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1 The meaning of South Africa's most popular magazine
2 'Cleansed by the Torah': why these Afrikaners converted to Judaism and moved to Israel
3 AWB labelled hate group on secretive Facebook blacklist
4 LISTEN: They were devout Christians in South Africa. Then they discovered Judaism and moved to Israel
5 Lesufi vs FF Plus: Petition to shield Afrikaner enclave after ‘Orania will go’ tweet
6 Young Afrikaner ANC candidate wants to leave a dent in DA support
7 What genetic analysis reveals about the ancestry of South Africa's Afrikaners
8 African literature is authentic regardless of who produces it
9 South African Afrikaners Group Trains Farmers in Self-Defense
10 Damon Galgut: 'There's something jagged and incoherent about the South African psyche'
11 'For us, Mandela was just another terrorist' | Opinion
12 Declaration of the Afrikaner
13 ‘Bad Sport’ on the money with sporting world’s biggest scandals
14 A perspective on the Afrikaner talks with the Mbeki Foundation
15 The prevailing myth of Afrikaner self-reliance
16 Mayihlome Tshwete | Where are you, ANC? We are in an economic crisis
17 Is the dream of a new South Africa still possible?
18 Namibia: Afrikaner an Advocate for Restorative Justice
19 WATCH | EFF in tense stand-off with Pretoria residents, Afrikaner group at old age home
20 Why so many Afrikaner tycoons have risen so remarkably over the past 30 years
21 Afrikaner an advocate for restorative justice
22 Thabo Mbeki Foundation/Afrikaner summit sets out priorities critical to social cohesion and economic development | Citypress
23 Afrikaner of Afrikaner Traditional Authority dies
24 Sipho Masondo | What the ANC and black people can learn from the NP and Afrikaners
25 Things Get Heated Between EFF And Afrikaner 'Bittereinders' [Video]
26 What if there had been no South Africa? (II)
27 Melanie Verwoerd | Is the Freedom Front Plus making the laager bigger?
28 The parable of the lost Afrikaner son
29 Orania is being used to score cheap political points: what you said about Lesufi's vow to shut down town
30 A death warrant for the Afrikaner
31 Transnational White Supremacist Militancy Thriving in South Africa
32 Afrikaner Economic Empowerment: Ten lessons
33 The Booker Prize 2021 shortlist: a reading guide
34 What role did South Africa play in WWII? — Quartz Africa
35 How Nelson Mandela Used Rugby as a Symbol of South African Unity
36 Afrikaans: A language as indigenous to SA as its first people
37 A history of South African Nazis
38 How art helped construct Afrikaner nationalism in apartheid South Africa
39 Corruption will be rooted out if EFF governs Mangaung Metro: Malema
40 Afrikaner Neil De Beer on why he fought apartheid, and is now fighting the ANC
41 OPINION: Boers can't call themselves Afrikaners as if they're a super ethnic group above Africans
42 Over 98% of Afrikaners have slave or Khoisan DNA in genetic makeup
43 How Afrikaner identity could be re-imagined in a post-apartheid world
44 PROFILE | Electoral analyst Dawie Scholtz: 'The most uncertain elections since democracy'
45 Mandela would be proud of me, says black FF+ candidate
46 Benchmarks: October 11, 1899: Second Boer War begins, fueled by discovery of gold
47 Why Afrikaner affirmative action was more effective than BEE
48 Inside the all-white 'Apartheid town' of Orania, South Africa
49 South Africa's Afrikaners should ignore Afriforum even as Trump tweets — Quartz Africa
50 Tribute
51 We need Nelson Mandela's example more than ever today. How the South African leader's radical empathy can help the US today
52 BOOKS: Inside story: Publishing the book that rocked the Afrikaner elite
53 How South Africa’s elites are stunting the economy and democracy
54 Choosing Afrikaners for extensive beef production
55 The first-ever dictionary of South Africa's Kaaps language has launched -- why it matters
56 The ancestry of one Afrikaner
57 Constitutional Court resets the narrative on Afrikaans
58 Elections 2021: FF Plus 'supports the strive towards independence for the Cape'
59 Court hears 'confessions' in Koës farm murder trial
60 ANALYSIS | No shame, no remorse: How Afrikaners are dealing with their apartheid past
61 VERWOERD ASSASSIN: Mozambique honours Dimitri Tsafendas, while SACP vows to erect tombstone
62 Afrikaner farmer finds 'promised land' in Louisiana
63 TALKING POINT | I found my white Afrikaner identity by studying history
64 Global white supremacy cult: How the South African radical Right bolsters US extremism
65 South Africa's white far-right outcasts are finding friends on Facebook
66 Melanie Verwoerd | Don't do stupid sh*t (if you really care about Afrikaner culture)
67 More than an oppressor's language: reclaiming the hidden history of Afrikaans
68 Extract | ‘Breakthrough’ by Mac Maharaj and Z Pallo Jordan
69 The Last White Africans – Foreign Policy
70 All about the Namaqua Afrikaner
71 Afrikaners are black
72 When Georgia invited South African farmers to revive its agriculture sector
73 Land reform isn't a threat, South Africa's Ramaphosa tells white Afrikaners
74 Eric Williams and the Tangled History of Capitalism and Slavery
75 How a Right-Wing South African Group Incites a New Wave of White Fear | Time
76 The rise and fall of South Africa's far right
77 UNPO: Afrikaners: Inhabitants of Kleinfontein Want to Re-Integrate into South African Society
78 "A place to call our own": Mozambican slave descendants fight for snatched South African land
79 Ebbe Dommisse on SA's "Boere billionaires"
80 As Afrikaners we were scared of what Mandela would do to us – how wrong we were
81 Freedom Front Plus and political leader identity
82 Afrikaners and the Second World War
83 Mpumelelo Mkhabela | Smuts dethroned: A deserving end?
84 The sad extinction of the South African white Afrikaner
85 Winner of the 2021 Sargeson Prize
86 What would Israeli identity look like without Zionism?
87 Welcome to Kleinfontein, lingering outpost of apartheid South Africa
88 Inside Orania, South Africa's whites-only town
89 It is critical to understand the difference between the...
90 Netflix show features white Afrikaner group preparing for 'revolution'
91 MEC Panyaza Lesufi: ‘Orania will go, you can scream and shout as you wish’
92 Johan Pienaar: AfriForum Has Captured Afrikaner Identity
93 Killing of White Farmer Becomes a Flash Point in South Africa
94 Afrikaner singer chains herself to vandalised South African statue
95 Why Russia is wooing South Africa’s white farmers
96 10 Afrikaners apologise for apartheid
97 Scientists find genetic mutation responsible for rare skin disease in Afrikaners: Scientists have discovered the genetic mutation that causes the rare skin disease, keratolytic winter erythema (KWE), or 'Oudtshoorn skin', in Afrikaners
98 Zulu king backs Afrikaners in fight against Cyril Ramaphosa's land grab
99 Black people should learn from how Afrikaners went from poor whites to economic prosperity
100 Politicians, Not Bureaucrats, Impede South African Civil Service Reform