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Result Content Outlet Published Research
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2 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. | by Dimitrios Gourtzilidis | May, 2022 DataDrivenInvestor 15 days ago
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12 DeepMind's David Silver on games, beauty, and AI's potential to avert human-made disasters Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 4 months ago
13 In Two Moves, AlphaGo and Lee Sedol Redefined the Future WIRED 6 years ago
14 Google DeepMind's AlphaGo beats Go champion Lee Sedol in AI milestone in Seoul CNBC 6 years ago
15 The Sadness and Beauty of Watching Google's AI Play Go WIRED 6 years ago
16 How will we face being defeated by machines? The Verge 5 years ago
17 AlphaGo computer beat Chinese professional Fan Hui in a Go tournament Daily Mail 6 years ago
18 Google AI in landmark victory over Go grandmaster The Guardian 6 years ago
19 This Research Paper Explain The Compute Trends Across Three Eras Of Machine Learning MarkTechPost 2 months ago
20 How Google's AI Viewed the Move No Human Could Understand WIRED 6 years ago
21 Google AI defeats world's Go champion in gripping 'man vs. machine' film 5 years ago
22 Go players react to computer defeat 6 years ago
23 AlphaGo seals 4-1 victory over Go grandmaster Lee Sedol The Guardian 6 years ago
24 Finding Solace in Defeat by Artificial Intelligence MIT Technology Review 5 years ago
25 Why DeepMind AlphaGo Zero is a game changer for AI research Packt Hub 3 years ago
26 Google’s DeepMind unveils AlphaGo AI that learns from itself and beat its predecessors VentureBeat 5 years ago
27 In a Huge Breakthrough, Google's AI Beats a Top Player at the Game of Go WIRED 6 years ago
28 A.I. Program From Google Beats Human World Champ In Game Of Go NPR 6 years ago
29 Google’s AI Masters the Game of Go a Decade Earlier Than Expected MIT Technology Review 6 years ago
30 AlphaGo: How AI Has Opened Our Eyes Reporter Magazine 4 years ago
31 Google computer triumphs in complex board game battle Financial Times 6 years ago
32 Why AI Appears To Create Things Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence 3 years ago
33 Why Google's Go win is such a big deal The Verge 6 years ago
34 AlphaGo AI program wins $1 million prize in Go showdown with champion Lee Sedol GeekWire 6 years ago
35 Google’s Go Computer Beats Top-Ranked Human Fortune 6 years ago
36 This More Powerful Version of AlphaGo Learns On Its Own WIRED 5 years ago
37 'I'm in shock!' How an AI beat the world's best human at Go New Scientist 6 years ago
38 Google's AlphaGo Defeats World's Top Human Go Player ExtremeTech 5 years ago
39 Google’s AI beats a professional Go player, an industry first VentureBeat 6 years ago
40 By sparring with AlphaGo, researchers are learning how an algorithm thinks Quartz 5 years ago
41 World champion Go player takes on Google's AlphaGo CNBC 5 years ago
42 Computer Beats Go Champion for the First Time Scientific American 6 years ago
43 Google's AI Wins First Game in Historic Match With Go Champion WIRED 6 years ago
44 'AlphaGo' documentary provides a rare look inside DeepMind Business Insider 5 years ago
45 AlphaGo beat top-ranked Go player Ke Jie in China, so China censored it. Slate 5 years ago
46 Google DeepMind's AlphaGo wins historic Go series 4-1 | WIRED UK 6 years ago
47 "Godlike" Artificial Intelligence Just Officially Beat The World's #1 Go Player ScienceAlert 5 years ago
48 Go-playing Google Deepmind AlphaGo computer defeats human champion CBC News 6 years ago
49 Review: Ancient Chinese board game treated with NFL-like drama and intrigue in documentary 'AlphaGo' Los Angeles Times 5 years ago
50 Google's AlphaGo AI wins astounding 4-1 victory against Lee Sedol SiliconANGLE News 6 years ago
51 Man vs. machine: Google computer wins first match against world 'Go' champion 6 years ago
52 Now DeepMind is using AI to transform football 1 year ago
53 Google backed AlphaGo’s big win: How AI is cracking an ancient Chinese game The Indian Express 6 years ago
54 Inside the 'AlphaGo' Match Against Lee Sedol Inverse 5 years ago
55 Human Go champion loses to Google DeepMind AlphaGo computer in 1st game CBC News 6 years ago
56 Google's AlphaGo beats the world's best Go player — again The Washington Post 5 years ago
57 Flutter: U.S. Entity Of U.K. Sports Betting Giant May Be Closer To Fan Duel Spinoff Than CEO Suggests Seeking Alpha 2 months ago
58 How Google's AI Beat a Human at 'Go' a Decade Earlier Than Expected Singularity Hub 6 years ago
59 UPDATED: Google Makes A.I. History By Beating World 'Go' Champion Forbes 6 years ago
60 Google's AlphaGo Trounces Humans—But It Also Gives Them a Boost WIRED 5 years ago
61 The Artificial Intelligence That Solved Go Pacific Standard 6 years ago
62 Google’s AI just cracked the game that supposedly no computer could beat Quartz 6 years ago
63 Google vs. Go: can AI beat the ultimate board game? The Verge 6 years ago
64 China’s Go champion Ke Jie is at the center of a feminist backlash Quartz 2 years ago
65 Google AI AlphaGo wins again, leaves humans in the dust CNET 5 years ago
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68 AlphaGo beats Lee Sedol in third consecutive Go game The Guardian 6 years ago
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70 Google's AI Takes Historic Match Against Go Champ With Third Straight Win WIRED 6 years ago
71 Google’s AlphaGo A.I. Defeats World Champion At The Game of Go Popular Science 6 years ago
72 Google's AlphaGo A.I. Wins First Match Against Top-Ranked Lee Sedol Inverse 6 years ago
73 Antero Midstream: Despite Their High 9% Yield, I'm Still Not A Fan Seeking Alpha 3 months ago
74 Watch the best human player take on the mighty AlphaGo AI at Go New Scientist 6 years ago
75 How the Computer Beat the Go Player Scientific American 6 years ago
76 DeepMind's AlphaGo Zero: Learns From Scratch Without Any Human Input Technology Networks 5 years ago
77 FAA finalizes Boeing 777 safety directives after in-flight fan blade failures (NYSE:BA) Seeking Alpha 2 months ago
78 How the Computer Beat the Go Master Scientific American 6 years ago
79 ‘AlphaGo’: Film Review Hollywood Reporter 5 years ago
80 Google’s AlphaGo to take on world baduk champion in Seoul The Korea Herald 6 years ago
81 'Go' Matches Between Lee Sedol and AlphaGo Push AI Boundaries NBC News 6 years ago
82 Google’s AI AlphaGo to take on world No 1 Lee Se-dol in live broadcast The Guardian 6 years ago
83 AI Computer Wins First Match against Master Go Champion Scientific American 6 years ago
84 Advancing mathematics by guiding human intuition with AI 6 months ago
85 Secret Test of Google AI Bot Stops Top Go Players Scientific American 5 years ago
86 Kopin Corporation (KOPN) CEO John Fan on Q4 2021 Results Earnings Call Transcript 2 months ago
87 Google's New AI Can Beat Human Champions at the Game of Go Smithsonian Magazine 6 years ago
88 AI software masters the game of Go, takes aim at the world’s top player GeekWire 6 years ago
89 Google’s DeepMind chalks up AI landmark after beating Go world champion Lee Sedol TechCrunch 6 years ago
90 Is AI the Future of Sports? Built In 2 months ago
91 Alphago Vs Lee Se-dol: Why Ai’s Victory Is Not Man’s Defeat | Mint Mint 6 years ago
92 Acme: A new framework for distributed reinforcement learning DeepMind 2 years ago
93 AlphaGo Teach coaches people to play Go like Google DeepMind’s AI VentureBeat 4 years ago
94 Can Google’s DeepMind beat world Go champ? Watch live this week TechRepublic 6 years ago
95 Robots 1, Humans 0: Google DeepMind's AI is now two Go games away from making history Quartz 6 years ago
96 Google's DeepMind AlphaGo beats world Go champion in first of five matches Daily Mail 6 years ago
97 Tonight, Watch Man Battle A.I. In An Ancient Chinese Board Game Popular Science 6 years ago
98 AlphaGo wins a close one to wrap up battle of man vs. machine CNET 6 years ago
99 Google DeepMind computer beats Go grandmaster again Financial Times 6 years ago
100 The beginning of the end: Google’s AI has beaten a top human player at the complex game of Go Quartz 6 years ago