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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Ethiopian soldiers retake territory in Amhara region The Jerusalem Post 3 days ago
2 Tigrayan forces raped women in Ethiopia's Amhara region Amnesty 24 days ago
3 Thousands Forced to Flee Homes in Ethiopia's Western Tigray After Fighter Raids Bloomberg 1 day ago
4 Seven million people require urgent assistance in war-affected areas of Amhara The Reporter Ethiopia 4 hours ago
5 Ethiopia’s civil war: one man’s journey from entrepreneur to militant The Economist 17 days ago
6 Shell-shocked in Amhara, Ethiopia: ‘I don’t even want to hear the word “America” ’ Workers World 9 days ago
7 People fleeing Ethiopia allege attacks, forced conscription Associated Press 26 days ago
8 Ethiopia's PM, on frontline, urges troops to 'destroy' enemy Reuters 3 days ago
9 Analysis: On the Nature of Ethiopia’s Sociopolitical Challenges and their Context 3 days ago
10 Could Ethiopia's capital fall to Tigrayan and allied forces? Reuters 29 days ago
11 South Sudan to evacuate students from Ethiopia's Amhara region Sudan Tribune 23 days ago
12 How to Avert Catastrophe in Ethiopia Foreign Policy 19 days ago
13 Human rights: Civilian suffering in Tigray Chatham House 22 hours ago
14 Ethiopia: Amhara Region Health Partners Presence (ongoing) (as of 31 October 2021) Ethiopia 1 month ago
15 Ethiopia shuts schools to aid harvest of fighters' crop fields Reports 22 hours ago
16 Eighteen killed in clashes between Ethiopia's Oromo, Amhara groups Reuters 8 months ago
17 Tigrayan forces say they took town in Amhara region, Ethiopia denies it Reuters 1 month ago
18 Tigray forces killed 120 civilians in village in Amhara Ethiopia officials 3 months ago
19 Young men in Ethiopia's Amhara start to mobilise against Tigray forces Reuters 4 months ago
20 On Ethiopia: ‘I’ve lost faith in everything “American”’ Workers World 3 days ago
21 How Ethiopia's Tigray War Fuels Amhara Expansionism Foreign Policy 7 months ago
22 Ethiopia’s Amhara ethnic group accuses Biden of ignoring atrocities Fox News 6 months ago
23 Ethiopia’s Amhara rejects charge of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Tigray 9 months ago
24 Final Evaluation of Water for Food Security, Women's Empowerment and Environmental Protection (SWEEP) Project: (East and West Belesa Woredas of Central Gondar Zone, Amhara Regional State) March 2021 26 days ago
25 Ethiopia: Fact-checking misleading images about hunger in Amhara BBC News 3 months ago
26 In just one year, war in Ethiopia has 'devastated Tigray' and 'escalated in Amhara and Afar', says Samantha Power TODAY NEWS AFRICA 30 days ago
27 News: Amhara Prosperity Party cautions opposition NAMA as protest rallies spread region-wide 8 months ago
28 Ethiopia's Amhara Seizes Disputed Territory Amid Tigray War Bloomberg 9 months ago
29 Ethiopian families fleeing fighting describe hunger, rape in Amhara Reuters 2 months ago
30 Mekelle struck, residents flee Amhara as Ethiopia battle intensifies CNN 1 month ago
31 Tigray rebel offensive triggers food insecurity, displacement in Amhara The New Humanitarian 2 months ago
32 Tigray Forces Deny Reports of Mass Killings in Amhara Voice of America 3 months ago
33 We all are Amhara ELITES! (By Sisay Wagnew) 3 months ago
34 News Alert: Amhara region President warns fed. gov’t to seek solution to stop Amhara killings, wants emergency meeting 8 months ago
35 A Response to Prof. Ephraim’s zoom meeting on the war in Ethiopia 9 days ago
36 Professionalism and its associated factors among nurses | NRR Dove Medical Press 11 days ago
37 1935 to 2021: From Haile Selassie Gugsa to the TPLF 18 days ago
38 News: Ruling party in Amhara state warns Tigrayan forces against attempt to retake areas in western Tigray 5 months ago
39 Tigray: Food aid reaches Afar and Amhara, but situation still 'dire' UN News 2 months ago
40 Chinese FM Wang Yi visits Ethiopia; expresses desire to strengthen ties WION 24 hours ago
41 TDF: We are almost there, Tigray shall prevail Garowe Online 4 days ago
42 News: Amhara state calls on high school,technical & vocational,university students and teachers to join the fight against Tigrayan armed forces 3 months ago
43 News Analysis: As the conflict expand in Amhara region, major cities in the region enforce curfews limiting vehicles, human movements 4 months ago
44 Amhara official says offensive against Tigray forces imminent 4 months ago
45 News Analysis: In midst of counteroffensive measures against TPLF, NaMA criticizes Fed. Gov’t track record, demands swift actions to consolidate victories 2 months ago
46 News: Oromia PP accuses Amhara region forces of fomenting violence in Oromia zone, says OLA rebels not present as PM Abiy pleads for calm 9 months ago
47 Ethiopia's Amhara State Rallies Youth to Fight Tigrayans as War Expands Voice of America 4 months ago
48 News Analysis: Weeks after rights commission expressed concerns over the security situation of civilians in East wollega, Communal Violence breaks out in Kiramu Woreda 2 months ago
49 Analysis: Amhara State President says region foils attack by “radical Kimant rebels” and “T.P.L.F.-trained Samri group” through border with Sudan; claim adds new dynamic to the conflict 3 months ago
50 Ethiopia: Over 50 ethnic Amhara killed in attack on village by armed group Amnesty International 1 year ago
51 How ethnic killings exploded from an Ethiopian town Reuters 6 months ago
52 Assessment of Practice and Factors associated with Sunlight Exposure o | PHMT Dove Medical Press 26 days ago
53 Observers Worry Tigray Fighting is Shifting to Ethnic Conflict Voice of America 5 months ago
54 The shifting fortunes of Ethiopia's massive army The Citizen 2 days ago
55 News: Citing security threats, another major city in Amhara region imposes curfew 1 month ago
56 News: Amid stalled announcements, Incumbent leads in Oromia region, opposition leads in Amhara region so far 5 months ago
57 2 Sudan officers killed in border clashes with Ethiopian forces Middle East Monitor 7 days ago
58 Amhara nationalism at the polls in Ethiopia Ethiopia Insight 6 months ago
59 Amhara militia take up arms against Tigray rebels USA TODAY 3 months ago
60 UN projects soaring humanitarian needs in world in 2022 The New Indian Express 2 days ago
61 News Analysis: Amhara Region Says it is engaged militarily on multiple fronts against the TPLF 4 months ago
62 UN: Fighting Displaces 200,000 in Ethiopia's Amhara Region Voice of America 4 months ago
63 Ethiopia: Food insecurity high as Tigray conflict spreads to Amhara and Afar The Africa Report 4 months ago
64 'You don't belong': land dispute drives new exodus in Ethiopia’s Tigray Reuters 8 months ago
65 'We came here crying': Tigray forces also accused of abuses Spectrum News 3 months ago
66 News: OLF slams rights commission’s report on recent East Wollega conflict, calls for independent investigation 3 months ago
67 Worsening violence in western Ethiopia forcing civilians to flee 9 months ago
68 News: Armed forces from Tigray launch attack inside Amhara region; local officials admit the attack, say causalities include civilians 7 months ago
69 News: Amhara region police says it’s requesting federal gov’t to intervene or be given the task to solve security crisis in neighboring Benishangul region 12 months ago
70 News Analysis: Amhara State deploys its forces to neighboring Benishangul Gumuz state; move follows recent killings of security forces by armed rebels 3 months ago
71 Focus Ethiopia's Tigray conflict spreads to Amhara region 2 months ago
72 Ethiopia: Defining Amhara nationalism for a better country The Africa Report 1 year ago
73 Protest against Amhara genocide in Washington DC 8 months ago
74 The Horn of Africa Heads Toward Apocalypse The American Conservative 2 days ago
75 Ethiopia: Latest fighting in Tigray and Amhara has no clear gains for either side The Africa Report 1 month ago
76 News Analysis: Humanitarian assistance ‘not enough’ to meet the increasing number of IDPs in North, South Wollo Zones of Amhara Region 2 months ago
77 Opposition party condemns the killing of ethnic Amharas in Oromia The Reporter Ethiopia 9 months ago
78 Ethiopia: TPLF's Strings of War Crimes Against Amhara and Afar States 1 month ago
79 Ethiopia: Floods in Amhara Final Report (MDRET023) 4 months ago
80 ‘Finish us off’: Ethiopia’s Qemant say targeted in armed campaign 2 months ago
81 Ethiopia deputy PM meets World Bank country director – New Business Ethiopia New Business Ethiopia 3 days ago
82 ‘They Set Everything On Fire’: The Paramilitary Forces Killing People They’re Meant to Protect VICE 7 months ago
83 Amhara Association of America Supports Bipartisan Senate Resolution on Conflict in Tigray 9 months ago
84 News: Ruling party members speak of need to repeat Tigray military operation in Benishangul Gumuz as Amhara region gov’t, NaMA ramp-up calls for actions 12 months ago
85 The conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, explained Vox 7 months ago
86 Update: Amhara State Council declares emergency including region-wide curfew, suspension of activities by state institutions 1 month ago
87 Caught in the crossfire, Ethiopian minority flees to Sudan FRANCE 24 4 months ago
88 Ethiopia: At least 100 dead surge of violence against ethnic minorities Amnesty International 12 months ago
89 Amhara Association of America Statement on the Situation in Welkait, Raya, and the Tigray 9 months ago
90 Shell-shocked survivors describe brutal Tigray rebel advance FRANCE 24 3 months ago
91 TPLF incursion into Amhara, Afar affects 4.5 mln people The Reporter Ethiopia 3 months ago
92 "The blood flowing in Oromia is our blood too": Why Oromo-Amhara solidarity is the greatest threat to the Ethiopian government African Arguments 5 years ago
93 The war in Tigray: Abiy, Isaias, and the Amhara elite The Africa Report 10 months ago
94 UN fears sectarian violence that could 'fracture' Ethiopia Yahoo News 2 days ago
95 Analysis: Horrifying accounts of violence in Amhara region; Fed. Ombudsman slams regional govt. performance, says 303 killed so far 8 months ago
96 More than 1500 health facilities destroyed or damaged in Amhara and Afar: Minister of Health 2 months ago
97 Ethiopia begins work on $125m irrigation dam in the Amhara region GCR 11 months ago
98 Tigrayan forces take control of Ethiopia's Lalibela, a UN World Heritage Site eyewitnesses 4 months ago
99 A look at Eskista, the popular snake dance of the Amhara people of Ethiopia Face2Face Africa 1 month ago
100 ‘A Tigrayan womb should never give birth’: Rape in Tigray 8 months ago