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1 Can radiology AI win with a bad hand?
2 Third Traffic4cast competition focuses on AI models that can adapt to domain shifts in space and
3 Evaluate the utility company’s AI maturity curve to determine next steps
4 AI Glasses You Can Try On And Try Out With AR
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6 Insights on the AI in Healthcare Market to 2026
7 At last, a way to build artificial intelligence with business results in mind: ModelOps
8 These Are The Startups Applying AI To Tackle Climate Change
9 Computer scientists are questioning whether Alphabet’s DeepMind will ever make A.I. more human-like
10 AI in the Food & Beverages Market: Global Forecast and COVID-19 Impact
11 AI Centers Of Excellence Accelerate AI Industry Adoption
12 Pentagon leaders eye new policy on responsible artificial intelligence (AI) that is reliable and governable
13 Ambarella unveils two new AI chip families for 4K security cameras
14 Ferrari Selects AWS as Its Official Cloud, AI Provider
15 Experts Doubt Ethical AI Design Will Be Broadly Adopted as the Norm Within the Next Decade
16 Biden’s AI Initiative: Will It Work?
17 Epredia And Aiforia Announce Partnership For Global Distribution Of AI-powered Pathology Software
18 Why UX should guide AI
19 BrainBox AI Unveils Real Estate Energy Savings Calculator
20 10 Famous People in Artificial Intelligence
21 5 AI startups leading MLops
22 Banks fear Fed crackdown on AI models
23 The efforts to make text-based AI less racist and terrible
24 West Virginia University, AI company DataRobot partnering to create jobs, business opportunities in Morgantown
25 EuropeanaTech x AI: eScriptorium & Wrap-up and social mingling
26 Unsupervised AI to disrupt ADAS and AV development
27 Williams F1 drives digital transformation in racing with AI, quantum
28 Two Natural-Language AI Algorithms Walk Into A Bar...
29 EU Data Watchdogs Call for Ban on Facial Recognition Through AI
30 AI is a Wild West
31 Deputy Defense Secretary Outlines Responsible AI Tenets in New Memo
32 Candy Shop Slaughter is a video game concept created by AI
33 Facebook AI Reverse Engineers Deepfake Attacks
34 Facebook AI Open Sources AugLy: A New Python Library For Data Augmentation To Develop Robust Machine Learning Models
35 Machine learning, AI models could pinpoint novel fracture risk factors
36 Facebook is testing AI to get you to stop fighting in its groups
37 AI — the people and places that make, use and manage it Book Review
38 Yellow Messenger rebrands to; launches voice bots
39 Why investors are backing this former Facebook manager’s ‘explainable A.I.’ startup
40 What Artificial Intelligence Still Can't Do
41 Why mechanical engineers should learn AI
42 AI is learning how to create itself
43 Inside the fight to reclaim AI from Big Tech’s control
44 How AI complicates enterprise risk management
45 I just watched McDonald's new AI drive-thru and I've lost my appetite
46 Apple’s and Google’s New AI Wizardry Promises Privacy—at a Cost
47 What Google’s AI-designed chip tells us about the nature of intelligence
48 AI in investing is about human empowerment, not displacement
49 Why A.I. Should Be Afraid of Us
50 Microsoft’s Kate Crawford: ‘AI is neither artificial nor intelligent’
51 Business Reporter: How AIoT and conversational AI takes artificial intelligence two steps further
52 Sensome Receives FDA “Breakthrough Device Designation” for its AI-powered Stroke Guidewire
53 Hohem Announces 20% Off Their First Built-in AI Visual Tracking Gimbal iSteady V2 For Amazon Prime Day
54 The 10 Hottest AI Startups Of 2021 (So Far)
55 Google's AI approach to microchips is welcome — but needs care
56 ET Expert Thinks That ET Is Probably AI (Artificial Intelligence)
57 LVMH teams up with Google Cloud for AI and cloud-based innovation
58 Artificial Intelligence in action
59 AI-generated fake reports can trick cybersecurity experts, study says
60 FICO Launches Executive LinkedIn Live Video Series on Operationalizing Analytics and AI
61 Google claims it is using A.I. to design chips faster than humans
62 UK AI start-up Tractable becomes unicorn with latest funding
63 Evolution, rewards, and artificial intelligence
64 Can AI Solve Your Hiring Problems?
65 You go to war with the data you have: next-generation AI for national security
66 Is AI really that intelligent?
67 Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud: A Perfect Coupling?
68 AI-driven robot Mayflower begins Atlantic voyage
69 Memo Outlines DOD Plans for Responsible Artificial Intelligence
70 AI system-on-chip runs on solar power
71 Insurtech AI startup Akur8 closes $30M Series B
72 Spotlight on AI: Latest Developments in the Field of Artificial Intelligence
73 AI Weekly: AI helps companies design physical products
74 Canon put AI cameras in its Chinese offices that only let smiling workers inside
75 DeepMind says reinforcement learning is ‘enough’ to reach general AI
76 These laughable depictions of AI can have serious consequences
77 Mayflower AI sea drone readies maiden transatlantic voyage
78 INVEST Pitch Perfect winner spotlight: Systems Oncology's AI tech yields trove of cancer drugs
79 AI-Based Contract Intelligence Software from Scry Analytics
80 How artificial intelligence is reshaping the world
81 Not all AI is equal, security channel warned
82 Edinburgh fintech seals seven-figure investment to launch AI tool for vulnerable customers
83 Fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Nanopore Technology: Passing the COVID Test in Just Five Minutes
84 AI-powered Mayflower, beset with glitch, returns to England
85 Fast Company How to make sure that AI isn't invasive and creepy 2 hours ago
86 Making AI Sing: An Interview With Verphoria On The Use Of Artificial Intelligence Within The Music Industry
87 ARS Connect teams with Frank Mayer on AI talking platform
88 Don't End Up on This Artificial Intelligence Hall of Shame
89 Terrible news, everyone: AI is learning how to post cringe
90 Personal investment platform Upside AI raises $1.2 million in seed funding to help Indians make money
91 Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Tech Accessibility
92 Building AI that doesn’t give your users ‘algorithmic fatigue’
93 Can we rely on AI?
94 Can we afford AI?
95 10 steps to educate your company on AI fairness
96 Is AI A Race To Be Won?
97 Artificial Intelligence Act: What Is the European Approach for AI?
98 AI Could Soon Write Code Based on Ordinary Language
99 Expect an Orwellian future if AI isn't kept in check, Microsoft exec says
100 DeepMind scientists: Reinforcement learning is enough for general AI