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1 Lab Mixes Fight in Spencer's Run
2 Bobcats Seen on New Norwalk and Beech Roads
3 Mama Black Bear and Two Cubs Seen Thursday in New Canaan
4 Dog's Owner Sought By New Canaan Animal Control
5 'She Did a Great Job': Local Caretaker Rescues Injured Heron
6 Mountain Lion Sighting Reported on Gerdes Road
7 Animal Control: Black Bear Seen on Briscoe Road
8 Animal Control Reminds Dog Owners to License Pets as Deadline Nears
9 Mountain Lion Sighting Reported on White Oak Shade Lane
10 'Extraordinary Efforts': Letters of Appreciation for New Canaan Police
11 New Canaan Animal Control: Watch Out for Turtles in the Road
12 Cougar sighting reported in New Canaan Thursday
13 Black Bear '211' Seen Killing Fawns in New Canaan Thursday, Friday
14 Judge Grants Town Full Legal Custody of 12 Neglected Dogs
15 Police: Two Dog Bites at Spencer's Run in Waveny
16 Roaming Peacock Spotted in New Canaan [VIDEO]
17 Animal Control Roundup: Dogs Bite People, Child Touches Bat
18 Animal Control Officer on Cassie Palmer Animal Cruelty Case: “There is a Lesson In This”
19 Judge Finds Neglect, Grants Town Temporary Custody of 12 Seized Dogs
20 'I Am So Proud of This Group': Animal Control Officer Thanks Volunteers as Neglected Dogs Are Safely Re-Homed
21 Black Bear Spotted Eating Fawns In New Canaan: Animal Control
22 'Very Blessed and Lucky': Pregnant Stray Cat Is Rescued, Gives Birth to Five Healthy Kittens
23 Dog Found Roaming in New Canaan Reunited with Owner After One Year
24 Meet Allyson Halm: New Canaan's New Animal Control Officer
25 Animal Cruelty Case: Woman, 48, Turns Herself in on Felony Charges
26 Bones, cameras give clues of predators prowling in New Canaan's woods
27 Police and Residents Hope To Capture, Assist Pregnant Stray Cat
28 Allyson Halm
29 Woman charged with animal cruelty fights to get dogs back from New Canaan shelter
30 Full Disclosure: What Lurks in the Woods
31 It looked 'like a huge cat': New Canaan resident recounts perceived cougar sighting
32 Did You Hear … ?
33 PHOTO: Bobcats Seen on Marvin Ridge Road
34 'He Plays with the Poop Bags': Verbal Warning Issued to Spencer's Run Dog Owner
35 New Canaan Animal Control Officer Receives Bear Spray Training, Certification
36 Mountain Lion Recently Reported Just North of Darien, and Not For the First Time
37 Animal Cruelty Warrant: Three Puppies Died in Butler Lane Home Due to Neglect [UPDATED]
38 Witnesses describes inside of New Canaan home where 3 dogs died
39 Bat tests negative for rabies after flying in New Canaan employee lunchroom
40 New Canaan Veterinary Hospital set to aid Animal Control
41 Custody Fight Brewing in New Canaan for Surviving Dogs in Animal Cruelty Case
42 Two bear sightings, two minutes apart in New Canaan
43 Police: Leashed Dog Bites New Canaan Boy, 12 [UPDATED]
44 Stay away from dogs, judge tells woman charged with animal cruelty
45 Black Bear Sighted in New Canaan As Wildlife Activity Increases [UPDATED]
46 Animal Control: Delinquent Dog Owners Face $75 Fine
47 Catherine Palmer
48 Greenwich woman faces charges after neglected puppies die, New Canaan police say
49 PHOTOS: Two Bobcats Seen on Marvin Ridge Road
50 Bear Touches Man Gardening In Westport With Paw: UPDATE
51 Emaciated Racing Pigeon Rescued at Waveny
52 Police: Coyote Killed Beacon Hill Lane Dog
53 New Canaan Animal Control Officer Creates 'Coyote Safety Kits' for Residents
54 Judge grants New Canaan temporary custody of dogs in animal cruelty case
55 Animal Control: Black Bear Sightings Up This Summer
56 Dog Attack on Avalon Drive East Results in Verbal Warning [UPDATED]
57 Uses for New Canaan's Kiwanis Park to be discussed Jan. 7
58 Police Bring Abandoned Bunny to 'Blessing of the Animals' at St. Mark's
59 Animal Calls: Roaming Dogs, Bite on Briscoe, Failures To License and New Homes
60 Animal Control: It's Deer Birthing Season, Don't Touch the Fawns, They're OK
61 Hockey's 'Grandma Marge' goes viral, another mountain lion sighting, and how CT (maybe) invented 10-pin bowling
62 Animal Calls: Fox in Mudroom, Nuisance Dog, $92 Ticket for Roaming
63 Coyote Bites Dog Near Waveny Pond; Police Warn Park Visitors
64 New Canaan Girl Bitten by Dog During Playdate
65 Coyote Bites Woman in New Canaan Park: Walkers Warned To Be Wary in Waveny
66 Police Seek Owner of Human-Attacking Cat [PHOTOS]
67 Police: Woman bitten by coyote in New Canaan
68 'It's a Death Sentence': Four Young Ducks Dumped at Mead Park, One Appears To Have Died
69 Town Officials See Sharp Uptick in Turtle Sightings
70 Police: Mountain Lion Sighting Reported on Marvin Ridge Road
71 $92 Fine for New Canaan Woman Whose Terrier Goes Roaming Again
72 Op-Ed: Co-existing with wildlife in New Canaan
73 'Very Hard To Watch': Deer Dragging 'Leghold Trap' Seen in New Canaan
74 Town Worker Rescues Goose Caught in Soccer Net at Saxe
75 PHOTOS: Police See Sharp Rise in Coyote Sightings
76 'They Could Become a More Permanent Fixture': New Canaanites Should Expect To See Black Bears Again Soon
77 Teenage Girl to Police: My Boss's Poodle Bit Me
78 Police: Coyote Snatches Adams Lane Dog
79 Coyote, Labradoodle Fight on Ponus Ridge Early Thursday
80 'She Even Had a Bottle of Water for Me': Letters of Appreciation for New Canaan Police
81 Police: Owner of Dog, Subject of Neglect Investigation, Nonresponsive to New Complaints of Roaming
82 NCPD Animal Control, Wildlife In Crisis Rescue Orphaned Baby Raccoon
83 Mountain Lion Seen on Nursery Road in New Canaan
84 Coyote Info Signs To Go Up in Waveny, Irwin and Bristow
85 New Canaan animal facility not so bad
86 State Wildlife Experts: Purported Mountain Lion Tracks in New Canaan Inconclusive
87 Rosebrook Road Newfie Undergoes Quarantine After Attacking Dog Walker, Shih Tzu
88 'A Green Way to Manage Weeds': Goats Arrive at Irwin Park
89 Coon Cat 'Mittens' Delays Florida-Bound Family's Trip in New Canaan
90 Two Skunks Unintentionally Caught in Traps
91 Police Seek Woman Who Dropped Off Injured Cat at New Canaan Vet
92 PHOTOS: Black Bear Tracks Appear in Eastern New Canaan
93 'She's a Sweetheart': Twice-Orphaned Senior Beagle Up for Adoption, Fostering
94 Police Issue $483 in Fines to New Canaan Woman Who Doesn't Believe in Leashed Dogs
95 Armonk Shelter Dog Performs As Sandy In New 'Annie'
96 Coyotes attack dog on Frogtown Road in New Canaan
97 Bobcats Spotted Just North of Darien: Potential Danger to Cats But Not Humans
98 'This Is Just Legal Animal Cruelty': Coyote Seen Dragging 'Leg Hold' Trap in New Canaan
99 Mountain Lion Seen on Briscoe Road
100 Five Bobcat Sightings Reported in New Canaan in the Last Month