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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 AlphaGo Zero: Starting from scratch DeepMind 5 years ago
2 Is Artificial Intelligence Made in Humanity's Image? Lessons for an AI Military Education War on the Rocks 12 hours ago
3 Google’s AlphaGo Defeats Chinese Go Master in Win for A.I. The New York Times 5 years ago
4 This is the reason Demis Hassabis started DeepMind MIT Technology Review 3 months ago
5 The AI "Master" bested the world’s top Go players—and then revealed itself as Google's AlphaGo in disguise Quartz 5 years ago
6 Google’s A.I. Program Rattles Chinese Go Master as It Wins Match The New York Times 5 years ago
7 How the Computer Beat the Go Master Scientific American 6 years ago
8 The Podcast: Episode 2: Go to Zero DeepMind 3 years ago
9 AI versus AI: Self-Taught AlphaGo Zero Vanquishes Its Predecessor Scientific American 5 years ago
10 Brain-inspired computing needs a master plan 1 month ago
11 Google's AlphaGo Zero destroys humans all on its own CNET 5 years ago
12 Google's AlphaGo clinches series win over Chinese Go master 5 years ago
13 AI, the humanity! The Verge 5 years ago
14 Google’s AI Masters the Game of Go a Decade Earlier Than Expected MIT Technology Review 6 years ago
15 A general reinforcement learning algorithm that masters chess, shogi, and Go through self-play DeepMind 3 years ago
16 Go game master quits saying machines 'cannot be defeated' The Guardian 2 years ago
17 DeepMind’s Go playing software can now beat you at two more games New Scientist News 3 years ago
18 Robots Are Writing Poetry, and Many People Can't Tell the Difference The Walrus 12 days ago
19 DeepMind’s AlphaGo is secretly beating human players online New Scientist News 5 years ago
20 What Can We Learn From 4 Superhuman, Game-Playing AIs? Built In 9 months ago
21 DeepMind Comes Out With “Player Of Games”: Masters Both Perfect And Imperfect Information Games Analytics India Magazine 5 months ago
22 Google's AlphaGo Soundly Defeated Ke Jie, Humanity's Best Hope To Win A Game Of Go : The Two-Way NPR 5 years ago
23 Google's AlphaGo AI no longer requires human input to master Go Engadget 5 years ago
24 Google's AlphaGo AI can teach itself to master games like chess Engadget 4 years ago
25 Google's AI just beat the world's best Go player 5 years ago
26 Going, Going, Gone: Master Go Player Loses Best-Of-5 Match With A.I. NPR 6 years ago
27 In Two Moves, AlphaGo and Lee Sedol Redefined the Future WIRED 6 years ago
28 Reinforcement Learning Lecture Series 2021 DeepMind 2 months ago
29 After 3 Losses, Master Go Player Scores A Win Against Computer NPR 6 years ago
30 DeepMind's latest AI can master games without being told their rules Engadget 1 year ago
31 The AI That Dominated Humans in Go Is Already Obsolete DISCOVER Magazine 5 years ago
32 How to Get a Job at Google's AI Firm DeepMind Business Insider 3 months ago
33 ​AlphaGo returns upgraded, wins 60 straight games online ZDNet 5 years ago
34 DeepMind’s updated AlphaGo has been secretly savaging pro players online TechCrunch 5 years ago
35 'Like A God,' Google A.I. Beats Human Champ Of Notoriously Complex Go Game NPR 5 years ago
36 Google's AlphaGo AI defeats world Go number one Ke Jie The Verge 5 years ago
37 AlphaGo AI program goes into stealth mode to beat the pants off Go game pros GeekWire 5 years ago
38 Google's New AI Is a Master of Games, but How Does It Compare to the Human Mind? 3 years ago
39 DeepMind's human-bashing AlphaGo AI is now even stronger Business Insider 5 years ago
40 Google's AlphaGo A.I. beats world's number one in ancient game of Go CNBC 5 years ago
41 Google AI algorithm masters ancient game of Go 6 years ago
42 Wanted: 'Superhuman' AI to master a greener grid E&E News 9 months ago
43 Google’s DeepMind unveils AlphaGo AI that learns from itself and beat its predecessors VentureBeat 5 years ago
44 DeepMind's PoG Excels in Perfect and Imperfect Information Games, Advancing Research on General Algorithms for Arbitrary Environments Synced 5 months ago
45 DeepMind's new AlphaGo Zero artificial intelligence is ready for more than board games Quartz 5 years ago
46 (Yonhap Interview) Go master Lee says he quits unable to win over AI Go players Yonhap News Agency 2 years ago
47 Google’s AlphaGo A.I. Defeats Chinese Master at Go Board Game Inverse 5 years ago
48 Google's AlphaGo vs Kejie: The awful frustration of a teenage Go world champion playing against AI Quartz 5 years ago
49 AlphaGo beats Ke Jie again to wrap up three-part match The Verge 5 years ago
50 AI: How big a deal is Google’s latest AlphaGo breakthrough? TechRepublic 5 years ago
51 DeepMind's AlphaGo Zero: Learns From Scratch Without Any Human Input Technology Networks 5 years ago
52 DeepMind's work in 2016: a round-up DeepMind 5 years ago
53 AlphaGo seals 4-1 victory over Go grandmaster Lee Sedol The Guardian 6 years ago
54 This Research Paper Explain The Compute Trends Across Three Eras Of Machine Learning MarkTechPost 2 months ago
55 Google reveals secret test of AI bot to beat top Go players 5 years ago
56 Google’s new Go-playing AI learns fast, and even thrashed its former self The Conversation 5 years ago
57 AlphaGo retires from competitive Go after defeating world number one 3-0 The Verge 5 years ago
58 AlphaGo wins second match of three with Chinese Go master South China Morning Post 5 years ago
59 Google AI beats Chinese master in ancient game of Go 5 years ago
60 The AI That Has Nothing to Learn From Humans The Atlantic 5 years ago
61 This Go student has become the Go master—and it's a computer Kill Screen 6 years ago
62 DeepMind’s AlphaGo takes on world’s top Go player in China Ars Technica 5 years ago
63 Why games may not be the best benchmark for AI VentureBeat 4 months ago
64 The Go Files: AI computer wins first match against master Go player 6 years ago
65 Reinforcement learning explained InfoWorld 3 years ago
66 Introduction to Reinforcement Learning with David Silver DeepMind 2 months ago
67 AlphaGo defeats world Go champion Ke Jie – The New Economy The New Economy 5 years ago
68 AlphaGo Zero Shows Machines Can Become Superhuman Without Any Help MIT Technology Review 5 years ago
69 Why Google's Go win is such a big deal The Verge 6 years ago
70 AlphaGo Beats Top Go Grandmaster Ke Jie in First Match WIRED 5 years ago
71 Go master Lee Se-dol, the only human to beat AI AlphaGo, retires The Korea Herald 2 years ago
72 Google Confirms Mysterious Go Player to be AlphaGo AI Inverse 5 years ago
73 Google’s AlphaGo AI defeats the world’s best human Go player Engadget 5 years ago
74 AlphaGo wins first match of three against human with surprise move South China Morning Post 5 years ago
75 How Google's AlphaGo Beat a Go World Champion The Atlantic 6 years ago
76 Alpha Go Documentary Now Freely Available 2 years ago
77 HubSpot: Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None Seeking Alpha 1 month ago
78 Google's Go-playing AI still undefeated with victory over world number one The Guardian 5 years ago
79 AlphaGo: Google AI defeats world's top Go player USA TODAY 5 years ago
80 Reinforcement Learning Lecture Series 2018 DeepMind 2 months ago
81 Stunning AI Breakthrough Takes Us One Step Closer to the Singularity Gizmodo 5 years ago
82 Google AI in landmark victory over Go grandmaster The Guardian 6 years ago
83 Human vs. AI: Board Game Champ, Who Surrendered to Google, Beats AI in Surprise Game Observer 2 years ago
84 Why 'the future of AI is the future of work' MIT Sloan News 4 months ago
85 Go-playing Google Deepmind AlphaGo computer defeats human champion CBC News 6 years ago
86 The newest AlphaGo mastered the game with no human input Science News Magazine 5 years ago
87 What AlphaGo's sly move says about machine creativity The Washington Post 6 years ago
88 DeepMind AlphaGo Zero learns on its own without meatbag intervention ZDNet 5 years ago
89 Humans strike back: How Lee Sedol won a game against AlphaGo New Scientist 6 years ago
90 Google AI takes on master of ancient Chinese board game Go Daily Mail 5 years ago
91 Google's AI Wins Fifth And Final Game Against Go Genius Lee Sedol WIRED 6 years ago
92 In a Huge Breakthrough, Google's AI Beats a Top Player at the Game of Go WIRED 6 years ago
93 Learning more skills through optimistic exploration DeepMind 4 months ago
94 Google's AlphaGo is the best Go player in the world Engadget 5 years ago
95 AlphaGo's victory: how it was achieved and why it matters Android Authority 6 years ago
96 Google AlphaGo Zero taught itself to become the best Go player ever Mashable 5 years ago
97 Why the buzz around DeepMind is dissipating as it transitions from games to science CNBC 2 years ago
98 To Beat Go Champion, Google’s Program Needed a Human Army The New York Times 6 years ago
99 Humans Mourn Loss After Google Is Unmasked as China’s Go Master The Wall Street Journal 5 years ago
100 This AI Taught Itself to Play Go and Beat the Reigning AI Champion VICE 5 years ago