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1 Afghanistan: UK's withdrawal a disaster, inquiry concludes BBC 4 hours ago
2 Pinpointing What Went Wrong in the Collapse of Afghanistan The Dispatch 19 hours ago
3 Afghanistan's new poor line up for aid to survive as food crisis bites CNN 2 days ago
4 Afghanistan: Taliban Forcing On-Air Female Journalists to Cover Faces Human Rights Watch 10 hours ago
5 Davos updates | Urgent need in Afghanistan is saving economy Star Tribune 10 hours ago
6 Afghanistan war rekindles, claiming lives and sending civilians fleeing as Taliban battles Panjshir valley resistance CBS News 8 days ago
7 Facebook Bans Head of Afghanistan's Red Crescent Society The Intercept 2 days ago
8 Biden redeployed troops to Somalia. Could Afghanistan someday be next? Washington Examiner 19 hours ago
9 Taliban dissolves Afghanistan's human rights commission, says it was "not considered necessary" CBS News 7 days ago
10 As crisis grips Afghanistan, the Taliban tighten their draconian rule PBS NewsHour 15 days ago
11 Strategic challenges for the Taliban around Afghanistan Observer Research Foundation 19 hours ago
12 India shouldn’t retain ties with Afghanistan’s previous rulers, says Taliban leader Shaheen ThePrint 1 day ago
13 Deconstructed Podcast: US Is Stealing Afghanistan's Money The Intercept 11 days ago
14 Afghanistan: Nearly 20 million going hungry | | UN News UN News 15 days ago
15 Amnesty International calls global response to Afghanistan's restrictions on women disappointing ANI News 6 hours ago
16 But My Soul Is In Afghanistan Georgia State University News 7 days ago
17 Russia's Death Toll in Ukraine Already the Same as 10 Years in Afghanistan Newsweek 21 hours ago
18 West Sacramento high school student from Afghanistan drowns in American River KCRA Sacramento 9 hours ago
19 Pakistan Reaps What It Sowed Foreign Affairs Magazine 24 hours ago
20 Afghanistan situation: Emergency preparedness and response in Iran, 15 May 2022 Iran (Islamic Republic of) 7 hours ago
21 Afghanistan: US envoy meets with Taliban foreign minister, stresses women's rights EconoTimes 19 hours ago
22 Afghanistan Can't Pay Its Biggest Electricity Suppliers 2 days ago
23 Afghanistan launches polio vaccination targeting 9.9 mln children Xinhua 20 hours ago
24 How to help Afghanistan's hunger crisis CNN 6 days ago
25 First on CNN: US left behind $7 billion of military equipment in Afghanistan after 2021 withdrawal, Pentagon report says CNN 26 days ago
26 Blasts cut power to millions in Afghanistan before Eid holiday Al Jazeera English 24 days ago
27 Can China Keep Its Investments and Citizens Safe in Afghanistan? Foreign Policy 21 days ago
28 Taliban’s power challenged by Afghan National Resistance Front, ISIS-K Fox News 21 days ago
29 TPS Grant for Afghanistan Goes Into Effect on May 20, 2022 The National Law Review 3 days ago
30 Deadly mosque explosion 'another painful blow to the people of Afghanistan' UN News 25 days ago
31 UN human rights experts urge United States to ease Afghanistan assets freeze UN News 29 days ago
32 Afghanistan will not tolerate 'invasions,' defense minister says Reuters 30 days ago
33 Eid under the Taliban shows a changed Afghanistan The Indian Express 15 days ago
34 Heavy rain and floods in Afghanistan kill 22, destroy hundreds of homes Reuters 19 days ago
35 Opinion: In Afghanistan, darkness reigns as the Taliban rule The Globe and Mail 24 days ago
36 Taliban call meeting of tribal elders, Islamic scholars as Afghanistan slips into crises Times of India 14 days ago
37 Feature: Afghan refugees hold US responsible for worsening security, economy in Afghanistan 13 hours ago
38 Some Taliban-affiliated clerics call for end of ban on teen girl schooling : Goats and Soda NPR 19 days ago
39 Uzbeks Say Aircraft Flown From Afghanistan Are US Property Voice of America 25 days ago
40 Afghanistan women's national team plays first competitive match in exile ESPN 28 days ago
41 Russia's war in Ukraine: Live updates CNN 4 hours ago
42 US intelligence community launches review following Ukraine and Afghanistan intel failings CNN 11 days ago
43 Afghanistan's Free Fall Sparks Accelerating Humanitarian Crisis Bloomberg 21 days ago
44 The forever war in Afghanistan is nowhere near its end. Now IS indulging in ethnic warfare ThePrint 30 days ago
45 Uzbekistan Seeks to Engage Taliban Without Alienating West Voice of America 20 days ago
46 ISIS claims responsibility for string of deadly attacks across Afghanistan The Week 23 days ago
47 Afghanistan: Taliban issues 15 Article Bill over return of political, military figures ANI News 1 day ago
48 Afghanistan: "The health needs today are absolutely huge" MSF UK 12 hours ago
49 Inside Afghanistan's booming meth industry The Washington Post 22 days ago
50 Humanitarian assistance from the Government of Bangladesh for the people of Afghanistan 16 hours ago
51 3 Lantos Human Rights Prize Winners Vow to Work for Women in Afghanistan Voice of America 12 hours ago
52 Afghanistan: Three people sustain injury in Kabul blast ANI News 2 days ago
53 Is Ukraine Becoming Europe’s Afghanistan? Daily Times 1 day ago
54 Islamic State in Afghanistan Looks to Recruit Regional Tajiks, Inflict Violence Against Tajikistan The Diplomat 25 days ago
55 Research Terms of Reference Shelter Assessment 2019, AFG1904 Afghanistan (November 2019 V3) 3 days ago
56 Taliban stops issuing driving licences to women in Afghanistan: Report Hindustan Times 19 days ago
57 ‘The Taliban know they need us’: the Afghan hospitals run by women The Guardian 14 days ago
58 Far From Home: The Afghans Aiding Afghanistan The Diplomat 20 days ago
59 Self-exiled Afghanistan journalists left in lurch in Pakistan Pakistan Today 20 hours ago
60 Afghanistan's supreme leader says Taliban has achieved 'victory, freedom and success' Daily Mail 23 days ago
61 Explained: Why did Pakistan launch airstrikes on Afghanistan? The Indian Express 20 days ago
62 From Ukraine War, Afghanistan Crisis to Covid Jab Cooperation, How Quad Has Come a Long Way News18 23 hours ago
63 The ARCS Distributed Aid To 300 Families In Baghlan Province Afghanistan 3 days ago
64 World Report 2022: Afghanistan Human Rights Watch 4 months ago
65 What's next for Afghanistan? Two experts make predictions The Conversation Indonesia 6 months ago
66 'Intelligence failure of the highest order' — How Afghanistan fell to the Taliban so quickly CNBC 9 months ago
67 They managed to escape Afghanistan. But their 2-year-old is still stuck in Kabul. NBC News 5 months ago
68 Nonstate threats in the Taliban’s Afghanistan Brookings Institution 4 months ago
69 Secretary Mayorkas Designates Afghanistan for Temporary Protected Status Homeland Security 2 months ago
70 Taliban take over Afghanistan: What we know and what's next The Associated Press 9 months ago
71 Afghanistan six months on from the Taliban takeover – photo essay The Guardian 3 months ago
72 August 31 Afghanistan-Taliban news CNN 9 months ago
73 A Year After Biden's Announcement, Afghanistan Is Now Someone Else's Problem | Opinion Newsweek 1 month ago
74 US watchdog warned Afghanistan's air force would collapse after withdrawal NPR 4 months ago
75 World can end 'downward humanitarian spiral' of Afghanistan UN News 2 months ago
76 Remarks by President Biden on Afghanistan The White House 9 months ago
77 A Timeline Of Afghanistan's 4 Decades Of Instability NPR 9 months ago
78 What’s happening in Afghanistan? 9 months ago
79 Afghanistan: UN launches largest single country aid appeal ever UN News 4 months ago
80 In Afghanistan, Burning Our Past to Protect Our Future Human Rights Watch 3 months ago
81 What's Happening with Afghanistan's Assets? Lawfare 3 months ago
82 He lives in fear under Taliban rule in Afghanistan. His brother made it out NBC News 3 months ago
83 Biden was wrong on Afghanistan Brookings Institution 7 months ago
84 Taliban seizes cities across Afghanistan as U.S. readies final withdrawal NBC News 10 months ago
85 Rebels hold out in Afghan valley as Taliban set up government in Kabul Reuters 9 months ago
86 Pakistan calls on Muslim countries to help Afghanistan NBC News 5 months ago
87 Documents reveal U.S. military's frustration with White House, diplomats over Afghanistan evacuation The Washington Post 3 months ago
88 80 Americans still want to leave Afghanistan but evacuation flights remain grounded CNN 4 months ago
89 Afghanistan: Government collapse marked by 'repeated war crimes and relentless bloodshed' – new report Amnesty International 5 months ago
90 Afghanistan Meant Nothing Washington Monthly 9 months ago
91 In Afghanistan, ‘people selling babies, young girls to survive’ Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
92 Reporters Afghanistan: Inside the Taliban's Emirate 5 months ago
93 How You Can Help People in Afghanistan TIME 9 months ago
94 U.S. ends 20-year war in Afghanistan with final evacuation flights out of Kabul CNBC 9 months ago
95 August 15, 2021, Afghanistan-Taliban news CNN 9 months ago
96 Afghanistan | Our Work & How to Help Doctors Without Borders (MSF-USA) 2 months ago
97 23 Million in Afghanistan Don't Have Enough Food to Eat, But Americans Don't Really Care Esquire 4 months ago
98 Afghanistan arrests ISIS leader after string of attacks The Washington Post 1 month ago
99 Taliban reverses decision, barring Afghan girls from attending school beyond 6th grade NPR 2 months ago
100 The media spotlight on Afghanistan is fading fast – but the agony of its people is far from over The Guardian 2 months ago