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1 Montana asks court not to block new laws targeting abortion
2 NRB Live at Lunch Panel Discusses Religious Liberty
3 8th Circ finds no evidence of Medicaid fraud by Planned Parenthood
4 Equality Virginia PAC to donate $50,000 to House Democrats ahead of November’s election
5 Catholic Medical Association joins lawsuit to overturn transgender mandate
6 Two Loudoun Teachers Approved to Join Transgender Policy Lawsuit
7 'Those Arrests Were Improper': Pro-Life Activist David Benham Moves Forward with Lawsuit Against NC Officials
8 When WILL collaborates with a hate group, treat it like one — Tone Madison
9 Sixty Iowa Lawmakers Call on Iowa Supreme Court to Reverse Abortion Ruling
10 HHS Denies Conscience Freedom for Physicians
11 Teachers Ask VA Court to Halt School District's New Policy of Forcing Use of "Student Decided" Gender Pronouns
12 60 Lawmakers Ask Iowa Supreme Court To Overturn Ruling Calling Abortion 'Fundamental Right'
13 Gym teacher that calls respecting trans students “child abuse” is returning to class
14 What to Know About the Alliance Defending Freedom, Group with Ties to New Mike Pence Org
15 Challenge to Washington's law banning conversion therapy rejected in court
16 Catholic Medical Association joins lawsuit over HHS 'transgender mandate'
17 Alliance Defending Freedom to Purchase Lansdowne, VA
18 Why are Christians and other religious minorities not being prioritised in Afghan resettlement programme, asks peer
19 Human Rights Council Expresses Grave Concern at All Violations and Abuses of Human Rights
20 Texas law has pro-choice activists in Iowa concerned
21 College Soccer Player Files Brief In Lawsuit Over West Virginia Transgender Athlete Ban
22 Bills restricting abortion rights, trans rights are 'inextricably linked,' advocates say
23 Who is Alliance Defending Freedom? The religious-conservative legal group has targeted transgender high school athletes in Connecticut
24 Alliance Defending Freedom
25 Why is Alliance Defending Freedom a Hate Group?
26 Free speech, religious freedom for all
27 ADF implores South Dakota governor to reconsider veto of transgender sports bill
28 Women can say no to sex if Roe falls, says architect of Texas abortion ban
29 Conservative Groups Push Back Against 'Hate Group' Labeling by SPLC
30 Exercising Religious Exemptions in the Age of Mandatory Vaccinations
31 Amy Coney Barrett Has Ties To an Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group
32 West Virginia Soccer Player Takes Action To Protect Women's Sports
33 Opinion: Court ruling puts freedom of speech on the chopping block
34 Doctors Can Object to Gender Transition Procedures on Religious Grounds, Suit Says
35 Christian group fights LGBTQ suit against Oregon university
36 Anti-LGBTQ hate group leader busted for assisting efforts to undermine the election
37 Is Alliance Defending Freedom a hate group? Just look at their work.
38 State anti-transgender bills represent coordinated attack, advocates say
39 Hate list is used to smear conservative groups like Alliance Defending Freedom
40 Who is Alliance Defending Freedom? Christian Legal Powerhouse Behind Supreme Court Abortion Victory
41 Christian baker appeals ruling that he violated anti-discrimination law
42 Amy Coney Barrett, Supreme Court nominee, spoke at program founded to inspire a ‘distinctly Christian worldview in every area of law’
43 Mike Pence's “traditional” organization for “freedom” will have a hate group leader advising
44 Appeals court upholds Colorado's anti-discrimination act in face of LGBTQ-focused challenge
45 DeSantis says Florida 'chose freedom over Fauci-ism,' urges conservatives to have a 'backbone'
46 What was Rep. Juan Vargas, an LGBTQ ally at home, doing at an anti-gay Christian event in Ukraine?
47 Montana Asks Court to Dismiss Lawsuit on New Abortion Laws
48 Alliance Defending Freedom boss at Trump's White House super-spreader
49 Why the Equality Act is the greatest threat to religious liberty today: An interview with Greg Baylor of Alliance Defending Freedom
50 It Wasn’t About Bathrooms, and It’s Not About Women’s Sports
51 FDA Warns Don't Vax Your Kids, Yet: 'Children Are Not Small Adults'
52 Lawsuit cites campus speech rule at University of Alabama
53 Activists take aim at anti-LGBTQ 'hate group,' Alliance Defending Freedom
54 Supreme Court weighs if California can force nonprofits to disclose private donor information
55 Kristen Waggoner, Jack Phillips, and Dr. Jerry Davis Discuss the Human Cost to Denying Religious Freedom at NRB 2021 — NRB
56 Leader of non-profit labeled 'hate group' attended White House Amy Coney Barrett event
57 Alliance Defending Freedom: Fighting the culture wars from a Scottsdale office park
58 Human Rights Campaign PAC endorses Democrats in Virginia’s statewide races
59 School Board Passes Policy That Protects First Amendment Rights In Response To Teachers' Lawsuit
60 Who Is The Alliance Defending Freedom, The Legal Team Behind Masterpiece Cakeshop?
61 Alliance Defending Freedom Through The Years
62 Anti-LGBTQ Firm Tries to Disqualify Judge Because He Won’t Let It Misgender Trans Kids
63 This man’s Supreme Court case is uniting the ACLU with the Catholic Church
64 Legal Alliance Gains Host of Court Victories for Conservative Christian Movement
65 Texas abortion ban author: State can control private sex
66 Loudoun County school board expected to vote on employee speech policy
67 30 US states now considering version of Idaho's transgender athlete bill
68 Explainer: what are the Heritage Foundation and the Alliance Defending Freedom?
69 10 Shocking Facts About the Alliance Defending Freedom
70 Group targets Alliance Defending Freedom
71 Jeff Sessions consulted Christian right legal group on religious freedom memo
72 Website challenges controversial Scottsdale-based Alliance Defending Freedom with satire
73 2 More Loudoun County Teachers Fight for Religious Rights as School Board Pushes Transgender Policies
74 Inside the Christian legal powerhouse that keeps winning at the Supreme Court
75 Christine Quinn's attack on the Alliance Defending Freedom is cruel and unfair
76 In Romania, Alliance Defending Freedom works with allies tied to far-right Christian nationalism and white supremacy
77 AG Sessions under fire for closed-door speech to Alliance Defending Freedom
78 The Alliance Defending Freedom continues to oppose transgender rights abroad
79 AUKUS and Submarines: The Fallout for France
80 There are now some Democrats around the country backing anti-trans legislation
81 Anti-LGBT Hate Group Alliance Defending Freedom Defended State-Enforced Sterilization for Transgender Europeans
82 In letter to Amazon, Alliance Defending Freedom cited white nationalist writer who once promoted "gay germ" theory
83 Amy Coney Barrett Was 'Not Aware' the Group She Spoke For 5 Times Tried to Criminalize Homosexuality
84 An Anti-Trans Hate Machine Threatens Americans' Civil Liberties | Opinion
85 Did Amy Coney Barrett lie to Congress in 2017 or is she just clueless?
86 Web designer who offers wedding websites can be compelled to serve same-sex couples, 10th Circuit says
87 Judge: Virginia teacher who spoke out against gender policy can return to work
88 Arizona's 'In God We Trust' license plates fund anti-LGBT group; lawmaker wants to put a stop to it
89 UPDATED: ADF to Defend Bryant in HB 1523 Appeal, Emails Reveal Outside Groups' Influence
90 The Christian Legal Army Behind ‘Masterpiece Cakeshop’
91 'This is a big deal': Attorneys, scholars speculate on anti-discrimination case's future at Supreme Court
92 Here's who's behind the GOP assault on transgender rights
93 'Scottsdale Discriminates' Ads Target Advocacy Group
94 Supreme Court Leaves Americans Guessing About the Meaning of Tolerance | Opinion
95 NRB Condemns Attempted Takeover of US Capitol and Urges Prayer for Our Nation — NRB
96 Can Amy Coney Barrett explain her ties to anti-gay ‘hate group'?
97 United Kingdom’s Court of Appeal obliterates Keira Bell
98 Lawsuit filed after school bans girl's 'Jesus loves me' mask
99 The Trump administration scrambled to support this hate group's lawsuit. A judge just threw it out.
100 Building a culture of religious freedom – Catholic Philly