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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 INVEST Pitch Perfect winner: makes Tina the Alexa of clinical trials MedCity News 1 day ago
2 Disney Previews "Hey Disney" Voice Assistant for Alexa Devices 14 days ago
3 Alexa Adds Cashback Coupons to App Shopping List 3 days ago
4 Amazon Exports Alexa Voice Service to Ecuador, Hong Kong, South Africa, Taiwan, and Thailand. 1 day ago
5 Amazon Unveils Speech Datasets for Alexa Skill Development in 51 Languages 29 days ago
6 Amazon Launches Alexa App for PCs in Brazil 23 days ago
7 Amazon Uses Alexa to Target Ads: Study 17 days ago
8 Alexa Adds Proactive Reminders for Prescriptions and Sports News 13 days ago
9 Alexa Together Adds Additional Multiple Caregivers And Remote Alexa Routine Setup 7 days ago
10 Google Nest Cameras to Feature Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant on New Devices Tech Times 14 days ago
11 Alexa Will Tell You When Your Video Doorbell Sees a Visitor or Delivery 22 days ago
12 Alexa Celebrates Star Wars Day With Jedi Lessons and Sales 15 days ago
13 Alexa in Britain Now Answers Your Menopause Health Questions 10 days ago
14 Interview: Beth Holmes, principal knowledge engineer, Amazon Alexa E&T Magazine 3 days ago
15 I used Alexa’s symptom checker to track my health for a month — here are the pros and cons CNN Underscored 17 days ago
16 “What Does Alexa Really Know?” – Luther College Chips Luther College Chips 11 days ago
17 Will AI For Sales Replace Salespeople? CIOReview 7 hours ago
18 Hisense launches first Amazon Fire TV set Digital TV Europe 1 day ago
19 How To Control Lights With Alexa Tech News Today 4 days ago
20 Amazon's Alexa is becoming a member of the family Fortune 2 months ago
21 Albertsons deploys smart grocery carts from Veeve, ex-Amazon engineers CNBC 5 hours ago
22 3 best devices to start creating a smart home AZ Big Media 2 days ago
23 Sonos' Voice Assistant Is A Faster Way To Control Your Smart Speaker Screen Rant 7 days ago
24 The Download: Europe's ambitious AI Act, and picturing our galaxy's black hole MIT Technology Review 6 days ago
25 Are we becoming too dependent on the smart home? Digital Trends 5 hours ago
26 Oregon teen wins $50,000 international science award OregonLive 2 days ago
27 Amazon Links Fire TV Cube Audio, Including Alexa, to Hearing Aids in First for Streaming Media Players 21 days ago
28 Alexa and Google Assistant Learn Sarcastic Retorts to Sexist Insults to Highlight Casual Sexism 20 days ago
29 Who won American Song Contest? Hidden Remote 8 days ago
30 Alexa’s new features will let users personalize the AI to their own needs TechCrunch 8 months ago
31 Google Has a Plan to Stop Its New AI From Being Dirty and Rude WIRED 7 days ago
32 EU Artificial Intelligence Act – An Overview New Technology 1 day ago
33 Uber Eats Showcases Google Assistant Voice Orders and Robot Delivery Services 1 day ago
34 Artificial superintelligence: The next big evolutionary leap Geektime 5 days ago
35 AI Accelerator Packs Extra Punch for Autonomous Robots Electronic Design 2 days ago
36 AI Ethics Forewarns Don't Be Caught In Machine Learning Myopia By Overlooking Neuro-Symbolic AI, Including For Autonomous Self-Driving Cars Forbes 2 hours ago
37 NFT Collection Fuzzles Gives Us A New AI Best Friend 2 days ago
38 For AI assistants to move forward, Siri and Alexa need to die The Next Web 2 months ago
39 Google's DeepMind says it is close to achieving 'human-level' artificial intelligence Daily Mail 1 day ago
40 Updated TVS iQube Offers Three Variants And A Long Features List Man's World India 1 day ago
41 Smart speakers must pivot to services Stacey on IoT 3 days ago
42 Rain nabs $11M to build voice products VentureBeat 6 days ago
43 Evil AI? Alexa 'Challenges' Child To Touch Live Electric Plug With Metal Coin 5 months ago
44 Robots are becoming fashion designers now The Spinoff 2 days ago
45 Alexa for Animals: AI Is Teaching Us How Creatures Communicate The Wall Street Journal 2 months ago
46 Amazon Alexa head scientist on developing trustworthy AI systems VentureBeat 11 months ago
47 Are NordicTrack's Latest Smart Dumbbells as Smart as They Seem? CNET 7 days ago
48 AI Ethics Tempted But Hesitant To Use AI Adversarial Attacks Against The Evils Of Machine Learning, Including For Self-Driving Cars Forbes 3 days ago
49 Amazon Alexa Fund Opens Black Founders Build with Alexa Accelerator Program 1 month ago
50 Amazon Alexa: You Can Now Call a Doctor via the AI Assistant—Teladoc Health Collaboration Tech Times 3 months ago
51 Amazon officially launches its more natural ‘Conversation Mode’ option on Echo Show 10 TechCrunch 6 months ago
52 Must-read of the week: AI by Design: A Plan For Living With Artificial Intelligence by Catriona Campbell Blackpool Gazette 2 days ago
53 Amazon Makes Alexa Audio Ads More Interactive 7 months ago
54 How Spotify and Amazon are using A.I. to learn your preferences—and even read your mood Fortune 6 months ago
55 Amazon Reveals Alexa Prize SimBot Challenge Finalists 3 months ago
56 Former Amazon Alexa and Echo Vice President Starts at Google 6 months ago
57 Amazon wants us to stop talking to Alexa so much CNBC 7 months ago
58 Amazon Launches Alexa-Powered Echo Buds in Brazil 3 months ago
59 Alexa in Cars Becomes a Student Driver Learning Personalized Voice Commands 5 months ago
60 Alexa Enables Third-Party Smart Device Proactive Announcements 9 months ago
61 15 essential Alexa skills that can help make your life easier Business Insider 6 months ago
62 Amazon Translates Alexa Conversations Feature 3 New Languages in Global Expansion 2 months ago
63 “Hey, Alexa! Are you trustworthy?” | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT News 4 months ago
64 Disneyland Will Say 'Hey, Disney' to Custom Alexa Voice Assistant in 2022 6 months ago
65 Amazon opens Alexa AI tech for the first time so car makers can build custom assistants The Verge 1 year ago
66 Alexa Offers Developers A/B Testing for Voice App Engagement 4 months ago
67 Amazon's Alexa isn't just AI — thousands of humans are listening The Verge 3 years ago
68 How Cybersecurity Will Accelerate IoT’s Growth Nasdaq 6 days ago
69 Alexa Can Now Speaks Like an AI From Down Under With Aussie Lingo Upgrade and 'Strayan Celebrities 8 months ago
70 Alexa Faces Uphill Battle to Hold User Interest as Smart Speaker Sales Slow (Updated) 5 months ago
71 KT adds Amazon's Alexa voice service on its AI speakers The Korea Herald 3 months ago
72 Alexa Went Down in Europe for Several Hours (Updated) 4 months ago
73 8 Reasons Why You'll Love the Shellbot SL60 Robovac MUO 1 day ago
74 Amazon's Astro Robot Rolls Out Alexa on Wheels 8 months ago
75 NASA Will Take Alexa to Space and Maybe the Moon 4 months ago
76 Alexa Will Automatically Adjust Volume to be Heard When It's Loud 9 months ago
77 Amazon's Ambient Alexa Vision Weaves Together Smart Homes, TVs, Cars, and Spaceships at CES 4 months ago
78 Perspective | People named Alexa are changing their names because of Amazon's assistant Washington Post 6 months ago
79 Alexa Upgrades Ford Cars With Personalized Voice Commands 1 month ago
80 Johns Hopkins and Amazon collaborate to explore transformative power of AI The Hub at Johns Hopkins 1 month ago
81 Alexa Smart Properties Launches Tools for Hospitals and Senior Living Communities 7 months ago
82 Alexa Will Now Tell You About Amazon Sales the Day Before and Prearrange Purchases Ahead of Time 2 months ago
83 The Real Cost of Setting Up an Amazon Alexa Smart Home CNET 2 months ago
84 Amazon Brings Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality to UK, Plans French Extension 7 months ago
85 Meet the companies trying to bring smell to the metaverse Fast Company 8 hours ago
86 Does ‘Kimi’ deliver the goods? Thriller aims to capitalize on Alexa, Siri … and Seattle’s tech cachet GeekWire 3 months ago
87 Amazon’s new Alexa feature uses AI to infer what users really want VentureBeat 2 years ago
88 Alexa Can Now Check Air Quality and Shift Music to Follow You Around All Day 7 months ago
89 Lamborghini Connects Alexa to what3words Voice Navigation 6 months ago
90 Verizon is Developing an Alexa-Powered Smart Display 11 months ago
91 Amazon's Super Bowl Ad Makes Alexa a Mind Reader 3 months ago
92 Alexa Voice Service Adds English Option to SK Telecom's Korean Voice Assistant 5 months ago
93 Amazon Alexa Developers Can Now Build Skills for Purchase 9 months ago
94 Amazon Launches Alexa Public Transit Tools Nationwide 4 months ago
95 How self-learning AI will usher in the “age of self” Fast Company 10 months ago
96 Caspar.AI is Now an Alexa Smart Properties Solution Provider GlobeNewswire 4 months ago
97 Siri and Alexa are getting on their owners' last nerves The Washington Post 2 months ago
98 Podcasts: Your next learning and development offering? 11 hours ago
99 Amazon Alexa Adds Voice Commerce Features for Third Party Developers 10 months ago
100 Amazon is gradually giving Alexa more AI Fast Company 3 years ago