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1 Three of the most mistranslated words in Scripture — according to TikTokers
2 Does this ancient document have authority in modern debates about moral theology?
3 Ram Can Soon Make it to School, College Curriculum via an EdTech
4 Grace for the Day: The Old Testament . . . is not really a testament
5 Owen, Strachan, Doesn't, Know, About, Commas?
6 'For you were [redacted] in Egypt': Concordance-ism and the ESV (part 1)
7 The day I touched the Rosetta Stone: The miracle of Scripture and the urgency of biblical obedience
8 Dead Sea Scrolls discoveries are first ancient Bible texts to be found in 60 years
9 A Monk and a Goddess Exchange Bodies: Gender Fluidity in Early Buddhism
10 Answering Bible Critics
11 Absurdity
12 Evangelical Prof's 'Biblical Comma' Tweet Exposes Paradox of 'Respectable' Evangelical Anti-Intellectualism
13 Mormonism's Sci-Fi Swan Song
14 Does Creation Order Bestow Automatic Leadership on Men?
15 The role of hospitality in the Bible
16 The greatest hindrance to sharing the Gospel to a millennial world
17 The big deal of a plumb line
18 Contemplative Practice in UCC: Becoming Still to Encounter the Still-Speaking God
19 What does archaeology tell us about scripture?
20 Opulent banquet hall discovered in Jerusalem may have welcomed VIPs 2,000 years ago
21 The faith of grandparents offers hope to today's young people
22 Kenneth Hugghins: 'The first act of love is to listen'
23 Faithful Scholarship, for Free | Dan Peterson
24 John Chrysostom on the Priesthood, Monkhood, Statues, and other stuff too
25 Dharma is not the same as religion
26 Education Week: Ancient Scripture professor finds peace through extending mercy
27 'I want to speak up for China': Female Uygur university student shares changes in her Xinjiang hometown
28 Our silences are adding up, will rebound upon us
29 Spiritual matters | Columns |
30 Why Does the Bible Forbid Tattoos?
31 Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery Reveals New Details Ab...
32 From purity pledges to the Equality Act: How evangelical concern about sex has shifted and what it has to do with creation
33 Same sex marriage and Right to Equality
34 Famine in the Bible is more than a curse: It is a signal of change and a chance for a new beginning
35 Ancient Bible Fragments at Heart of Crime Case Pitting Hobby Lobby Against Former Oxford Professor
36 When was Jesus born?
37 Author Josh McDowell Speaks of Bible's "Truth" to Tabernacle Audience
38 Archaeology news: Ancient seals unearthed in Israel prove Biblical prophet existed
39 Janet Tatz column: Give peace a chance | Regional News |
40 Archaeology: 'Greatest manuscript discovery' proves Bible IS God's Word, claims expert
41 Archaeology news: Bible expert claims 'rediscovered' civilisation proves scripture right
42 Vancouver scholar pens first decolonized English translation of ancient Indian scripture
43 Vancouver scholar offers first 'decolonized' English translation of famous ancient scripture Bhagavad Gita
44 A Rutgers Senior Finds Her Path Studying the Mysteries of Scripture and the Big Questions of Faith
45 Ancient Bible find rewriting history as sacred book 'written decades earlier'
46 Exclusive: 'Dead Sea Scrolls' at the Museum of the Bible are all forgeries
47 Scholars turn anew to an old question: If Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon, how did he do it?
48 Archaeology news: Ancient artefacts prove Bible right about Babylonian king, claims expert
49 Senators should seize the chance to outlaw conversion therapy
50 Examining the impacts of Globalization: A Case study of Afghanistan
51 What do we mean by the term 'Kerygma?'
52 Falling Seed: Psalms are ancient resource for a novel time: Part 1
53 Olives: Valued gift from God makes an ancient oil
54 Biblical Archaeology's Top 10 Discoveries of 2020 | News & Reporting
55 Ancient Egypt: Bible expert exposes 'evidence' 10 Plagues 'were aimed' at Egyptian gods
56 How the ancient Israelites dealt with epidemics — the Bible tells of prophecy and rituals
57 A Flat Earth? | Jesus Creed | A Blog by Scot McKnight
58 Ancient Words: A Time of Certainty, Holy Spirit and Springs of Water
59 Was the cross really necessary? What does the Bible say about Easter?
60 What We Can and Can’t Learn from a New Translation of the Gospels
61 Wise women: 6 ancient female philosophers you should know about
62 Austin Peay State University Honors Program to offer biblical history, archeology class |
63 Ancient Words: A Time of Certainty, The Peaceful Roman Road 2
64 What do scriptures say about the existence of other universes? | Faith Forum
65 The Bible: The World's Greatest Book on Astronomy
66 Archaeology news: Discovery of Galilee boat from Jesus' time proves Bible accurate
67 My Turn: Jan. 6 and the path of Christian nationalism
68 Bible breakthrough: Holy Grail’s location tracked with 1,500-year-old ancient manuscript
69 Ancient Words: A Time of Certainty, The Binding of Isaac
70 What does the Bible say about locusts?
71 Hobby Lobby Sues Oxford Professor for $7 Million | News & Reporting
72 Archaeology news: 'Treasure map' Bible exposes one of Israel's holiest sites as 'forgery'
73 Religion 'Mormon Land': Scholar examines how founder Joseph Smith may have translated the faith's signature scripture
74 How to Fake a Fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls
75 Archaeology news: The 'real-life Indiana Jones' who uncovered an ancient Biblical artefact
76 Why BYU's hiring shift could change the way religion is taught.
77 Brief overview of the Bible and its development
78 Archaeology news: How scholars translated world's 'oldest known' New Testament fragment
79 Archaeology news: 'Incredible artefact testifies to the existence' of Bible's King David
80 Scientists Step Closer to Understanding Full Capabilities of Antikythera Mechanism | Archaeology, Astronomy
81 Why France holds the key to India’s Multilateral Ambitions
82 Pope Francis: Christians must encounter the Bible, not just recite verses 'like parrots'
83 Ancient Egypt bombshell: Holy Land clues can reveal how Great Pyramid was built
84 What is messianic expectation in the Old Testament?
85 Features An interview with Sir David Suchet: the Bible cannot be silenced 16 Apr 2021
86 The TRUTH ABOUT THE Great Mother Wheel: The Two Natures Of The Wheel—Life And Death, Blessing Or Cursing
87 What does the devil look like? Here's 8 historical images of Satan
88 Names of the Women by Jeet Thayil review – Bible stories reclaimed
89 UFO sighting: Claims ‘Ancient alien Bible’ spotted on Mars by NASA
90 Archaeology news: Bible expert unveils 'evidence' Abraham 'was as real as you and I'
91 Archaeology surprise: Expert exposes Bible's link to 3,000-year-old Egyptian tablets
92 Council hears Hindu mantras, seeks public input on strategic planning
93 Archaeology news: Jerusalem's 'most important' Iron Age fortification proves Bible
94 Ancient Words: His First Coming, The Flight to Egypt
95 Archaeology evidence tied to Biblical Pharaoh proves Bible 'historically accurate'
96 From Summorum Pontificum to Traditionis Custodes, or From the Reserve to the Zoo
97 Archaeology news: 'Remarkable' discovery in Babylon could confirm Bible story happened
98 Bible prophecy: Antichrist 'is already at work' and Unholy Spirit 'will rise'
99 The Dead Sea Scrolls are a priceless link to the Bible's past
100 Wizard battles and demon circles revealed in newly translated Christian texts