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1 Biogen's Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm slowly gaining steam among prescribing neurologists, study finds
2 Woodcock Calls for HHS OIG Investigation Into Aduhelm Approval
3 Experts: More research needed before treating patients with controversial Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm
4 Aduhelm backlash imperils FDA reviews of ultra-rare disease drugs
5 Biogen's Aduhelm label far exceeds clinical trial population, study says. That could bring real-world surprises
6 Aduhelm Alzheimer's Drug FAQ | Aducanumab
7 House Committees Demand F.D.A. Records on Alzheimer’s Drug Approval
8 Data on FDA's Aduhelm Approval for Alzheimer's Sought by US Congress
9 Aduhelm Approval Reverberates Through Research | ALZFORUM
10 Aduhelm safety: the data gap on aducanumab's brain swelling side effect
11 Biogen Chains Eight Bearish Sessions And Is Worth 6600 Million Less – PR News Blog
12 Biogen Provides Free Aduhelm as U.S. Clinics Await Medicare Payment
13 Congress “concerned by apparent anomalies” around FDA's approval of Aduhelm
14 'You have to have hope': York man begins Adulhelm for early onset Alzheimer's
15 Biogen’s New Alzheimer’s Drug Beyond Reach for Many Patients
16 Alzheimer's patients are in limbo as hospitals, insurers weigh Aduhelm
17 Q&A: Use of amyloid surrogate endpoint in Aduhelm approval sets 'dangerous' precedent
18 Ohio Clinic Says It Won't Administer Alzheimer's Drug to Patients
19 Biogen providing Aduhelm for free while waiting for Medicare coverage decision
20 Listen: Verily's moment of truth & Aduhelm's rocky rollout
21 After Aduhelm fallout, FDA veteran Woodcock out of running for commish job: report
22 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge advocacy group calls for speedy FDA approval of Amylyx now-pending drug
23 Early Sales of Biogen's Alzheimer Drug Remain Unclear
24 What Is Aduhelm and How Does It Fight Alzheimer's?
25 Most Alzheimer's Patients Wouldn't Have Qualified for Controversial Drug's Trial: Study
26 FDA approval of new Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm, developed in part by Brown researchers, mired in controversy
27 FDA Limits the Use of Aduhelm After Criticisms of Broad Approval
28 FDA approves Aduhelm, first new drug for Alzheimer's in 20 years, despite questions
29 6 ways the FDA's approval of Aduhelm does more harm than good
30 Some Stakeholders Put the Breaks on Alzheimer's Drug
31 Aduhelm For Alzheimer's: Who Should Get It? : Shots
32 Many Alzheimer’s Experts Say Use of Aduhelm Should Be Sharply Limited
33 Controversy, Confusion & More Resignations Over FDA's Approval and Broad Labeling on Alzheimer's Drug Aduhelm
34 Congress to Investigate Aduhelm Approval
35 Citing 'less-than-optimal' outcomes for Roche's Evrysdi, Biogen launches high-dose Spinraza trial
36 Researchers Identify Achilles' Heel of Amyloid Beta Peptides
37 Unpacking the controversy over Aduhelm, newest approved Alzheimer's disease drug
38 Aduhelm Could Breathe New Life Into Alzheimer’s Diagnostics Such As Amyvid
39 New Alzheimer’s Drug: What Doctors Want You to Know About Aduhelm
40 Despite controversy, Biogen's Aduhelm is already generating enthusiasm among doctors: survey
41 New Questions Raised About Costs, Coverage for Aducanumab : Neurology Today
42 Aduhelm For Alzheimer's: Cause For Hope? : Shots
43 Aduhelm OK Engulfed by Controversy
44 #AAIC21 – Aduhelm Shows Range of Benefits in EMERGE
45 FDA approves much-debated Alzheimer's drug panned by experts
46 Roche Is Discussing Alzheimer’s Drug With FDA Following Regulator’s Controversial Approval Of Biogen’s Aduhelm, CEO Says
47 FlexCare Infusion Centers is one of first in Oklahoma to pro...
48 After controversial approval, doctors are still debating how to use Biogen's Alzheimer's drug
49 EMERGE study analysis shows Aduhelm slows decline in early Alzheimer's disease
50 #AAIC21 – Analyses Support Aduhelm's Cognitive Effects in Alzheimer's
51 Biogen's controversial Alzheimer's med Aduhelm turned away by VA on efficacy and safety worries
52 #AAIC21
53 That $56000 price on Biogen's Aduhelm? It doesn't factor waste that could total $2B annually: expert
54 Rival Drugs of Biogen's Aduhelm May Help Prove FDA's Highly Criticized Approval
55 HHS extends probes into FDA's approval process of Aduhelm
56 Aduhelm Label Update Clarifies Patient Population Studied in Trials
57 Pharma's uphill messaging battle over drug prices
58 VA leaves Aduhelm off coverage list, recommending against controversial Alzheimer's drug
59 'Some Hope Over No Hope:' A Retired Doctor on Alzheimer's Diagnosis and the Aduhelm Trial
60 On heels of Aduhelm approval, Bristol Myers jumps back into Alzheimer's race
61 Harvard's Kesselheim quits AdComm over FDA's Aduhelm approval
62 Scoop: VA decides against adding Biogen's Aduhelm to its formulary as PBM shuns controversial Alzheimer's drug
63 Listen: Futuristic prosthetics, a treatment for ALS, & Holmes trial intrigue
64 Initial Launch Execution Fails to Impress for Biogen's Aduhelm
65 Senior Living: Doctors weigh pros and cons of prescribing new Alzheimer’s drug
66 Aduhelm approval amplifies amyloid assays | Evaluate
67 Washington Healthcare Update
68 Final ICER report still negative on on Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm
69 From Pfizer to Argenx: A look at potential blockbusters awaiting FDA decisions this year
70 Amylyx preps filing for its ALS drug after FDA feedback
71 Roche mulling quick filing for a tarnished Alzheimer's drug as controversial Aduhelm OK electrifies the field — analyst
72 Ensuring Timely, Appropriate And Equitable Access To Aduhelm
73 Controversy Surrounding Aduhelm's Approval Leads Researchers to Rethink Long Standing Hypothesis Driving Alzheimer's Research
74 Biogen Alzheimer's Drug Aduhelm Shouldn't Have FDA Approval
75 Aduhelm: FDA head calls for review of Alzheimer's drug
76 Q&A: Aduhelm 'should not be used' for off-label treatment of cerebral amyloid angiopathy
77 Retired neurologist with Alzheimer's knows firsthand the risks of Aduhelm
78 Poll: Most primary care docs disagree with FDA approval of Aduhelm
79 AMDA: Don't prescribe Aduhelm to long-term care residents without more testing
80 What′s the deal with Aduhelm? | Science | In-depth reporting on science and technology
81 Vanqua Bio snags $85M series B to vanquish Parkinson's, Gaucher, ALS and Alzheimer's
82 Biogen Struggles in Selling Alzheimer's Drug: Watch This One Instead
83 COVID-19 And Alzheimer's : Short Wave
84 FDA Update: Keytruda and Aduhelm News Leads the Week
85 FDA's expansive Aduhelm approval surprised even top agency officials
86 Denali's Hunter syndrome data fail to impress, but 'Aduhelm-lenient' FDA could still approve
87 A Closer Look at the Pricing Strategy Behind Biogen's Aduhelm
88 Biogen: Aduhelm Price Is Part Of Alzheimer's 'Evolution'
89 Biogen Aduhelm Approval Clarifies FDA's Alzheimer's Standard, Bristol-Myers Says
90 What We're Reading: Health Systems Reject Aduhelm; Overdose Deaths Surge During Pandemic; J&J Recalls Sunscreen
91 Recon: FDA and Biogen's Aduhelm back channel; FDA rejects MediWound burn treatment
92 US FDA approves Biogen's 'Aduhelm' for Alzheimer’s disease, first new drug in nearly 20 years
93 Doctors face dilemma on whether to recommend new Alzheimer's treatment
94 Biogen, FDA narrow label of new Alzheimer's drug
95 If the FDA approves aducanumab, I won't prescribe it
96 Chutes & Ladders—FDA nod for Biogen's Aduhelm sees trio of AdComm members hit the exit
97 Meet the Board: David Calabrese of OptumRx Talks Wellbeing, Aduhelm and Biosimilars in the Market
98 Aduhelm Observational Study Will Spur Debate On Utility of Real-World Evidence For mABs In Alzheimer's
99 Anthem still determining what to do with Aduhelm
100 Facing Headwinds on New Alzheimer’s Drug, Biogen Launches Controversial Campaign