doodler EDU Team Uses LEGOs to Teach STEM Lessons 6 years ago
95 3Doodle Your Way to a Great Halloween Decoration: The Minecraft Jack-o-lantern Skeleton 5 years ago
96 Watch: A special 3D-printing pen allows visually impaired children to draw for the first time 4 years ago
97 Incredible Dress 3D Printed With The 3Doodler Pen by Fashion House SHIGO 7 years ago
98 3Doodler's new EDU Learning Pack Kits let kids design 3D objects in the classroom 4 years ago
99 3D Printing Pen Receives Endorsement for Learners with Vision Loss T.H.E. Journal 4 years ago
100 3D Build & Play is 3D printing for preschoolers that's 20% off CNET 1 year ago