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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Bindi Irwin says the animals at Australia Zoo 'gravitate' to her daughter Grace Daily Mail 9 hours ago
2 Orcas can kill blue whales, the largest animal on Earth National Geographic 2 days ago
3 Glass Animals finally get Australia-themed tattoos on their arses to celebrate 2020 Hottest 100 victory 4 days ago
4 Bindi and Terri Irwin Say the Australia Zoo Animals Run to See Baby Grace: 'Steve All Over' Yahoo Eurosport UK 17 hours ago
5 Olivia Rodrigo, Glass Animals Crowned on Australia’s Year-End Charts Billboard 15 days ago
6 ‘Resident Alien’ Joined by ‘Astrid & Lilly’ on Syfy, Tribute to Meat Loaf, Australian ‘Animals with Cameras’ TV Insider 2 days ago
7 Free-Roaming Kangaroos, Wallabies, and Emus at Santa Barbara Zoo's Australian Walkabout Santa Barbara Independent 22 days ago
8 Welfare for animals in transport during summer Government of Western Australia 23 hours ago
9 Where to watch All Creatures Great and Small online in Australia 7 hours ago
10 Australia pledges $700 million to protect Great Barrier Reef amid climate change threat CNN 4 hours ago
11 Indonesia, Australia agree to cooperate in livestock, animal products ANTARA English 18 hours ago
12 Meet Methuselah, the oldest living aquarium fish Associated Press 2 days ago
13 Kindness to animals recognised in Tweed Shire Australia Day awards Echonetdaily 2 days ago
14 What makes Australia’s creatures so unique Sydney Morning Herald 18 days ago
15 Sydney news: Man charged with animal cruelty after duck decapitation ABC News 2 days ago
16 More to vegan economy than replacing meat 7NEWS 6 hours ago
17 Traffic in Australia is just offal after semi-truck sloshes animal guts across highway The A.V. Club 15 days ago
18 Surprisingly few animals die in wildfires – and that means we can help more in the aftermath The Conversation AU 22 days ago
19 Dangerous liaisons: CSL’s other line of work is poisonous Sydney Morning Herald 2 days ago
20 Hitting the beach this summer? Here are some of our top animal picks to look out for The Conversation AU 25 days ago
21 Ghostly monkeys and succulent bamboo among 224 newly discovered Mekong region species ABC News 1 day ago
22 Evil Australian man duct-taped fireworks to a terrified KITTEN before setting it alight Daily Mail 1 day ago
23 US uni student 'mauled' by dogs in 'bloodthirsty' attack leaving her permanently disfigured 7NEWS 7 hours ago
24 Why animal owners in Hong Kong are hiring private planes for their pets CNN 3 days ago
25 States in Australia mull putting cats under lockdown. Here's why Hindustan Times 1 month ago
26 Australia’s new battle against animal disease 25 days ago
27 Boris Johnson authorised Afghanistan animal rescue | — Australia's leading news site 1 day ago
28 Brumby re-homing policy 'airy fairy' say volunteers removing wild horses from national parks ABC News 12 hours ago
29 Desert rainbowfish: how they survive in Australia's scorching desert Australian Geographic 1 day ago
30 Shocking blowpipe dart attack on native animals Daily Telegraph 1 day ago
31 Families flock to Featherdale Wildlife Park to cuddle iconic animals ABC News 2 days ago
32 Thousands of small animals to be culled in Hong Kong over pet shop COVID-19 transmission fears ABC News 10 days ago
33 New chlamydia vaccine could save koalas from extinction 9News 23 hours ago
34 Celebrity Parents: Bindi Irwin's daughter plays outside as mum says the Australia Zoo animals 'gravitate to her' 9Honey 6 hours ago
35 RSPCA South West issues warning for animal owners amid summer heat waves The West Australian 13 hours ago
36 Ancient knowledge is lost when a species disappears. It's time to let Indigenous people care for their country, their way The Conversation AU 4 days ago
37 The Loop: Thousands become citizens on Australia Day, Dylan Alcott's going 'out on a high', Fight Club's surprise new ending and meet the 'ghostly monkey' ABC News 2 days ago
38 EchidnaCSI: Engaging the public in research and conservation of the short-beaked echidna 4 days ago
39 Meat and masculinity: why some men just can't stomach plant-based food The Conversation AU 13 hours ago
40 ACT the only Australian jurisdiction where cat management program trap, neuter, return is legal ABC News 8 days ago
41 Boris Johnson yet to receive Sue Gray report and says it’s ‘total rhubarb’ he authorised Kabul animal airlift – as it happened The Guardian 14 hours ago
42 Sydney woman gets nasty surprise while picking chilli from her backyard 9News 1 day ago
43 Five Iconic Australian Animals—And Where To See Them Forbes 2 months ago
44 Surprising theory behind shark attack spike 3 days ago
45 Millipede with more legs than any known animal discovered in Australia BBC News 1 month ago
46 PRESS RELEASE: $200, 000 in support for Animals helped by Volcano Victim Angela Glover – Media Database Get the Word Out 4 days ago
47 More than 600 mosquitoes of same species caught in single backyard trap as population explodes 9News 3 days ago
48 Some endangered species can no longer survive in the wild. So should we alter their genes? The Conversation AU 3 days ago
49 New research sheds light on diversity, need for protection of seagrass beds in dugong hotspot off NT coast ABC News 6 days ago
50 ‘Koala Massacre’: Australia Files Hundreds of Animal Cruelty Charges The New York Times 1 month ago
51 Stephen Loane OAM: our council GM's passion for livestock industry honoured on Australia Day Forbes Advocate 3 days ago
52 WA farmers call for more clarity around exemptions for agriculture sector amid labour crisis ABC News 6 hours ago
53 Nebo Police trailing reflective eartags on cattle to prevent livestock strikes Queensland Country Life 7 hours ago
54 'Cane toad bust' aims to curb threat to native species, as population tops two billion ABC News 11 days ago
55 The pioneer: Nornie Bero on championing native Australian ingredients National Geographic UK 2 days ago
56 This ‘romantic’ lizard is one of Australia’s most trafficked animals National Geographic 3 months ago
57 Loss of Australia's largest lab animal supplier will leave 'huge gap' 7 months ago
58 Australia faces wave of native extinctions without urgent action on invasive species, CSIRO reports The Guardian 2 months ago
59 Filmmakers On a Mission to Save Australia's Kangaroos Animal Welfare Institute 3 months ago
60 Best Experiences With Australia’s Cutest Animals TravelAwaits 4 months ago
61 Dad’s heroic act as python attacks puppy 1 day ago
62 Australia's Deadliest Animals Are Friendly in Netflix's Back to the Outback 2 months ago
63 Australia's Cats Kill Two Billion Animals Annually. Here's How the Government Is Responding to the Crisis Smithsonian Magazine 11 months ago
64 Why Do So Many Weird Animals Live in Australia? Discover Magazine 1 year ago
65 Nature | Australia | Animals with Cameras | Season 40 | Episode 7 PBS 2 days ago
66 Yellow crazy ants cause decline in lizards in Far North Queensland rainforests, scientists prove ABC News 4 hours ago
67 ‘We can’t save everybody’: could biobanking offer Australian animals a last hope against extinction? The Guardian 2 months ago
68 Native recycler is a far cry from its pest relations Ballarat Courier 9 hours ago
69 Should we keep native Australian animals as pets? Cosmos 6 months ago
70 Egg-laying mammals and peacock spiders: Meet some of Australia's weirdest creatures 8 months ago
71 Local Government in Australia Kills Dogs Over Covid Fears The New York Times 5 months ago
72 NAMED: Townsville’s worst suburbs for animal cruelty Townsville Bulletin 4 hours ago
73 Tasmanian Devils Born on Mainland Australia Offer Hope for a Species at Risk of Extinction Smithsonian Magazine 8 months ago
74 We Will Soon Know the Genome Sequencing of Every Complex Species on Earth Gizmodo Australia 5 days ago
75 The scientists releasing cats in Australia BBC News 10 months ago
76 Quokkas throw their babies at predators to escape, and other Australian animal 'myths' ABC News 11 months ago
77 Australia's Trash Parrots Invent New Skill in Suburbs The New York Times 6 months ago
78 An Australian Sheep Farmer Uses His Animals To Offer A Tribute To His Late Aunt NPR 5 months ago
79 Climate Change Is Causing Some Animals To Grow Larger Limbs And Beaks NPR 5 months ago
81 Australia's cane toads evolved as cannibals with frightening speed 5 months ago
82 Pigs Fly as Animals Australia Highlights Factory Farm Conditions Branding in Asia Magazine 1 year ago
83 Mount Isa taxi driver charged with domestic violence, animal cruelty, child exploitation material North Queensland Register 2 days ago
84 Scientists propose urgent $824m mission to document Australia’s undiscovered plants and animals The Guardian 8 months ago
85 Pets on planes: Australians may soon be allowed animals in cabins but airlines are hesitant The Guardian 7 months ago
86 ‘Road to extinction’: koalas could soon be listed as endangered in swathes of eastern Australia The Guardian 7 months ago
87 Grim Warning for Australia’s Most Endangered Plants and Animals SciTechDaily 5 months ago
88 Scientists say Australian plan to cull up to 10000 wild horses doesn't go far enough 3 months ago
89 The Australian Firefighters Calendar is Back with More Shirtless Heroes and Adorable Animals PEOPLE 3 months ago
90 Australia confirms extinction of 13 more species, including first reptile since colonisation The Guardian 11 months ago
91 How Australia's ancient giant animals met their end 9News 1 month ago
92 Australia's charismatic glider marsupial BBC News 11 months ago
93 Conservation documents for half of all critically endangered species don’t mention climate change The Guardian 2 months ago
94 ‘There’s a lot more out at night’: a beginner’s guide to spotlighting The Guardian 6 months ago
95 Australia must control its killer cat problem. A major new report explains how, but doesn't go far enough The Conversation AU 12 months ago
96 Pest plants and animals cost Australia around $25 billion a year – and it will get worse The Conversation AU 6 months ago
97 New dinosaur species discovered in Australia, one of world's biggest Reuters Australia 8 months ago
98 Australia's fires 'killed or harmed three billion animals' BBC News 2 years ago