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1 Combined Metabolic Activators Accelerates Recovery in Mild‐to‐Moderate COVID‐19
2 Responsive skin makes better robot helpers
3 Wearable brain-machine interface turns intentions into actions
4 Delivering CRISPR gene-editing therapy: What's holding us back?
5 DeepMind used to create the most complete database of predicted 3D protein structures
6 'Advanced' Nuclear Reactors? Don't Hold Your Breath
7 DOE Provides $28 Million To Advance Scientific Discovery Using Supercomputers
8 Swarm of autonomous tiny drones to localize gas leaks
9 Nitrous oxide – Not a laughing matter
10 Smart textiles that teach
11 Precision makes perfect
12 Pop-up furniture — no assembly required
13 A wobbly moon will increase coastal flooding in the 2030s
14 What is the Internet of Things?
15 UT Austin Mourns Death of World-Renowned Physicist Steven Weinberg
16 Model with unprecedented detail to study the blood–brain barrier
17 Magnetically-guided delivery of therapeutic stem cells into the brain
18 Organic solar cell demonstrates 18% power conversion
19 Degradable microrobots could help deliver cells within the body
20 Phil and Penny Knight Pour Another $500 Million into Advanced Science Center at the U. of Oregon
21 Vivek Ramachandran, Author at Advanced Science News
22 DOE Announces $127 Million For Small Business Research And Development Grants
23 A new theory to explain the transparency of metallic oxides
24 A new look at color displays
25 Feinstein, Luján, Colleagues Urging Senate Leadership to Invest in National Lab Infrastructure
26 Mentoring and Inclusion Are Top Priority for 50 New Gilliam Fellows and Their Advisers
27 Teachers get charged up at RHIT science & math camp
28 Buttoned up biomolecules: A click reaction for living systems
29 Nanotechnology, ultra advanced science of new century: Aswathy Radhakrishnan
30 Advanced microscopy shines light on new CRISPR-Cas system | Cornell Chronicle
31 Jumping Spiders on tiny treadmills reveal advanced, ancient ability
32 DoE Invests $28M in Supercomputing R&D to Meet Clean Energy Goals
33 SBU Receives Empire State Development Life Science Entrepreneur Development Grant | | SBU News
34 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists Announce the 2021 Laureates | The New York Academy of Sciences
35 Preparing for Exascale: Argonne's Aurora to Accelerate Discoveries in Particle Physics at CERN
36 What are mRNA vaccines?
37 Europe's deadly floods leave scientists stunned
38 Coherent manipulation of a spin qubit
39 Better photothermal therapy to improve bladder cancer survival
40 Andrea Alù Named Blavatnik National Awards Laureate for Nano-Optics, Materials Advancements
41 Space travel for the masses? Don't be ridiculous
42 Smoke forecasting not an exact science | Serving Minden-Gardnerville and Carson Valley
43 DOE Funds 5 Supercomputer Research Projects to Advance Quantum, Chemical Studies; Secretary Jennifer Granholm Quoted
44 DOE Invests $13M in Research on Adapting Software for Exascale
45 Expanding American Sign Language's scientific vocabulary
46 Press Release | Press Releases | Newsroom | US Senator Chuck Schumer of New York
47 SERB, GE India announce collaboration for promoting advanced technology research
48 Dept. of Energy awards $4.15M to Argonne National Lab to support work with industry
49 Southwestern Community College students, staff excited to use new $23 million science lab
50 Outstanding Mount Sinai Doctoral Student Receives a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship to Support Diversity and Inclusion in Science
51 What We Can Learn from Studying UFOs
52 Olympic Medical Center hires advanced practice registered nurse
53 Chemical reactions break free from energy barriers using flyby trajectories
54 New motor imagery-based BMI system turns intentions into actions
55 PEARC21 Panel Reviews Eight New NSF-Funded HPC Systems Debuting in 2021
56 Beckman neuroscientists uncover neuronal circuitry controlling auditory sensory perception
57 Locascio Nominated to Return to NIST as Director
58 Tokyo's troubled Olympics offers taste of problems to come
59 Wearable BMI With VR Aims To Help People With Motor Dysfunction, Paralysis
60 BioSwitch Advanced Reviews – How Does BioSwitch Advanced Drops Work For Weight Loss?
61 Metabolic activators can reduce recovery time in patients with mild-to-moderate Covid-19
62 Main Attraction: Scientists Create World's Thinnest Magnet
63 New consortium launched to advance anti-tuberculosis science
64 Bunny the "talking dog" is reporting her dreams, opening up a scientific debate
65 Mid-Study Peek at Merck's Once-A-Month HIV Preventative Shows Promise
66 Robert Kreahling Jr.
67 Hinckley Virtual Anatomy Lab a home run for health sciences
68 Mathematicians Prove Symmetry of Phase Transitions
69 Disagreement May Be a Way to Make Online Content Spread Faster, Further
70 Recent Departure of Long Time Exercise Science and Athletic Training Department Faculty
71 New insights can guide precise personalized hepatocellular carcinoma medicine
72 Element Biosciences Bolsters Leadership Team to Advance Development and Commercialization of DNA Sequencing Platform
73 New insights into immune responses to malaria
74 Rapid and Repetitive Inactivation of SARS‐CoV‐2 and Human Coronavirus on Self‐Disinfecting Anionic Polymers
75 Curious Minds program encourages girls to pursue careers in STEM
76 Editors of MIT Technology Review name Argonne’s Jie Xu as a 2021 Innovator Under 35
77 Professional rugby may be associated with changes in brain structure, study finds
78 Health care grads earning higher degrees, but worker shortages remain
79 Nuclear power’s reliability is dropping as extreme weather increases
80 All-Academic accolades for Arkansas team, 12 individuals
81 Keep your friends close, cortisol levels low for life
82 Digital CRISPR/Cas‐Assisted Assay for Rapid and Sensitive Detection of SARS‐CoV‐2
83 Dairy Dialog podcast 143: Adventa Bioscience, Change Foods, Tate & Lyle
84 DeepMind's Lila Ibrahim: 'It's hard not to go through imposter syndrome'
85 New Organ-On-A-Chip Finds Crucial Interaction Between Blood, Ovarian Cancer Tumors
86 Scientists set their sights on new catalyst technology to help achieve net zero
87 André Isaacs: "Be okay with making mistakes"
88 Supercomputer-Generated Models Provide Better Understanding of Esophageal Disorders
89 Things to do in Denver this weekend, July 23-25
90 There Are Few Good COVID Antivirals, but That Could Be Changing
91 North West England primed to become advanced manufacturing hub with new government funding
92 Intercellular coupling between peripheral circadian oscillators by TGF-β signaling
93 Supporting Countries in Nuclear Forensics at the Re-designated IAEA Collaborating Centre in Hungary | IAEA
94 Tiny organisms shed big light on ocean nutrients
95 Deconstructing the Infectious Machinery of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus | Berkeley Lab
96 Changing research field from astrophysics to neuroscience – Physics World
97 Scientists develop new method of diagnosing TB from skin
98 Cytokines: From Clinical Significance to Quantification
99 University of Tokyo: UTokyo advances quantum computing in Japan with IBM partnership
100 Cascaded metasurfaces for dynamic control of THz wavefronts