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1 #Libyan Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah Has Stressed His Government's Support for the ...
2 Dbeibah tells Cyrenaica region he will not accept a divided Libya
3 Libya to hold December elections
4 PM Dbeibah's visit to Libya's Ghat was blocked by Haftar
5 Abdul Hamid Dbeibah: Who is Libya’s new prime minister?
6 Pro-Haftar deputy PM criticizes Libyan Premier Dbeibah | Daily Sabah
7 Libyan PM, foreign powers back landmark election in December
8 PM receives several mayors to talk over service issues
9 US passes bill enabling sanctions on foreign actors in Libya
10 Dbeibah instructs Marriage Fund to build in new controls for applicants
11 Al-Gotrani rejects government delegations' visits to east Libya
12 Dbeibah seeks Qatari support to boost his fortunes on the road to elections | | AW
13 Libya's HoR plans to block Dbeibah's election chances, source says
14 Libya's Zawiya refinery operating normally after sustaining damage following skirmishes
15 Medical unions threaten general strike in response to Dbeibah's “disregard” for their demands
16 Dbeibah launches “Libya Build” exhibition in Tripoli
17 Libyan PM calls on youths to stay away from war
18 Libya's premier, Nigerien president discuss irregular migrant crisis
19 French Foreign Minister invites PM to Paris Conference on Libya
20 PM Dbeibah visits immigration center in Tripoli
21 Libyan elections to be held on 24 December 2021
22 Libya FM: Security, stability necessary to usher in new govt
23 New Libyan premier, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, sworn in | | AW
24 Oun calls on Dbeibah to place Sanllah under investigation
25 Libya's parliamentary elections rescheduled for January | Daily Sabah
26 Libya's interim PM elected through bribery, UN inquiry says
27 Dbeibah hails US Congress passing of Libya Stabilization Act
28 Dbeibah calls for mandatory vaccinations as NCDC warns of new Covid-19 wave
29 PM Dbeibah visits Zintan city
30 Dbeibah takes part in ceremony to inaugurate new energy projects in the south
31 PC and Dbeibah discuss with 5+5 committee the plan for exit of mercenaries from Libya
32 Who is Libya's interim Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah?
33 Haftar's militias in Ghat denounced for preventing PM's visit to the city
34 Libyan PM Dbeibah opposes parliament's no-confidence threat | Daily Sabah
35 Hussain al-Qatrani criticizes Prime Minister Dbeibah
36 Libyan PM visits Niger to discuss immigration and border security
37 INTERVIEW: Just resigned Libyan deputy oil minister says foreign support critical to reviving output
38 U.S. action needed as Libya's fate hangs in the balance
39 PM Dbeibah urges Libyans to go to polls after no-confidence vote | Daily Sabah
40 Can Libya’s prime minister survive the scandal?
41 Libyan PM: 2 solar power projects with Eni, Total will be launched end of 2021
42 Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah to pay working visit to Italy
43 Libya parliament adopts law on legislative elections
44 Libya, Niger discuss irregular migration crisis – Middle East Monitor
45 Ministry of Interior reveals plan to secure the elections on time
46 Deal with Turkey in favor of Libya, PM Dbeibah says | Daily Sabah
47 Haftar's forces causes cancelation of Libyan PM visit to Ghat
48 GNU set to increase payments for pensioners
49 Dbeibah holds discussions with members of the 5+5 Joint Military Committee
50 Resumption of flights to Cairo airport is a step towards alleviating suffering of Libyan travelers, Dbeibah says
51 Libyan unity govt, NOC say they will build new refinery
52 Deputy Minister of Interior accuses Libyan PM of ignoring eastern region
53 Libya’s new PM Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh to visit Turkey
54 Libyan Leader Warns Foreign Meddling Poses Risk to Landmark Vote
55 Qatar reiterates support for holding Libya elections on time
56 Libya election candidacy bids to open in November
57 Ten years after Gaddafi’s demise, Libya’s future remains uncertain
58 Libyan PM Dbeibah urges LPDF to make concessions for elections | Daily Sabah
59 Libyan PM calls for upgrading legislation system pertaining to immigrants
60 Tripoli committed to Turkey-Libya maritime deal, PM Dbeibah says | Daily Sabah
61 Libya's interim premier arrives in Cairo for talks on ties
62 Newly Appointed PM Of Libyan Government Of National Unity Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah Meets Eni's CEO Claudio Descalzi
63 Dbeibah inaugurates Citizen Service Center
64 Eni reviews investment strategy in Libya with Dbeibah
65 PM orders investigation into Libya's signing of CEDAW agreement with UN Gender Equality
66 Libya's interim government reopens Mediterranean highway
67 Libya ratchets up tone towards Tunisia in unprovoked escalation || AW
68 Haftar blocking Dbeibah visit shows ongoing friction: Sources | Daily Sabah
69 Libyan government head Dbeibah proposes vision for new cabinet | Daily Sabah
70 Tripoli raids: War on drugs or mass migrant round up? | | AW
71 Dbeibah tries to strike a balance between Egypt, Turkey in Libya | | AW
72 Al-Qatrani: Dbeibah should be serious in dealing with regions' rights in Libya
73 Dbeibah and Al-Sour stress the necessity to address the file of children of Libyan women married to foreigners
74 Amir meets Prime Minister of the National Unity Government of Libya
75 US passes “Libya Stabilization Act” to support stability, security in the country
76 PM Dbeibah sets consultations on new cabinet
77 Dbeibah, Al-Koni discuss with Interior Minister immigrants' getaway from Libyan detention centers
78 Warring parties may be guilt of war crimes in Libya, says UN
79 CBL Governor, Economy Minister review PM's "Return of Life" initiative
80 Erdoğan, PM Dbeibah meet to discuss Turkey, Libya ties | Daily Sabah
81 Libyan PM, US AFRICOM Commander discuss removing mercenaries
82 Libya PM Dbeibah presents new govt proposal to parliament | Daily Sabah
83 Dbeibah: 80% of Libyan institutions have been unified
84 Libya hoped its elections could heal the country. Instead, they could make it worse
85 Libya: Interim gov’t calls on UN to publish report on vote-buying
86 Libya PM unaware of Russia, Turkey deal on foreign fighters
87 Libyan PM cancels Benghazi visit as Haftar militia blocks airport | Daily Sabah
88 Libya's Premier Urges Supporters to Rally Amid Parliament Spat
89 Libya: Deputy oil minister steps down
90 There will be no more wars in Libya, PM says
91 Libyan PM urges Algeria to support reconciliation efforts | Daily Sabah
92 Dbeibah shuts down Libyan Media Corporation formed by Al-Sarraj
93 Timeline: How Libya's shaky peace push has unfolded
94 Libyans disillusioned but daring to hope after confidence vote | | AW
95 Turkey denies Erdogan is visiting Tripoli on Friday
96 Libya: Debate to action?
97 European top diplomats visit Libya in show of support | | AW
98 Libya kicks off delayed COVID-19 vaccination drive
99 PM Dbeibah: Cabinet team will be ready before deadline
100 Libya PM draws crowd for mass wedding and protest against parliament