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1 FreightWaves Flashback: World ports reach 201 million TEUs
2 FreightWaves Flashback: E-shipping blues
3 Yantian port back at full speed; box recovery could take a month
4 Exclusive: SEKO Logistics chartering vessels for clients
5 Full steam ahead: Why container ships are racing across the Pacific
6 Ever Given finally released from custody in Egypt
7 How China became the big winner of the COVID era
8 Port of Vancouver feels squeeze from CN, CP wildfire backlog
9 Container shipping’s stranger-than-fiction first half of 2021
10 12 HMM container ships’ sticker price $1.57 billion
11 Container lines set to topple quarterly profit records (again)
12 A cruel summer for shipping stocks as tide turns
13 Container lines are poised to hit a $100 billion profit jackpot
14 How much do shipping CEOs make? (Here’s their pay info)
15 FAA shuts down Hawaii cargo operator Transair
16 Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy
17 All berths open at Port of Yantian
18 Op-ed: Biden administration shows how not to run a railroad
19 Freight jumped 11% in June to all-time high
20 Will US consumers throttle back on buying stuff?
21 Container lines poised to hit $100B profit jackpot July 08 , 2021
22 Uber Boosts Trucking Push With $2.25 Billion Deal To Buy Freight Service Transplace
23 Some more feedback on the Uber Freight-Transplace deal
24 Ever Given’s arrest and manifest — and the impact on US importers
25 The American Shipper Top 10: Containers overboard, stock selloffs, and an air rebound
26 Congress drafting law barring ocean carriers from refusing US exports
27 No relief: Global container shortage likely to last until 2022
28 Shipper group pressures Congress to clamp down on ocean carriers
29 Container ship scores ‘off the charts,’ ‘fantasy’ charter rate: $135,000/day
30 U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra visits farmworker vaccination clinic in Salinas
31 Amtrak, shipper groups voice support for Biden executive order
32 Chinese factories won’t build enough boxes to save US shippers
33 New video shows massive scope of California box-ship traffic jam
34 Ocean container losses topple annual average in 2 months
35 Congress, president address shipping laws | Ag News |
36 FreightWaves Flashback: ‘Dry canal’ across Nicaragua
37 Viewpoint: Container congestion may now impact Easter
38 Ship carrying auto parts sinks off Japan coast
39 FreightWaves Flashback: Customs to X-ray your pallet
40 Exclusive: Proposals submitted to address ocean shipping crisis
41 Can Biden Pull Off Railroad Reform?
42 Flexport: Trans-Pacific deteriorating, brace for shipping ‘tsunami’
43 IFCO hires VP of grower sales for North America – Produce Blue Book
44 ‘Seismic change’: Maersk commits to long-term relationships with shippers
45 Container shipping boom is bleeding over into dry bulk
46 Top stories of 2020: Inside ocean shipping’s wild ride
47 1 month, 1 million-plus containers at Port of LA
48 Don’t expect rate relief from container-ship order spike
49 STB to Class I's: Terminal Congestion, Demurrage Data, Please
50 Trans-Pacific trade crashes into max-capacity ceiling
51 Could America’s historic import crunch get even worse?
52 Companies in desperate hunt for aircraft to move cargo
53 Shipping tech startups: ‘Amazing’ valuations, ‘huge surge’ in interest
54 Crew in the crosshairs: Piracy, kidnappings, stranded by COVID
55 Regulators weigh in on fight between tankers and container ships
56 American Shipper Mystic Guide Wins Dubai World Cup
57 Ever Given could resume voyage 3 months after Suez Canal grounding
58 Airlines to lose $48B despite banner year for cargo
59 Dry-bulk Transporters Optimistic, China 48.5% of all dry bulk ton-miles in 2020
60 American exporters want end to erratic container return dates
61 Deutsche Bank on import bonanza: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’
62 FreightWaves Flashback: Ford reduces in-transit damage by 70%
63 West Coast port crisis caught in infrastructure debate
64 Viewpoint: Brace for another container surge
65 Biden picks Maffei to chair Federal Maritime Commission
66 FreightWaves LIVE recap: How to cope with ocean capacity crunch
67 Will Panama Canal avoid Suez-type logjam? Top exec talks differences
68 Brace for impact: Data shows US import demand still rising
69 US regulator probing China’s role in container shortage
70 Fed up with cargo congestion, freight forwarders flee O’Hare airport
71 Port congestion? Maybe Houston is the alternative
72 Get ready for blowout Q3 results in container shipping
73 Maersk adding weekly service to US East Coast
74 Could container shipping rates stay this red-hot until 2022?
75 Viewpoint: Is Yantian next pothole on maritime superhighway?
76 Cargo-in-cabin innovation remains popular for some airlines
77 How three Chinese companies cornered global container production
78 Viewpoint: Buy American — by choice
79 Forward Air cyberattack backing up shipments at key market: airports
80 Inside the now-booming business of building container ships
81 New Report Says 90 Percent of North American Homes Will Own A Smart TV by 2024
82 New world record set for shipping rates: $350,000 per day
83 California port pileup leaves old records in the dust
84 Home Depot now has its own ship. That’s an ominous sign
85 Port of LA launches Return Signal for trucking to address congestion
86 Why this tanker shipping depression is different from past slumps
87 Eureka, another container ship en route to Long Beach, delayed
88 Rise in trans-Pacific rates is relentless with new highs hit
89 Viewpoint: The causes of port congestion — and tactics to improve efficiency
90 Convoy and Flexport Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide End-to-End Digitization for Shippers
91 TSA to reveal security plan for air cargo industry
92 Port of Montreal: Why it matters and what a full strike could mean
93 Maritime regulators dive into alleged tariff-fee overcharges
94 Container rate records are shattered as US imports surge
95 Turvo Voted Best in Show at FreightWaves American Shipper Global Trade Tech Virtual Conference
96 US ports, shippers face major fallout from Suez Canal chaos
97 Global supply chains choke under tsunami of freight
98 ‘March madness’ at LA port amid ‘once in a lifetime’ surge
99 Ag industry’s letter to Buttigieg urges immediate action on export problem
100 FreightWaves Flashback: How much bigger will box ships get?