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1 Grover Cleveland Middle School Names Honor Roll Members for the Fourth Marking Period
2 The Herd: New hires, promotions & departures for 6.29.21
3 Health officials on 'high alert' for AFM in 2020
4 Radcliffe: What not to miss on a glaucoma exam
5 Q&A: Identifying, treating depression in elderly patients
6 Q&A: What primary care physicians need to know about celiac disease
7 VIDEO: Gene therapy for wet AMD 'on the horizon'
8 Teprotumumab significantly improves proptosis in thyroid eye disease
9 IgG, IgA levels help differentiate between UC, Crohn's disease
10 Faricimab demonstrates durable Ang-2, VEGF suppression
11 Fixed, frequent dosing optimal for wet AMD, but difficult to achieve
12 Prevymis may be alternative to Valcyte for CMV-associated uveitis
13 Ovarian cancer care: What PCPs need to know
14 Stopping 5-ASA safe upon anti-TNF induction for Crohn's disease
15 Asthma more common in opioid users
16 Infertility and psychological distress: How to help patients cope
17 Healio announces new publication
18 Drug prices rise twice as fast during shortages
19 Renal transplantation improves survival in lupus nephritis
20 Medical marijuana relieves symptoms of chronic disease in older adults
21 Opioid epidemic causes surge in infective endocarditis
22 Sleep apnea common, but underdiagnosed: How to spot the disease
23 Two new FDA-approved products simplify drug delivery after cataract surgery
24 Low-dose naltrexone safe, effective for neuropathic corneal pain
25 Sepsis present in more than half of hospital deaths
26 Nurse practitioners, physician assistants effectively manage chronic conditions
27 VIDEO: Transparency improves patient care, builds just culture
28 Internet-based program may prevent depression in adolescents Recent Coverage / 2019
29 Common pitfalls in diagnosing anaphylaxis
30 Alirocumab not cost-effective for treating LDL cholesterol
31 Efficacy, safety of psoriasis drug Taltz sustained over 4 years
32 Abemaciclib stabilizes brain metastases in breast cancer subtype
33 Proinflammatory diet associated with greater risk of kidney disease progression
34 Sports gambling legalization may negatively impact patients with addiction
35 Soda may worsen MS symptoms
36 VIDEO: MONALEESA-7 shows 'exciting' results in premenopausal breast cancer
37 Average PCP visit less than 5 minutes for half the world's population
38 Anti-inflammatory drugs may improve depression
39 Liletta remains safe, effective for pregnancy prevention after 5 years
40 How to minimize sleep disruption in hospitalized patients
41 Dupixent improves symptoms of severe chronic rhinosinusitis
42 Telephone straight-to-test strategy improves early diagnosis of IBD
43 Concomitant use of pregabalin, opioids may increase risk for death
44 Negative colonoscopy linked to lower colorectal cancer risk after 12 years
45 How PCPs can help patients control their heart health
46 Olopatadine, mometasone combination improves seasonal allergic rhinitis
47 Alison Levine shares leadership lessons from Everest expedition
48 ACP recommends ways to strengthen ACA
49 US leads developed nations in drug overdose deaths
50 Antibiotic-resistant UTIs on the rise
51 Lupus associated with higher risk for 16 cancer types
52 Overuse of triptans for migraine relief common
53 M. Amin Arnaout, MD, bestowed Homer W. Smith Award
54 PCOS: What primary care physicians need to know
55 CO2 laser relieves endometriosis pain, preserves fertility
56 Adjuvant chemotherapy demonstrates survival benefit in triple-negative breast cancer subtype
57 Long-term use of clonidine may not be safe for patients on hemodialysis
58 Integrating yoga into health care benefits numerous patients
59 Public opinion of marijuana more favorable than existing evidence
60 Multiple myeloma: The next frontier for cell therapy
61 Prazosin may worsen insomnia, nightmares in suicidal PTSD
62 PRODIGY score identifies opioid-induced respiratory depression risk
63 Managing seasonal allergies: What primary care physicians need to know
64 Recombinant zoster vaccine offers better value, protection against shingles
65 Discharging patients home from ICU poses no added risk
66 Early initiation of Humira improves remission rates in Crohn's disease
67 IVF increases spontaneous preterm birth risk by 80%
68 Oral vancomycin induces, maintains remission of UC in patients with UC-PSC
69 AASM updates recommendations for diagnosing adult obstructive sleep apnea
70 Long-term exercise improves thinking skills in older adults
71 Age, lack of cardiac device predicts mortality for cardiac sarcoidosis
72 Higher intakes of fiber, whole grains protect against noncommunicable diseases
73 More opioid prescriptions, overdoses among whites than other ethnicities
74 Intermittent fasting: What PCPs need to know
75 Botox cost-effective therapy for overactive bladder
76 Top gastroenterology stories: 6 common mistakes in treating ulcerative colitis, FDA approves Motegrity for constipation
77 Tips for disclosing medical errors
78 Dupixent reduces itch from atopic dermatitis
79 New technologies have potential to prevent HAIs
80 Palbociclib plus exemestane improves PFS in premenopausal women with breast cancer
81 Chronic inflammation may negatively affect thinking, memory
82 Family history increases breast cancer risk regardless of age
83 Warfarin use in CKD associated with increased risk for ischemic stroke
84 Adult vaccination: How to encourage uptake, overcome barriers
85 Gut microbiota changes bile acid composition, affects phenotypic features of IBD
86 Cancer to surpass heart disease as leading cause of death in US by 2020
87 Primary care physicians can help prevent, manage postpartum depression
88 Caregivers of terminally ill patients likely to have mental health problems
89 1 in 7 US adults use marijuana
90 3 recent FDA approvals PCPs need to know
91 Use of glucose during childbirth significantly reduces length of labor
92 Medication burden high in patients with CKD
93 Cigar, pipe smoking significantly elevates mortality risk
94 Nearly half of Americans forgo medical care because of cost
95 1 in 5 deaths worldwide linked to poor diet
96 Physicians must create safe, trusting environment for sexual assault victims
97 One year of adjuvant trastuzumab remains standard of care for HER2-positive breast cancer
98 Hormone therapy for transgender adults poses potential CVD risks
99 Short interpregnancy intervals linked to higher risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes regardless of age
100 Cystoscopy with ultrasound effective for diagnosing asymptomatic microscopic hematuria