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1 African-Colombian moonshine gets official seal of approval as heritage drink
2 Colombians cling tenaciously to peace gains, Security Council hears
3 Seeing Cartagena, Colombia, Through the Eyes of Gabriel García Márquez
4 Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Expert – Colombia
5 Where to Explore Latino Murals in DC
6 Press release on the UN Secretary-General's quarterly report to the Security Council on the UN Verification Mission in Colombia S/2021/824
7 Afro-Colombians Protest Violence and Government Neglect in Buenaventura
8 5 Artists From The African Diaspora Making Waves in Latin Music 5 Artists From The African Diaspora Making Waves in Latin Music
9 A look into child trafficking in Colombia
10 Chocquibtown, the Voice of Afro-Colombian Identity
11 Latin America is the deadliest region for environmental activists.
12 Reclaiming Colombia’s Black history, one tour at a time
13 We Are All "First Liners"
14 Afro-Colombian activist works to lift of Black community
15 Analysis: How free trade has harmed Colombia’s Black communities
16 A German Jewish (and Latinx) perspective on Hispanic Heritage Month
17 20 years after Durban: Africans and Afro-descendants still colonized or emancipated?
18 Afro-Colombian women are risking their lives to defend their communities
19 Colombia is systematically killing off its black citizens | Opinion
20 INTERVIEW: Why I'm interested in Nigerian literature
21 Gustavo Petro: ‘Colombia doesn’t need socialism, it needs democracy and peace’
22 In Colombia’s mass protests, Indigenous and Black activists find echoes of colonial history
23 In a lawless Colombian city, gang violence and 'structural racism' collide
24 For Afro-Colombians, the 2016 Peace Treaty Brought No Peace
25 These Colombian Civil Rights Activists Are Fighting to Make Sure Afro-Colombians are Counted in the Census
26 Colombian city beset by crime declares 'Black Lives Matter'
27 How Afro-Colombians Are Standing up Against Racial Violence
28 From Palenque to the Buenaventura strike: the long-standing battle of Afro-Colombians
29 Afro-Colombians face surge in racial violence
30 Podcast: Another Colombia is possible — they hope
31 Racism, Exclusion and State Violence: The Brutal Repression of Peaceful Protest in Colombia
32 Howard University Strengthens Academic and Community Efforts in Colombia with HU-COL Avanza
33 Why Colombians are taking to the streets to protest state violence
34 In Honor of Colombia's Independence, 10 Afro-Colombian Artists You Should Know
35 How Colombia erased its first and only president of African descent from history
36 Protesters in Colombia turn to town hall meetings for solutions
37 Opinion | Colombia Protests: How Biden Can Help
38 Colombia coronavirus: Pandemic gutted Latin America's middle class
39 Rural Colombian groups seek help from new US gov’t amid violence
40 What Happens Next With the Protests Roiling Colombia
41 Peaceful and Productive Atrato
42 Policy recommendations: the Peace Accord
43 PGO
44 Afro-Colombian Leaders: Recognition of Race and the Struggle to Realize Change
45 Afro-Colombian Music Offers Youths A Rhythmic Alternative To Drug Gangs
46 This Democrat Is Vying for a Powerful Foreign Affairs Role. His Ties To Right-Wing Groups in Colombia Could Haunt Him.
47 Colombians Are in the Streets Against a Violent Neoliberal Order
48 The Colombian exiles seeking refuge in Spain
49 How the Colombian Government Keeps Afro-Colombians Poor
50 Colombian Authorities Must Seek Justice for Brutal Massacre of 5 Afro-Colombian Teenagers
51 The Invisible War Against Afro-Colombians
52 A Decade After US-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement, Cities Face Worse Gang Violence and Abuse
53 Happy Colombian Independence Day. Let's Reflect on Afro-Colombians in History.
54 Francia Márquez, Renowned Afro-Colombian Activist: What Environmental Racism Means To Me
55 Books that Will Teach You About Afro-Latinx History
56 After Decades of Oppression, Colombian Women Lead Front Lines of National Strike
57 At the Petronio Álvarez Music Festival, Afro-Colombians Seek to Heal War Wounds Through Music
58 The queer and trans activists on the forefront of Bogotá’s protests
59 Reflections on Afro-Colombian culture
60 Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Communities Seek Support From DC Officials as Incoming President Promises to Modify Peace Deal
61 Buenaventura: Colombia's port of the missing
62 Poor health outcomes amongst Afro-Colombians are driven by discrimination as well as economic disadvantage | LSE Latin America and Caribbean
63 Bogota crowdsources a green transport future to cut emissions
64 Colombia lost 3 million black people in census
65 Colombia Is in Revolt Against Neoliberalism
66 Colombian protests: Poverty and the pandemic collide with conflict and migration
67 Colombia Protests Spur Local Community Organizing | NACLA
68 Colombia: New Armed Groups Plague Afro-Colombian Zone
69 UNHCR Ecuador: Esmeraldas Field Office Factsheet, September 2021
70 All about Afro-Colombia
71 White supremacy in Colombia | Part 3: ‘the negroes multiply by themselves’
72 Five Black teens murdered in Colombia show the country's disregard for Afro Colombians
73 Duque's War in Colombia: High Stakes For UN, OAS, and Biden Administration as Human Rights Crisis Spins Out of Control
74 Cali takes on mantle of Colombia’s ‘capital of resistance’
75 Black Lives Matter comes to Colombia
76 An Indigenous protest movement emerges in Colombia
77 Pope Francis Reaches Out to Afro-Colombians, Calls for End to Modern Slavery
78 The Arab, Congolese, and Afro-Colombian roots of Shakira’s Super Bowl halftime show
79 In Colombia, a village preserves the memory of its African ancestors
80 Disney debuts trailer for its Latino-themed animated movie 'Encanto,' set in Colombia
81 Colombian police killed 86 people in 2020, report reveals
82 Four years after FARC peace deal, Colombia grapples with violence
83 Interview: Despite Escalating Assassinations, Colombian Farmworker Union Fights for the Right to the Land
84 Human Rights Investigators Probe Deadly Colombian Government Crackdown on Protests
85 Bomba Estéreo: Deja Album Review
86 Why Colombians are protesting
87 UN documents 375 killings in Colombia in 2020, urges Government action
88 Colombia's Strategy to Quell Protesters? Shoot at Their Eyes.
89 Feminist Political Movement Organizes for Change in Colombia
90 Colombians Don't Just Want a New Government — They Want an End to Neoliberalism
91 EXPLAINER: Why are people protesting across Colombia?
92 Indigenous People Are on Frontlines of Colombian Uprising
93 Why Colombia's social leaders are being murdered
94 Cimarrón Is the Women-Led Film Production Company Empowering Afro-Colombians to Tell Their Own Stories
95 At a Distance: Students and faculty express hope, concerns amid protests for change in Colombia
96 Afro-Colombian activists receive death threats for organizing
97 Afro-Colombians dispose of blackface TV character as African-American rep faces racial profiling
98 Protesting Violence in Cali: Chapter II
99 With international pressure mounting on the Colombian government, Canada stands at a crossroads
100 Progress, challenges as Colombia celebrates Afro-Colombian community