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1 Adam Kinzinger discusses how he wants to chart a new Republican Party The Washington Post 16 days ago
2 Kinzinger: Subpoena of ex-White House counsel 'probably bad' for Trump CNN 4 days ago
3 Kinzinger on Trump's 'supreme violation'- POLITICO POLITICO 17 days ago
4 Kinzinger on Meijer defeat: ‘Democrats own that’ The Hill 4 days ago
5 Transcript: Rep. Adam Kinzinger on "Face the Nation," July 17, 2022 CBS News 22 days ago
6 Kinzinger encouraged by latest news of Justice Department investigation into January 6 CNN 13 days ago
7 The Frontline Interview: Adam Kinzinger | FRONTLINE PBS 10 days ago
8 Elaine Luria, Adam Kinzinger to lead Thursday's primetime Jan. 6 hearing Axios 18 days ago
9 Rep. Adam Kinzinger Says Jan. 6 Hearings 'Not Winding Down' PEOPLE 21 days ago
10 Adam Kinzinger Calls to Send U.S. HIMARS to Georgia After Impact in Ukraine Newsweek 7 days ago
11 Kinzinger Tells Diamond and Silk 'Quit Playing Victim' in Jan. 6 Tiff Newsweek 16 days ago
12 Kinzinger says new subpoena is 'bad news' for Trump CNN 4 days ago
13 'This Week' Transcript 7-24-22: Rep. Adam Kinzinger, Gov. Larry Hogan, Former Vice President Al Gore & Dr. Ashish Jha ABC News 15 days ago
14 Kinzinger Says Won't Be 'Single Trump Supporter' in 10 Years: 'Like Nixon' Newsweek 29 days ago
15 Reps. Adam Kinzinger, Elaine Luria: Vets to lead Jan. 6 hearing accusing Trump of ‘dereliction of duty’ Chicago Sun-Times 22 days ago
16 GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger compared Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's Christian nationalism comments to the 'American Taliban' Yahoo News 9 days ago
17 Kinzinger riles Twitter by mocking Vice President Kamala Harris Business Insider 11 days ago
18 Kinzinger: ‘I Don’t Trust a Thing Kevin McCarthy Says’ after January 6 Comments National Review 8 days ago
19 Congressman Adam Kinzinger tweets video of what to expect during Capitol public hearing CBS Chicago 18 days ago
20 GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger says it's 'quite crazy' for the US Secret Service to have deleted January 6-related text messages Yahoo News 22 days ago
21 Maloney knocks Kinzinger criticism of DCCC funding GOP election denier The Hill 3 hours ago
22 Adam Kinzinger Warns Christians of 'False Prophets' in Evangelical Group Newsweek 24 days ago
23 Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger were silent about the attack on their colleague Lee Zeldin Washington Examiner 11 days ago
24 Kinzinger: McCarthy 'scared and begging for help' from Trump on Jan. 6 Business Insider 18 days ago
25 Trump White House counsel's Jan. 6 interview didn’t contradict other witnesses: Kinzinger ABC News 29 days ago
26 'Oh boy': Kinzinger reacts to GOP Sen. Tom Cotton's Jan. 6 hearing remarks CNN 13 days ago
27 Don't let Republicans rehabilitate their party through the 6 January hearings The New Statesman 14 days ago
28 Rep. Adam Kinzinger says the January 6 committee is considering asking Trump and Pence for testimony Yahoo News 25 days ago
29 Angry callers are threatening Congress. These interns are on the front lines Roll Call 11 days ago
30 A Lipinski, Kinzinger tête-à-tête- POLITICO POLITICO 27 days ago
31 Adam Kinzinger: Steve Bannon will 'pay the price' for ignoring Jan. 6 subpoena Business Insider 15 days ago
32 Darren Bailey has no comment on move to censure Kinzinger Chicago Tribune 13 days ago
33 Kinzinger Calls Cruz 'Utter Fraud' After He Defends Vote Against Veterans Newsweek 7 days ago
34 J. Michael Luttig and Adam Kinzinger on Democracy and January 6 PBS 7 months ago
35 'You Worried?' Kinzinger Taunts Jackson Over Attacks on Jan. 6 Committee Newsweek 29 days ago
36 'This Week' Transcript 7-10-22: Secretary Gina Raimondo, Rep. Adam Kinzinger & Ambassador Rahm Emanuel ABC News 29 days ago
37 Rep. Kinzinger calls Trump’s conduct on Jan. 6 a 'supreme violation of his oath of office' MSNBC 18 days ago
38 Kinzinger shares preview of final January 6 hearing. Hear what Trump was doing for 187 minutes CNN 18 days ago
39 'He was watching TV the whole time': Kinzinger shares video previewing primetime hearing MSNBC 18 days ago
40 Kinzinger: Dem Strategy of Helping Election-Deniers in Primaries Is 'Disgusting' The Daily Beast 12 days ago
41 Adam Kinzinger: A G.O.P. Critic of Trump Will Dissect His Actions on Jan. 6. The New York Times 2 months ago
42 Kinzinger retiring from Congress, vows 'broader fight nationwide' against Trumpism POLITICO 9 months ago
43 Colwell: Indiana 2nd district representative Walorski consistent South Bend Tribune 2 days ago
44 Adam Kinzinger thinks Donald Trump 'is guilty of knowing what he did' in Jan. 6 insurrection ABC News 2 months ago
45 Kinzinger shares profanity-filled threats directed at his office The Washington Post 1 month ago
46 "Donald Trump is responsible": Rep. Adam Kinzinger on first televised Jan. 6 committee hearing CBS News 2 months ago
47 Kinzinger fears repeat of events of Jan. 6 POLITICO 2 months ago
48 Republicans 'are fascists' due to pro-life stance, MSNBC 'Cross Connection' guest adamantly claims Fox News 1 day ago
49 Why this Republican is willing to get 'crushed' by Trump in 2024 CNN 4 months ago
50 Jan. 6: One Year Later with Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) The Washington Post 7 months ago
51 Rep. Adam Kinzinger Pushes 'Uneasy Alliance' to Thwart Trump's Allies WTTW News 6 months ago
52 Adam Kinzinger isn't ruling out a 2024 presidential bid as he considers his future after the House CNN 9 months ago
53 This Republican congressman says his party is acting like 'children' CNN 4 months ago
54 Transcript: Rep. Adam Kinzinger on "Face the Nation," May 1, 2022 CBS News 3 months ago
55 Adam Kinzinger Reveals 'Biggest Regret' Over Donald Trump, Ukraine Newsweek 5 months ago
56 Republicans censure Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger for January 6 committee work NPR 6 months ago
57 Kinzinger to keep fight against Trumpism going after House, but hedges on 2024 Roll Call 5 months ago
58 Josh Hawley Dubbed 'Laughingstock' by Missouri Newspaper Over Jan. 6 Video Newsweek 17 days ago
59 Adam Kinzinger's Warning to His Fellow Republicans on January 6 and Ukraine Washington Monthly 5 months ago
60 January 6 panel says Bannon conviction is a ‘victory for the rule of law’ – as it happened The Guardian US 17 days ago
61 Adam Kinzinger Warns Churches Have Become 'House of Worship' to Trump Newsweek 2 months ago
62 How screwed is Adam Kinzinger? POLITICO 12 months ago
63 Retiring U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger will focus on fight against Trump Chicago Tribune 7 months ago
64 "Makes Us Look Like Hypocrites": Are Democrats Undercutting Jan. 6 Hearings By Boosting Election Deniers? Vanity Fair 12 days ago
65 Adam Kinzinger Blames McCarthy for 'Resurrecting' Trump's Political Life Newsweek 4 months ago
66 Adam Kinzinger, a Practicing Christian, Fires Back at Lauren Boebert's Church and State Remarks PEOPLE 1 month ago
67 Transcript: Representative Adam Kinzinger on "Face the Nation," February 13, 2022 CBS News 6 months ago
68 Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger says he's 'open' to AR-15 ban CNN 2 months ago
69 Transcript: Rep. Adam Kinzinger on "Face the Nation," March 27, 2022 CBS News 4 months ago
70 Adam Kinzinger: the 'Rino' leading the charge for a post-Trump GOP Financial Times 8 months ago
71 Post Politics Now: Trump, Pence make dueling appearances in Arizona, as both eye 2024 The Washington Post 17 days ago
72 Take Five: Adam Kinzinger Roll Call 10 months ago
73 Republican Adam Kinzinger Rips Trump 'Lies' After He Makes Statement About 1/6 Committee Newsweek 7 months ago
74 Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger weighing next step in political career Gray DC 9 months ago
75 Republican Adam Kinzinger Describes GOP as 'Unrecognizable,' Says Trump 'Basically Insane' Newsweek 7 months ago
76 Some Democrats Voting in GOP Primaries to Block Trump Picks; Adam Kinzinger on Forefront of Movement WTTW News 2 months ago
77 Opinion | Finally, the dam is breaking against Trump The Washington Post 17 days ago
78 Kinzinger warns of new US civil war after RNC censure Business Insider 6 months ago
79 47 House Republicans vote for bill to codify same-sex marriage into law Insider 20 days ago
80 Every Republican has to answer about Jan. 6, Kinzinger says POLITICO 6 months ago
81 Trump 'Chickenhawks' Wouldn't Last in His Civil War, Kinzinger Says Newsweek 3 months ago
82 GOP Rep. Kinzinger receives chilling threat against him, wife and 5-month-old son New York Post 2 months ago
83 Watch: GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger chokes up at Jan. 6 hearing Axios 1 year ago
84 Kinzinger: It's 'possible' some GOP colleagues are responsible for Jan. 6 attack ABC News 8 months ago
85 Kinzinger: Execution threats over Jan. 6 panel show ‘depravity of what’s existing out there’ The Hill 2 months ago
86 Congressman Adam Kinzinger releases recordings of threatening calls to his office CBS News 1 month ago
87 Adam Kinzinger: Republicans Are 'Frigging Crazy' The Atlantic 11 months ago
88 Impeachment Republican Wins Primary With Weakened Advantage The Epoch Times 1 day ago
89 Rep. Adam Kinzinger Teases More Information in Upcoming Jan. 6 Hearings TheWrap 1 month ago
90 Adam Kinzinger: new evidence against Trump in Jan. 6 investigation Chicago Tribune 1 month ago
91 GOP member of Jan. 6 committee warns that more violence is coming The Washington Post 2 months ago
92 Move Against Liz Cheney Shows Donald Trump 'Must Be Scared': Adam Kinzinger Newsweek 6 months ago
93 Adam Kinzinger Accuses GOP of 'Profiting on Populism,' Says 'Focus' Is 'Raising Money' Newsweek 7 months ago
94 Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger slam GOP, Trump over Ukraine crisis Axios 6 months ago
95 Rep. Kinzinger defends calling Cheney's challengers 'armpit farters' Insider 1 month ago
96 GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger calls for U.S.-enforced no-fly zone over Ukraine The Week 5 months ago
97 Book review of The Destructionists: The Twenty-Five-Year Crack-Up of the Republican Party by Dana Milbank The Washington Post 2 days ago
98 Kinzinger: 'Not confident' Meadows gave all documents to Jan. 6 panel Business Insider 4 months ago
99 Adam Kinzinger Scolds Kevin McCarthy After Latest Jan. 6 Trump Tape Newsweek 3 months ago
100 Kinzinger Slams McCarthy's Silence on Crenshaw Confrontation Newsweek 2 months ago