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1 The Foresight of Angela Merkel National Review 8 days ago
2 Angela Merkel breaks silence on Ukraine, calls Russia's war 'barbaric' CNBC 24 days ago
3 Angela Merkel opens up on Ukraine, Putin and her legacy DW (English) 19 days ago
4 Merkel’s lack of regrets illustrates the fallacies of Germany’s Russia policy Brookings Institution 5 days ago
5 With Merkel gone, Germany gets tough on Brexit POLITICO Europe 21 hours ago
6 Angela Merkel opens up on Ukraine: How convincing was she? DW (English) 18 days ago
7 Angela Merkel speaks on Ukraine, defends dealings with Putin DW (English) 18 days ago
8 Angela Merkel on Putin, power, and her phonebook DW (English) 18 days ago
9 Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel defends her Russian policy WION 18 days ago
10 Putin’s ‘sadistic power’ over Angela Merkel in horrific incident—‘Enjoyed frightening her' Express 4 days ago
11 Fairytale venue with dark past for G7 summit in Germany FRANCE 24 English 9 hours ago
12 'No thanks!' Merkel told to butt out as former Chancellor offers to mediate with Putin Express 8 days ago
13 Biden and G-7 leaders discuss new sanctions on Russia, inflation USA TODAY 6 hours ago
14 Angela Merkel saw Germans through crisis after crisis. Now they wonder who'll fill the void CNN 9 months ago
15 Olaf Scholz replaces outgoing German chancellor Angela Merkel as a new coalition is announced CNBC 7 months ago
16 What Angela Merkel Left Behind The New Yorker 7 months ago
17 With Putin's war in Europe, the legacy of Germany's Merkel is now being seen in a very different light CNBC 3 months ago
18 Meet Olaf Scholz, the man set to replace Angela Merkel as Germany's next chancellor CNN 7 months ago
19 Buhari approves, releases N41.6bn take-up grant for presidential power programme Punch Newspapers 9 hours ago
20 What Angela Merkel does next- POLITICO POLITICO 5 months ago
21 Angela Merkel makes first public appearance since leaving office DW (English) 4 months ago
22 Coal makes unwelcome return as energy crisis engulfs Germany and Europe The Times 18 hours ago
23 Angela Merkel's earliest supporters weigh her legacy NPR 9 months ago
24 2021: Germany Transitions From Angela Merkel to Olaf Scholz Foreign Policy 6 months ago
25 Washington farewells Angela Merkel POLITICO 12 months ago
26 Thief steals Angela Merkel’s wallet in Berlin supermarket POLITICO Europe 4 months ago
27 Angela Merkel turns down UN job offer POLITICO Europe 5 months ago
28 How Macron's failures created an ungovernable France The Telegraph 6 hours ago
29 IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Angela Merkel KPBS 6 months ago
30 Germany agonises over Merkel’s legacy: did she hand too much power to Putin? The Guardian 4 months ago
31 Busting the Merkel Myth POLITICO Europe 7 months ago
32 The Life and Legacy of Angela Merkel Council on Foreign Relations 8 months ago
33 Angela Merkel inertia 6 months ago
34 The Legacy Of Angela Merkel: Kicking The Can Down The Road – OpEd Eurasia Review 4 months ago
35 Angela Merkel leaves lasting legacy in Israel DW (English) 9 months ago
36 Germany's Angela Merkel remains globally popular … just not in austerity-hit Greece CNBC 9 months ago
37 German lawmakers vote to end ban on 'advertising' abortions The Indian Express 2 days ago
38 Dismissed: Germany's Merkel becomes caretaker chancellor The Associated Press 8 months ago
39 Angela Merkel gets a grand send-off with her own pick of music CNN 7 months ago
40 Merkel: Virus death toll 'so bitter because it is avoidable' The Associated Press 7 months ago
41 The Extraordinary Partnership of Barack Obama and Angela Merkel Reel Chicago News 2 months ago
42 Merkel condemns Russian invasion as legacy comes under scrutiny Reuters 4 months ago
43 Merkel vows not to become political ‘troubleshooter’ in retirement POLITICO Europe 8 months ago
44 Angela Merkel Keeps a Low Profile as Russia Wages War in Ukraine PassBlue 3 months ago
45 The scapegoating of Angela Merkel Spiked 3 months ago
46 Angela Merkel: German chancellor in times of crisis DW (English) 9 months ago
47 EXCLUSIVE Germany may have been naive on China at first, Merkel says Reuters 7 months ago
48 30 years of Angela Merkel portraits DW (English) 8 months ago
49 The Other Side of Angela Merkel's 16 Years as German Chancellor Foreign Policy 12 months ago
50 Ikea pays tribute to Angela Merkel on her final day 7 months ago
51 Germany's Angela Merkel declares 'yes, I am a feminist' DW (English) 10 months ago
52 Readout of President Biden's Meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany The White House 8 months ago
53 Merkel warns of dramatic situation before talks to curb COVID-19 in Germany Reuters 7 months ago
54 Angela Merkel in Poland: Bidding goodbye to a difficult partner DW (English) 10 months ago
55 George Soros slams Merkel for ‘special deals’ on Russian gas POLITICO Europe 1 month ago
56 European Council bids adieu to Angela Merkel POLITICO Europe 8 months ago
57 Angela Merkel’s International Legacy: Cooler Trans-Atlantic Relations The Wall Street Journal 9 months ago
58 Kati Marton's biography of Angela Merkel comes to Iranian bookstores Tehran Times 2 months ago
59 How Does Angela Merkel Feel About These Birds? The Cut 9 months ago
60 Emotional Merkel, marking German reunification, calls for tolerance Reuters 9 months ago
61 Kamala Harris Says Angela Merkel Asked Her 'What's Going On' in America Newsweek 8 months ago
62 A 'male version of Angela Merkel'? Meet Germany's new chancellor CNN 7 months ago
63 Germany's Angela Merkel holds farewell call with Chinese President Xi DW (English) 9 months ago
64 Readout of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Call with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany The White House 10 months ago
65 Angela Merkel's tenure as German chancellor officially ends CGTN 8 months ago
66 ‘She defined modern Germany’: Blair, Barroso and Prodi on Angela Merkel The Guardian 7 months ago
67 Opinion: Germany must call off Angela Merkel's Chinese love affair DW (English) 10 months ago
68 The Post-Heroic Legacy of Angela Merkel Bloomberg 1 year ago
69 Opinion: Race to succeed German Chancellor Angela Merkel is wide open DW (English) 10 months ago
70 Olaf Scholz set to replace Angela Merkel as German Chancellor CNN 7 months ago
71 Nord Stream 2 pipeline Angela Merkel’s 'biggest mistake', says Donald Tusk DW (English) 7 months ago
72 Angela Merkel endured as others came and went. Now world's crisis manager steps down CNN 1 year ago
73 Angela Merkel's Syrian 'daughter' will not forget her DW (English) 7 months ago
74 Angela Merkel hopes Germany continues to work with Turkey Al Jazeera English 8 months ago
75 EXCLUSIVE Merkel defends nuclear power exit despite climate challenges Reuters 7 months ago
76 Germany sweetens departure of longtime chancellor with marzipan Merkel Reuters 10 months ago
77 Angela Merkel scores higher approval ratings than any other world leader The Guardian 10 months ago
78 Angela Merkel's last federal press conference: 'It was a pleasure' DW (English) 11 months ago
79 German Chancellor Angela Merkel to visit White House on July 15 CNN 1 year ago
80 There's a Merkel-Sized Hole in European Conservatism Foreign Policy 8 months ago
81 What Happened During Angela Merkel's Visit to the White House Newsweek 12 months ago
82 You can be German even if your name is not 'Klaus' or 'Erika' -Merkel Reuters 10 months ago
83 Germany's Angela Merkel receives Spain's Carlos V European Award DW (English) 9 months ago
84 Merkel urges Germans to back her party’s choice of successor The Guardian 10 months ago
85 Can anyone fill Angela Merkel’s shoes? POLITICO Europe 12 months ago
86 'Bad mistake' Angela Merkel slated for pushing Germany into 'extra-dependency' on Russia Express 3 months ago
87 Angela Merkel calls for climate change action as she surveys deadly German flood damage NBC News 11 months ago
88 What is next for Germany after Angela Merkel? Al Jazeera English 7 months ago
89 Germany's Angela Merkel makes last official visit to UK — as it happened DW (English) 12 months ago
90 Angela Merkel left red faced as she watches her 16 year legacy go 'up in smoke' Express 4 months ago
91 Opinion: Angela Merkel deserves as much blame – or more – as her predecessor for making Germany dependent on Russian energy The Globe and Mail 2 months ago
92 These Are The Top Politicians Vying To Succeed Angela Merkel As Germany's Chancellor NPR 1 year ago
93 Why Merkel can’t stop apologizing POLITICO Europe 12 months ago
94 Angela Merkel Leaves a Mixed Climate Legacy in Germany Bloomberg 11 months ago
95 Orbán on post-Merkel era: Gloves are off POLITICO Europe 7 months ago
96 Angela Merkel's reign of failure UnHerd 10 months ago
97 Angela Merkel implores Germans to pick Armin Laschet as her successor Financial Times 10 months ago
98 Why Merkel chose Russia over US on Nord Stream 2 POLITICO Europe 11 months ago
99 Was Angela Merkel's Successor at the G-20 Summit? Bloomberg 8 months ago
100 Angela Merkel's Model for Germany and its Limits Foreign Affairs Magazine 1 year ago