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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 AlphaGo Zero: Starting from scratch DeepMind 5 years ago
2 TGS hires Go master Lee Se-dol for TV campaign The Korea Herald 13 days ago
3 It's Not All Fun and Games: How DeepMind Unlocks Medicine's Secrets Medscape 21 days ago
4 Chinese Livestreamers Need Certification Before Posting Medical Content; Health Apps To Prevent Dissent? Tech Times 13 days ago
5 Google’s AlphaGo Defeats Chinese Go Master in Win for A.I. The New York Times 5 years ago
6 This is the reason Demis Hassabis started DeepMind MIT Technology Review 4 months ago
7 The AI "Master" bested the world’s top Go players—and then revealed itself as Google's AlphaGo in disguise Quartz 6 years ago
8 Google’s A.I. Program Rattles Chinese Go Master as It Wins Match The New York Times 5 years ago
9 ‘Sentient’ chatbot story shows why it’s time for A.I. to retire the Turing Test Fortune 22 days ago
10 AI, the humanity! The Verge 5 years ago
11 How the Computer Beat the Go Master Scientific American 6 years ago
12 A general reinforcement learning algorithm that masters chess, shogi, and Go through self-play DeepMind 4 years ago
13 The Podcast: Episode 2: Go to Zero DeepMind 3 years ago
14 AI versus AI: Self-Taught AlphaGo Zero Vanquishes Its Predecessor Scientific American 5 years ago
15 AlphaStar: Mastering the real-time strategy game StarCraft II DeepMind 3 years ago
16 Why We Should Pay More Attention to Deep Learning JD Supra 2 years ago
17 Google Confirms Mysterious Go Player to be AlphaGo AI Inverse 5 years ago
18 Brain-inspired computing needs a master plan 3 months ago
19 Google's AI Masters the Game of Go a Decade Earlier Than Expected MIT Technology Review 6 years ago
20 American Big Tech: No Rules Modern Diplomacy 7 days ago
21 Google's AlphaGo Zero destroys humans all on its own CNET 5 years ago
22 Go game master quits saying machines 'cannot be defeated' The Guardian 3 years ago
23 Google's AlphaGo Soundly Defeated Ke Jie, Humanity's Best Hope To Win A Game Of Go : The Two-Way NPR 5 years ago
24 DeepMind Comes Out With “Player Of Games”: Masters Both Perfect And Imperfect Information Games Analytics India Magazine 7 months ago
25 Going, Going, Gone: Master Go Player Loses Best-Of-5 Match With A.I. NPR 6 years ago
26 DeepMind's latest AI can master games without being told their rules Engadget 2 years ago
27 Reinforcement Learning Lecture Series 2021 DeepMind 3 months ago
28 DeepMind's Go playing software can now beat you at two more games New Scientist News 4 years ago
29 Google's New AI Is a Master of Games, but How Does It Compare to the Human Mind? 4 years ago
30 In Two Moves, AlphaGo and Lee Sedol Redefined the Future WIRED 6 years ago
31 What Can We Learn From 4 Superhuman, Game-Playing AIs? Built In 11 months ago
32 Google AI algorithm masters ancient game of Go 6 years ago
33 The Go Files: AI computer wins first match against master Go player 6 years ago
34 Introduction to Reinforcement Learning with David Silver DeepMind 3 months ago
35 DeepMind's PoG Excels in Perfect and Imperfect Information Games, Advancing Research on General Algorithms for Arbitrary Environments Synced 7 months ago
36 (Yonhap Interview) Go master Lee says he quits unable to win over AI Go players Yonhap News Agency 3 years ago
37 Google computer wins final game against S. Korean Go master 6 years ago
38 This Research Paper Explain The Compute Trends Across Three Eras Of Machine Learning MarkTechPost 4 months ago
39 How to Get a Job at Google's AI Firm DeepMind Business Insider 5 months ago
40 [NEWS IN FOCUS] Go master beats machine and shatters AI dreams The Korea JoongAng Daily 3 years ago
41 Google’s new Go-playing AI learns fast, and even thrashed its former self The Conversation Indonesia 5 years ago
42 AI: How big a deal is Google’s latest AlphaGo breakthrough? TechRepublic 5 years ago
43 Reinforcement learning explained InfoWorld 3 years ago
44 Alpha Go Documentary Now Freely Available 2 years ago
45 Wanted: 'Superhuman' AI to master a greener grid E&E News 11 months ago
46 DeepMind's work in 2016: a round-up DeepMind 6 years ago
47 How Google's AlphaGo Beat a Go World Champion The Atlantic 6 years ago
48 Fortune Brands Stock: A Master Lock For Long-Term Portfolio Seeking Alpha 3 months ago
49 Why games may not be the best benchmark for AI VentureBeat 6 months ago
50 Go master Lee Se-dol, the only human to beat AI AlphaGo, retires The Korea Herald 3 years ago
51 HubSpot: Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None (NYSE:HUBS) Seeking Alpha 3 months ago
52 DeepMind's Groundbreaking AlphaGo Zero AI Is Now a Versatile Gamer MIT Technology Review 5 years ago
53 Why 'the future of AI is the future of work' MIT Sloan News 5 months ago
54 Google reveals secret test of AI bot to beat top Go players 5 years ago
55 Human vs. AI: Board Game Champ, Who Surrendered to Google, Beats AI in Surprise Game Observer 3 years ago
56 AlphaGo Zero From Nought To Top In 40 Days 5 years ago
57 Reinforcement Learning Lecture Series 2018 DeepMind 3 months ago
58 Why DeepMind AlphaGo Zero is a game changer for AI research Packt Hub 3 years ago
59 Texas Instruments: Vertical Integration And Capital Allocation Seeking Alpha 3 months ago
60 Go Master Lee Se-Dol Quits Game Because Of AI, But That Doesn't Mean We All Should Analytics India Magazine 3 years ago
61 Multi-task Deep Reinforcement Learning with PopArt DeepMind 4 years ago
62 Learning by playing DeepMind 4 years ago
63 Why the buzz around DeepMind is dissipating as it transitions from games to science CNBC 2 years ago
64 What AlphaGo’s Win Means for Your Job Fortune 6 years ago
65 The documentary about Google DeepMind's 'AlphaGo' algorithm is now available on Netflix Business Insider 5 years ago
66 The Intelligent Crypto Thesis CoinDesk 1 month ago
67 Learning more skills through optimistic exploration DeepMind 5 months ago
68 To Beat Go Champion, Google’s Program Needed a Human Army The New York Times 6 years ago
69 @Channel – A Dialogue Concerning Kill Webs CIMSEC 5 months ago
70 Google AI machine beats Go master in world's hardest board game The Week 6 years ago
71 Pessimism looms over Chinese Go master's upcoming match against AlphaGo ecns 5 years ago
72 Fan Hui: What I learned from losing to DeepMind's AlphaGo iNews 3 years ago
73 From unlikely start-up to major scientific organisation: Entering our tenth year at DeepMind DeepMind 3 years ago
74 One Giant Step for a Chess-Playing Machine The New York Times 4 years ago
75 Using Unity to Help Solve Intelligence DeepMind 2 years ago
76 Go master Lee Sedol retires, says AI 'cannot be defeated' China Daily 3 years ago
77 Go, Go AlphaGo DISCOVER Magazine 6 years ago
78 'AlphaGo' documentary provides a rare look inside DeepMind Business Insider 5 years ago
79 All Hail The King of Reinforcement Learning, DeepMind Analytics India Magazine 9 months ago
80 Caterpillar Stock: Master Of Destruction (NYSE:CAT) Seeking Alpha 9 months ago
81 No more playing games: AlphaGo AI to tackle some real world challenges The Conversation Indonesia 5 years ago
82 Former power station becomes stylish AI art center SHINE 8 months ago
83 2017: The year AI beat us at all our own games New Atlas 5 years ago
84 Is Artificial Intelligence Made in Humanity's Image? Lessons for an AI Military Education War on the Rocks 2 months ago
85 Why we must welcome the metaverse of online gaming | Mint Mint 9 months ago
86 Is DeepMind’s new reinforcement learning system a step toward general AI? VentureBeat 11 months ago
87 A.I. Can Now Beat Every Atari 2600 Game MovieWeb 2 years ago
88 God of Go: The Rise of Superhuman Intelligence Without Human Knowledge The Wire 5 years ago
89 Albemarle Corporation's (ALB) CEO Kent Masters on Q1 2022 Results Earnings Call Transcript 2 months ago
90 How Google's AI Beat a Human at 'Go' a Decade Earlier Than Expected Singularity Hub 6 years ago
91 AlphaGo's next move DeepMind 5 years ago
92 S. Korea Go program beats country's top five professional players The Hankyoreh 3 years ago
93 Google Latest AlphaGo AI Program Crushes Its Predecessor TOP500 News 5 years ago
94 Tech CEO: Demis Hassabis Brings DeepMind Artificial Intelligence: How the Company Started and Its Rise Tech Times 8 months ago
95 South Korea’s fixation with AI after Go master’s defeat South China Morning Post 5 years ago
96 Google’s AI won the game Go by defying millennia of basic human instinct Quartz 6 years ago
97 ACM Prize in Computing awarded to AlphaGo developer EurekAlert 2 years ago
98 What the AI Behind AlphaGo Can Teach Us About Being Human WIRED 6 years ago
99 Garry Kasparov Talks Artificial Intelligence, Deep Blue, and AlphaGo Zero Fortune 4 years ago
100 China's Sputnik Moment? Foreign Affairs Magazine 11 months ago