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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Gambians vote in 1st post-Jammeh presidential election ABC News 1 day ago
2 Gambian Leader Barrow Has Edge in Vote Determined With Marbles Bloomberg 1 day ago
3 Will Gambians get justice after Barrow’s deal with Jammeh party? 7 days ago
4 The Gambia’s ex-ruler Jammeh ignores president’s campaign warning 16 days ago
5 The Gambia elections: Meet the men running for president 25 days ago
6 Gambia: The seat-warmer, the forever runner-up, and the return of Jammeh African Arguments 19 days ago
7 The Rush to Close Borders, Latin America's Prison Crisis and More World Politics Review 2 days ago
8 David Pratt's Four Corners: Insight and analysis on Germany, Iran, USA and Gambia HeraldScotland 7 hours ago
9 Gambia: APRC, NPP Agree On Jammeh's Return As Duo Form Alliance Ahead of Dec Polls AllAfrica 3 months ago
10 Gambia: Ex-President Yahya Jammeh Denounces APRC's Alliance With NPP AllAfrica 2 months ago
11 Gambia's Jammeh pact bombshell: Treachery or reconciliation? BBC News 2 months ago
12 Gambia: FTJ Asks Gambians to Remind Themselves of Yahya Jammeh's Legacy 10 months ago
13 Gambia: APRC Hands Over Petition to President Barrow Through Justice Minister 4 months ago
14 Gambia: Former president Jammeh has not had his last word on the December elections The Africa Report 1 month ago
15 ‘It is what girls need’: the FGM activist hoping to be the Gambia’s president The Guardian 1 month ago
16 FTJ says nothing can stop Jammeh from returning The Point 11 months ago
17 The Gambia’s Barrow teams up with country’s former ruler signalling preference for political power over justice Daily Maverick 2 months ago
18 APRC is open to discussion with any party but… The Point 11 months ago
19 Gambia: Ex-President Yahya Jammeh Vows to Return From Exile AllAfrica 7 months ago
20 APRC says draft constitution's retroactive clause is witch-hunt The Point 9 months ago
21 Gambian rights group calls for ban on ex-leader's party Anadolu Agency 2 years ago
22 Dodou Jah renews hope of Jammeh's return The Point 5 months ago
23 Gambia: 'We Want Truth Commission's Final Report Binned' AllAfrica 3 months ago
24 Gambia: Barrow Hints Possible Coalition With APRC 1 year ago
25 APRC denies coalition talks with NPP The Point 1 year ago
26 NPP/APRC, Audit Report to Dominate Next Coalition 2016 Leaders Meeting - Voice Gambia Newspaper 2 months ago
27 Darboe asks supporters to keep peace, avoid violence The Point 7 months ago
28 Gambia presidential hopeful prepared to prosecute ex-dictator Jammeh eNCA 2 months ago
29 APRC, UDP Campaign at Political Debate - Voice Gambia Newspaper 3 months ago
30 Gambia: APRC Yet to Name Standard Bearer 2021 Polls 1 year ago
31 Gambia: FTJ Says Nothing Can Stop Jammeh From Returning 11 months ago
32 'Elections won on voter registration day' The Point 7 months ago
33 Thousands rally in The Gambia for ex-leader Yahya Jammeh’s return 2 years ago
34 'APRC to stage protest with or without permit' The Point 2 years ago
35 NoIPC holds stakeholders' forum on peaceful, credible elections The Point 1 month ago
36 Gambia: Thousands march for ex-ruler Yahya Jammeh's return Deutsche Welle 2 years ago
37 APRC Deputy Spokesperson Denies Allegation of D4million plus Package From President Barrow - Voice Gambia Newspaper 7 months ago
38 Opposition Leaders Commend IPC on Political Tolerance and Inclusiveness - Voice Gambia Newspaper 6 months ago
39 Info minster dismayed at APRC leader's comments The Point 12 months ago
40 Victims Centre chair voices APRC threat The Point 2 years ago
41 Gambia's President Jammeh to challenge election loss at top court Reuters 5 years ago
42 CSO Chief prefers Jammeh testify at TRRC before rounding-up public hearings - Voice Gambia Newspaper 6 months ago
43 Germany's Elections, a Turkey-UAE Thaw and More World Politics Review 2 months ago
44 The Perspective, by Edward Bwalya Phiri: real political change is illusive in Africa; case of the Gambia – The Mast Online 3 months ago
45 The APRC Condemns The Kanilai Incident Freedom Newspaper 5 months ago
46 APRC's Dodou Jah: "Essa Faal Has Used The TRRC To Build A Political Career" Freedom Newspaper 3 months ago
47 Concerns Over Delay in Gambia's Truth Commission Report 2 months ago
48 Gambia: Ex-Ruler's Supporters Protest for Him to Return Home AllAfrica 2 years ago
49 Batchilly urges political parties to put aside differences The Point 9 months ago
50 Gambia: APRC Admits Barrow Talks On Frozen Assets 1 year ago
51 The Real Reason Gambia's President Isn't Stepping Down Foreign Policy 5 years ago
52 Gambia's president is under pressure to step down. Is it time for a change? Washington Post 6 years ago
53 APRC promises to update militants on any coalition decision The Point 1 year ago
54 Gambia's ex-president Yahya Jammeh accused of rape and sexual assault CNN 2 years ago
55 APRC concerned over rising insecurity - Voice Gambia Newspaper 7 months ago
56 NPP rubbishes possible formation of UDP and APRC alliance to remove President Barrow - Voice Gambia Newspaper 2 years ago
57 US Authorities Move To Seize Ex-Gambia Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s Maryland Mansion CBS Baltimore 1 year ago
58 Gambia's Security Forces Must Put Human Rights Above Loyalty to Yahya Jammeh Human Rights Watch 5 years ago
59 3 Gambians arrested with 13,000 grams of suspected cannabis The Point 3 months ago
60 Gambia: Tribute African Agenda in Gambian Elections: Discussionin Memory of Brother Ousman Manjang 2 months ago
61 4 candidates to run under independent ticket in Dec 2021 polls The Point 9 months ago
62 Beauty Queen’s Charge of Rape by Gambia’s Ex-President Is a Smear, His Party Says The New York Times 2 years ago
63 Ex-president's supporters arrested as tensions flare in Gambia Reuters 5 years ago
64 What to Know About the Gambian Dictator Refusing to Hand Over Power TIME 5 years ago
65 Arrest Jammeh, ban his party: Gambians demand Africanews English 2 years ago
66 Widespread disappointment in Gambia after new constitution voted down RFI 1 year ago
67 Unpacking Gambia's three-year pact: Constitution vs. Coalition MoU Africanews English 2 years ago
68 Dr. Ceesays says Hon. Halifa Sallah cannot transform 1gambia in 5 years The Point 1 month ago
69 This Toronto woman says a Gambian dictator raped her. Now she's fighting for justice 2 years ago
70 Killed and dumped in wells: probe reveals horrors of Gambia's ex-regime Reuters 4 years ago
71 A visit by West African ECOWAS leaders to get Gambia's Jammeh to step down did not go as planned Quartz Africa 5 years ago
72 Gambia: Office of the IGP Issues Permit to APRC 2 years ago
73 Gambia leader Yahya Jammeh to contest election defeat in court BBC News 5 years ago
74 Gambians head to the polls 10 years ago
75 Has The Gambia Decided? - Voice Gambia Newspaper 7 months ago
76 Gambia: GDC Deputy Party Leader Raises Concerns Over Voter Registration 4 months ago
77 Gambia presidential issues come to the fore RFI 2 years ago
78 APRC inaugurates new bureau in Basse The Point 5 years ago
79 Gambians march for justice over Jammeh’s human rights abuses RFI 2 years ago
80 Jammeh's party loses more grounds in Gambia's local govt polls africanews 4 years ago
81 Gambia: APRC Describes Demise of Ex-IGP Mamour Jobe As Great Loss to the Gambia 9 months ago
82 Sale of Jammeh's cattle, other assets: Party fights govt commission africanews 3 years ago
83 Gambia: West African Leaders Fail to Convince Jammeh to Concede Newsweek 5 years ago
84 Governor Saidy Slams APRC Govt. for Upsurge in Domestic Debt - Voice Gambia Newspaper 6 months ago
85 Foni Kansala NAM blames gov't over prices hike The Point 10 months ago
86 Gambia: Darboe Describes 2021 As Year "To Salvage Gambia 'From Corruption, Greed & Incompetence" 11 months ago
87 GPU: Journalists face most attacks of political party from 2017 to date | Voice Gambia Newspaper 6 months ago
88 Opposition Leaders Warns President Barrow Not to politicalize Dialogue with the People Tour - Voice Gambia Newspaper 12 months ago
89 How to topple a dictator: the rebel plot that freed the Gambia The Guardian 4 years ago
90 APRC leader blasts draft constitution, says it would have created crisis The Point 1 year ago
91 APRC leader accuses gov't of secret sale of Jammeh's assets The Point 1 year ago
92 What next for Gambian President Jammeh? 10 years ago
93 The IEC must ensure that the laws and regulations guiding the existence of political parties is respected Freedom Newspaper 1 month ago
94 Jammeh defeated in landmark Gambian election Deutsche Welle 5 years ago
95 Gambia: APRC Bureau Arson Attack Police Officer On Sentry Testifies 2 years ago
96 Isatu Touray: ‘Who is going to change Gambia, if not us?’ The Guardian 5 years ago
97 Gambians head to the polls amid internet blackout 5 years ago
98 ECOWAS, AU snub call for Jammeh's return – APRC The Point 2 years ago
99 Gambians vote in first post-Jammeh poll BBC News 5 years ago
100 Jambanjelly residents narrate ordeal with state security The Point 7 months ago