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1 What if we had liked Super Mario Bros.: The Movie?
2 'Twisted Metal' Games Get TV Series Starring Anthony Mackie
3 Tell It to the Bees
4 Super Mario Bros. movie restoration: The story behind the “Morton-Jankel cut.”
5 Super Mario Bros. movie gets a fan rerelease with 20 more bizarre minutes
6 The Story Behind the Super Mario Bros. Movie Extended Cut
7 Super Mario Bros.The Movie Extended Edition Review
8 Max Out: Annabel Jankel interview
9 The Super Mario Bros Movie Is Good. Here's Why
10 “Super Mario Bros.” is a retrograde corporate nightmare
11 Super Mario Bros. 'Director's Cut' Adds 20 Minutes of Deleted Scenes
12 'The stench of it stays with everybody': inside the Super Mario Bros movie
13 Tell It To The Bees Interview: Director Annabel Jankel On Adapting The Novel For The Big Screen
14 Annabel Jankel's 'Tell It To The Bees' sells to key territories for Film Constellation (exclusive)
15 Interview: Rocky Morton On The Chaos Of Directing The Super Mario Bros. Movie
16 Cyberpunk 2077 meets the Super Mario Bros movie in amazing mash-up trailer
17 Tell It to the Bees: Anna Paquin, Holliday Grainger and Annabel Jankel Interview
18 'Super Mario Bros' director on her comeback 'Tell It To The Bees', starring Anna Paquin, Holliday Grainger
19 'Tell It to the Bees' Is a 'Magical' Look at Lesbian Love and Nature
20 Kate: Netflix Premieres Trailer for Hitwoman Remake of Classic Noir
21 Super Mario Bros 2: Why The Sequel Never Happened | Screen Rant
22 Mirai Ninja Became the First Live-Action Videogame Movie Five Years Before Super Mario Bros.
23 Movie adaptations of games are terrible, so why am I excited for ‘Monster Hunter’?
24 This Week in Genre History: Super Mario Bros. the movie gets an instant 'game over'
25 The Untold Truth Of Max Headroom
26 Annabel Jankel, Holliday Grainger And Anna Paquin Talk ‘Tell It To The Bees’ – Toronto Studio
27 Keep it in Motion
28 My book Tell it to the Bees was made into a film – but they changed the ending for a straight audience
29 New animated 'Super Mario Bros' movie on the way in 2022
30 The Super Mario Bros. Movie Was a Damp, Fungal Love Letter to New York City
31 Super Mario Bros. The Movie: The Actor Who Almost Died On Set TWICE
32 Among Us CG Fan Film Hits the Web
33 ‘Tell It to the Bees’: Film Review | TIFF 2018
34 Tell It To The Bees crushes a tender midcentury love story under the weight of melancholy
35 Skellig
36 Oliver's World: Super Mario Bros. is bigger, longer and uncut
37 The 40 Best Music Videos of 1981: Staff List
38 Tell It to the Bees reviews – honey-glazed ham of a romance
39 Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Bros. Film's 2022 Opening
40 Anna Paquin Will ‘Tell It To The Bees’ With Holliday Grainger In Period Romance
41 WTF Moments: The tiny headed Goombas in the Super Mario Bros. movie
42 The Beverly Hillbillies Is Unstreamable
43 25 Years Later: 'Super Mario Bros.' Remains a Weird, Iconic Mess
44 ‘Tell It To The Bees’: First Footage Of Anna Paquin & Holliday Grainger In TIFF Romance-Drama
45 Super Mario Bros' Blu Ray Documentary Reveals How It Became Such A Disaster
46 Film Review: Tell It to the Bees
47 Summerland review: Adorable wartime tale is a family film with a difference
48 The best and worst video game movie adaptations of all time
49 New Deleted Scene From Super Mario Bros. Hits The Web
50 Review: Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger elevate predictable romance ‘Tell It to the Bees’
51 Berlin: ‘Tell It to the Bees’ Lands Multiple Sales for Film Constellation
52 Photo essay: how make-up and visual effects brought Max Headroom to life
53 Video Game Movies: Best and Worst of All Time
54 'Tell It To The Bees': Toronto Review
55 Our Top 10 Favorite Dennis Quaid Films
56 The Dazzling Failures of 'Super Mario Bros.,' 25 Years Later
57 Cancelled Too Soon: Max Headroom (1987)
58 Review: 'Tell It To The Bees' is a Romance With a Big Heart but Muddled Intentions
59 Why 'Super Mario Bros.' Is Still Fascinating 25 Years After Flopping
60 Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger star in new trailer for 'Tell It To The Bees'
61 Super Mario Bros. movie getting a Blu-Ray re-release and a steelbook edition
62 Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger are lovers in trailer for Tell It to the Bees
63 House of Aurora Pop-Up Coming to TIFF 2018
64 Interview: Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov on Making the Most Out of an Environmentally Sticky Situation in “Honeyland”
65 Super Mario Bros. director explains why the movie was so awful
66 Riot on the set: 25 unbelievable yet true stories from the sets of movies
67 Making Noise Quietly and Tell It to the Bees — two British dramas of love and cruelty
68 In 'Tell It To The Bees,' Anna Paquin & Holliday Grainger Play Secret Lovers In Conservative '50s Scotland — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
69 Anna Paquin & Holliday Grainger Smolder in 'Tell it to the Bees' Dance
70 The Pain and Gain of Making Video Game Movies
71 Level Up: The 7 Videogame-Based Movies Actually Worth Watching
72 Max Headroom, Original Talking Head, on DVD
73 Max Headroom: the definitive history of the 1980s digital icon
74 'The Tomorrow War' Trailer: Chris Pratt Goes Back to the Future
75 TELL IT TO THE BEES Trailer Shows a Lot of Drama in This Love Story with Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger — GeekTyrant
76 'The Lion King' posts second-highest UK box office opening of 2019 with £16.7m
77 Actor Wrote All His Dialogue in Super Mario Bros. Movie
78 The 'Super Mario Bros.' movie turns 25: How the infamous dud was inspired by an Oscar-winning film
79 A tender relationship
80 Anna Paquin & Holliday Grainger in First Trailer for 'Tell It to the Bees'
81 Now That 'Detective Pikachu' Is Out, Let's Revisit the 'Super Mario Bros.' Movie
82 Super Mario Bros. Animated Movie in Development
83 "Tell It to the Bees" Lesbian Film Starring Anna Paquin On May 3, 2019!
84 The Brit 50: Watch this space
85 Hollywood Archaeology: The Super Mario Bros. Movie
86 Tell it to the Bees: Anna Paquin drama has sting in tail for book's fans
87 10 Movies That Turned Out Nothing Like You Were Expecting
88 UK box office preview: how loud can 'The Lion King' roar?
89 'Super Mario Bros.' director says he really wanted Danny DeVito
90 Super Mario Bros Limited Edition Blu-ray goes up for preorder
91 Why Hollywood is embracing Scotland for international productions
92 EXCLUSIVE: New Super Mario Bros. Movie Details Revealed
93 Scott Brown on How Max Headroom Predicted the Demise of TV Journalism
94 8 Surprising Details About The Hellish Production Of The Super Mario Bros. Movie
95 ‘Super Mario Bros.’ turns 30
96 Inside the L.A. Times photo studio at the Toronto International Film Festival
97 Johnny Depp’s ‘Richard Says Goodbye’ to World Premiere at Zurich Film Festival
98 Tell it to the Bees star, 11, had to leave movie premiere as he's too young to see it
99 ‘Dr. Ruth’ Goes Big Screen; Juliette Binoche In ‘Non-Fiction’ – Specialty B.O. Preview
100 Tell It to the Bees review: Holliday Grainger, Anna Paquin deliver sweet romance