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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Biden Approves Plan to Redeploy Several Hundred Ground Forces Into Somalia The New York Times 2 hours ago
2 Al-Shabab attack on African Union forces in Somalia: What we know BBC 13 days ago
3 Somalia’s al-Shabab Islamic extremist group claims responsibility for bomb blast that kills at least 6 PBS NewsHour 24 days ago
4 Somalia: Somali Forces Detain Two Al-Shabaab Militants AllAfrica 14 hours ago
5 Al-Shabab Claims Mortar Attack on Somali Parliament Voice of America 29 days ago
6 Al-Shabab terrorists killed in army operation in southern Somalia Garowe Online 3 days ago
7 Alert: Reversing Trump, Biden signs order to deploy US troops to Somalia amid heightened concerns about al-Shabab extremists Jacksonville Journal-Courier 7 hours ago
8 Dutch Woman Convicted in US of Al-Shabab Fundraising U.S. News & World Report 13 days ago
9 Somalia elects Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as new president Al Jazeera English 20 hours ago
10 Hard Numbers: Malaysia ups palm oil exports, al-Shabab strikes in Somalia, split verdict on marital rape in India, journalist killed in West Bank GZERO Media 5 days ago
11 At Least Four Somalians Killed in Al-Shabab Suicide Attack Tasnim News Agency 5 days ago
12 Al Shabab down Air Force Club to move closer to knockout rounds 29 days ago
13 Bahebri hat-trick takes Al Shabab into Asian knockout rounds 25 days ago
14 Somali forces kill over 10 Al-Shabab fighters in central region Garowe Online 26 days ago
15 #ASDailyScoop: Somali state Special Forces, Intelligence say weapons cache buried by Al-Shabaab militants seized 4 days ago
16 ATMIS hands over seized weapons to Somalia amid onslaught against Al-Shabab 16 days ago
17 Al-Shabab Surge in Somalia’s Suicide Attacks 'Change of Tactics,' Experts Say Voice of America 2 months ago
18 Al-Shabab Collects Millions to Spend on Weapons, Report Finds VOA News 3 months ago
19 IntelBrief: Somalia Continues to Deteriorate as Al-Shabaab Gains Ground The Soufan Center 2 months ago
20 Somali intelligence says Al-Shabab plans to target president, PM Al Jazeera English 1 month ago
21 US Ambassador to Somalia Condemns al-Shabab Attacks VOA Africa 2 months ago
22 US strikes al-Shabab in lead up to Russia's war on Ukraine Military Times 3 months ago
23 Somalia's Al-Shabab Fighters Kill at Least 7 in Attack Near Capital VOA News 5 months ago
24 Detained Former Al-Shabab Commander Says Detention Political VOA News 7 months ago
25 Al-Shabab gunmen attack airport in Somalia's capital ABC News 2 months ago
26 Somalia Court Convicts Foreigners for Membership in al-Shabab Voice of America 8 months ago
27 Somali Forces Recapture Town After Brief Al-Shabab Seizure Voice of America 9 months ago
28 Now Is the Time to Engage Al-Shabaab. Religious Leaders and Clan Elders Can Help. War on the Rocks 7 months ago
29 Kenyan Authorities Suspect Al-Shabab Militants Kill 6 in Coastal County VOA News 4 months ago
30 Al-Shabab claims deadly bombing near Somali military camp The Associated Press 4 months ago
31 Al-Shabab Fears Somalia's Military Court, Judge Says VOA News 4 months ago
32 Security Experts Warn Al-Shabab May Try to Emulate Taliban in Somalia Voice of America 9 months ago
33 Al-Shabab blast by school in Somali capital kills at least 8 The Associated Press 6 months ago
34 The Lawfare Podcast: Somalia, Al-Shabab, and the United States, with Julian Barnes and Emilia Columbo Lawfare 7 months ago
35 Al-Shabab Attacks on Mogadishu Police Stations Leave at Least 5 Dead VOA Africa 3 months ago
36 The Somali general fighting al-Shabab and the patriarchy Al Jazeera English 3 months ago
37 Al-Shabab Denies Killing Somali Security Agency Employee Voice of America 9 months ago
38 Al-Shabab Says 'White Officials' Were Target of Car Bomb That Killed 8 at Somalia Airport Newsweek 4 months ago
39 At least 30 killed in al Shabaab attack in Somalia security official 11 months ago
40 Somalia: Al-Shabaab Militants Surrender AllAfrica 1 month ago
41 Al-Shabab suicide bomber kills prominent journalist in Mogadishu Al Jazeera English 6 months ago
42 US Lends More Airpower to Somalia's Fight vs. al-Shabab Voice of America 10 months ago
43 U.S. Issues Huge Bounty for Key Al-Shabaab Operative In Somalia AllAfrica 2 months ago
44 Al Shabaab attacks Somali military base, recaptures central town 9 months ago
45 Troops Reprimanded After Deadly Al-Shabaab Attack on Kenya Base 2 months ago
46 8 dead as al-Shabab claims blast in Somalia's capital The Associated Press 8 months ago
47 Al-Shabab Council on Foreign Relations 5 years ago
48 UN condemns arms supply to Somalia's al-Shabab, keeps UN ban The Associated Press 6 months ago
49 Al-Shabab Threatens to Disrupt Upcoming Somali Elections Voice of America 10 months ago
50 Fewer Kenyan Youths Joining al-Shabab Voice of America 11 months ago
51 Somali Governor Says AU Soldiers Killed Civilians After Al-Shabab Ambush Voice of America 9 months ago
52 Somalia: Somali National Army Special Forces of Danab Kill 7 Al-Shabab Militants, Seize Cache of Weapons AllAfrica 1 month ago
53 17 months later, Congress still waits for details about deadly al-Shabab attack in Kenya Military Times 9 months ago
54 Somalia: US places $6 million bounty on top Al-Shabaab leaders Garowe Online 6 months ago
55 US Military Targets Al-Shabab in Somalia With More Airstrikes Voice of America 10 months ago
56 The Kenyans robbed of their families by al-Shabab Al Jazeera English 10 months ago
57 Senior al-Shabab fighter surrenders to Somalia troops Xinhua | 10 months ago
58 Somalia: Al-Shabaab Militants Captured in Somalia State Media 2 months ago
59 At least 10 killed by al-Shabab suicide attack in Mogadishu Al Jazeera English 11 months ago
60 Somalia's army retakes key town from al-Shabab terrorists | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 10 months ago
61 Somalia conflict escalates: 'We know al-Shabaab will take advantage' Financial Times 5 months ago
62 Mogadishu police chief survives al-Shabab attack, several killed Al Jazeera English 10 months ago
63 How Kenya's al-Shabab amnesty is a loaded gun The New Humanitarian 6 years ago
64 US airstrike in Somalia is 2nd this week against al-Shabab The Associated Press 10 months ago
65 Al-Shabaab leader arrested in Mozambique The East African 4 months ago
66 At least 13 killed by suicide bomber in central Somalia Al Jazeera English 3 months ago
67 Al-Shabab Attack Kills 11 in Mogadishu Voice of America 8 months ago
68 Somalia: Al-Shabaab Attacks Army Base in Puntland AllAfrica 2 months ago
69 Al-Shabaab captures, then loses key Somali town on same day The New Arab 5 months ago
70 UN investigates Turkish ship that had been moored near al-Shabab stronghold in Somalia Nordic Research and Monitoring Network 3 months ago
71 Ethiopia foils infiltration attempt by terror group al-Shabab Xinhua | 10 months ago
72 Al-Shabab commander surrenders to Somali army Garowe Online 7 months ago
73 Africa File: Al Shabaab Highlights Us Withdrawal After Attacks On Somali Special Forces Critical Threats Project 1 year ago
74 Terror threat morphs in Mozambique DW (English) 3 months ago
75 Al-Shabaab Increases Attacks As Elections Drag in Somalia AllAfrica 2 months ago
76 Somalia: Al-Shabaab boasts of many foreigners Garowe Online 7 months ago
77 Al-Shabaab and Chinese Trade Practices in Mozambique War on the Rocks 8 months ago
78 Al-Shabaab militants target US-trained Danab forces in Somalia Garowe Online 4 months ago
79 Senior Al-Shabaab commander surrenders in Somalia military 2 months ago
80 Blast kills over 60 Al-Shabab fighters in southern region Xinhua | 11 months ago
81 Al-Shabab Attacks Military Bases in Southern Somalia Voice of America 1 year ago
82 Eighteen al-Shabab militants executed in northeast Somalia Xinhua | 11 months ago
83 Top commander killed as military downs over 60 Al-Shabaab militants Garowe Online 3 months ago
84 US Strikes Al-Shabab in Somalia for First Time in Six Months Voice of America 10 months ago
85 Al-Shabaab commander surrenders to authorities in Somalia Garowe Online 8 months ago
86 3 Americans Killed In Attack On Kenyan Airfield By Al-Shabab Militants NPR 2 years ago
87 Kenyan troops repulses Al-Shabaab attack in southern Somalia Garowe Online 2 months ago
88 Secretary Austin: US Strikes in Somalia Result of Mogadishu’s ‘Increased Op Tempo’ Against al-Shabab Voice of America 10 months ago
89 Somalia: Al-Shabab attacks intensify as election looms DW (English) 2 years ago
90 ENDF, Madobe discuss Al-Shabaab threat on Ethiopia-Somalia border Garowe Online 3 months ago
91 21 Al-Shabab militants, 3 soldiers killed in Somalia clashes The New Arab 4 months ago
92 AFRICOM: Al-Shabab growing more emboldened in targeting US troops Military Times 2 years ago
93 Trump authorized more airstrikes against al-Shabab but it is surging in Somalia The Washington Post 2 years ago
94 In Somalia, an intelligence officer's disappearance has blown open a government crisis The Washington Post 8 months ago
95 Al-Shabaab capable of downing planes at low altitudes, US tells Kenya Garowe Online 3 months ago
96 Life after al-Shabab: Driving a school bus instead of an armed pickup truck BBC 1 year ago
97 Somalia Fears New US Airstrike Guidance Is Benefiting al-Shabab Voice of America 1 year ago
98 Somalia’s al-Shabab Publicly Executes 3 for Spying Voice of America 2 years ago
99 Al-Shabaab targets airport in Somalia's Jowhar city Middle East Monitor 5 months ago
100 It is time to negotiate with al-Shabab Al Jazeera English 2 years ago