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1 Dear Annie: Decades later, the past still comes back to haunt me
2 Dear Annie: My brother’s fiancée never posts about him on social media to avoid upsetting her family
3 Dear Annie: My husband acts more like a roommate than a spouse
4 Dear Annie: What are you thankful for this year?
5 Dear Annie: It’s time for my grieving niece to start putting her life back together
6 Dear Annie: Should I swallow my pride and ask for a ride to church?
7 Dear Annie: Food truck owner shares thoughts on tip jars
8 Dear Annie: Getting sober helped me see my partner for who he truly is and now I want to get away
9 Dear Annie: My husband procrastinates about everything
10 Dear Annie: My marriage has lacked love and affection for more than 20 years
11 Dear Annie: Why do some people think it is ok to blow their nose in a restaurant?
12 Dear Annie: I still miss my first love almost 50 years later
13 Dear Annie: My uncle won’t return the tool he borrowed unless we pay him for the fuel he had to buy for it
14 Dear Annie: My husband and I have not had sex in 10 years
15 Dear Annie: I’m worried my friends are trying to replace me
16 Dear Annie: I feel like my mom plays favorites and never has time for me
17 Dear Annie: Thoughts on physical and mental health
18 Dear Annie: I’m 38, but my mom treats me like a kid since I moved back in with her
19 Dear Annie: Ex-boyfriend claims he has changed
20 Dear Annie: It’s never too late for victims to seek justice
21 Dear Annie: Suicide is not the answer
22 Dear Annie: My ex says he has changed and wants me back
23 'Tis the Season for Setting Boundaries, by Annie Lane
24 Dear Annie: Woman sandwiched between generations has to work to keep family close
25 Annie Lane: Husband keeps first wife too close
26 Goleta to Consider Designating Historic Structures
27 Annie Lane: Wife's jealousy is a red flag
28 Annie Lane: Beating addiction
29 Christmas Books 2021: Bob Mortimer, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Annie Leibovitz and more | HeraldScotland
30 Dear Annie: My brother’s family is moving to another state and I’m not sure if I should tell him I want them
31 Dear Annie: Wife’s out-of-control drinking threatens 21-year marriage
32 Dear Annie: Is it wrong of me to expect an apology from my father for bringing a horrible woman into our live
33 Dear Annie: I found the real reason she didn’t watch TV
34 Dear Annie: How do I move on from the past?
35 Dear Annie: How can I tell if a guy likes me?
36 Dear Annie: I’m tired of living with my brother and being his caregiver
37 Annie Lane: Need my makeup
38 Dear Annie: I’m burnt out from years of dealing with my husband’s issues
39 Dear Annie: It’s nice to take a break from the phone
40 Dear Annie: I wish my daughter would call me once in a while
41 Dear Annie: Our elderly neighbor is all alone and needs more help than we can provide
42 Annie Lane Bridal organizes 'anyone can find a dress' photoshoot
43 Dear Annie: How to teach your gawking husband a lesson
44 Dear Annie: I’m a married man in a complicated relationship with a married woman
45 Dear Annie: When you always put others first, you teach them to put you last
46 Dear Annie: My son has shut me out
47 Dear Annie: My husband thinks it is OK to ogle teenage girls
48 Dear Annie: Are you a grandparent being kept away from the children? Reader says ‘look inward’
49 Dear Annie: Recovering addict considers divorcing incarcerated spouse
50 Dear Annie: It is ok to feel sad when a pet dies
51 Dear Annie: Losing a loved one does not mean we stop loving them
52 Dear Annie: I’m worried about my wife and my work is also stressing me
53 Dear Annie: My nephew and his wife are getting divorced. Should I ask that she return the family heirloom I g
54 Dear Annie: Our daughter has grown distant since she remarried
55 Dear Annie: Don’t wait till your spouse is gone to talk about finances
56 Dear Annie: Neglected by husband
57 Dear Annie: Why shouldn’t I tell his wife about his infidelity?
58 Dear Annie: My husband decided to air our dirty laundry at work
59 Dear Annie: ‘My house, my rules.’ Cell phone squabble gets heated
60 Dear Annie: A parent’s love for their child should be unconditional
61 Dear Annie: How do I ask for a raise?
62 Dear Annie: I could not decide between two women and now I’m not friends with either of them
63 Dear Annie: I am 65 and at a crossroads in my life
64 Dear Annie: Am I wrong for turning off an unattended stove?
65 Dear Annie: I’ve spent many holidays alone since my daughters-in-law would rather be with their parents
66 Dear Annie: I’m thinking about reaching out to my estranged father
67 Dear Annie: Both sets of grandparents always expect our family to visit them and never come to see us
68 Dear Annie: Our daughter wants our support, but she’s the one causing problems in her marriage
69 Dear Annie: I cheated on my boyfriend and worry our relationship is now doomed
70 Dear Annie: I’m only staying for the sake of my kid
71 Dear Annie: A European perspective on tipping
72 Dear Annie: How can I help my neighbor?
73 Dear Annie: Am I a mean mom for taking away my kids’ cellphones as punishment?
74 Annie Lane Bridal goes viral for wheelchair-friendly window display
75 Dear Annie: Is it reasonable to expect an apology?
76 Dear Annie: My sister is dating a felon and I’m worried about her safety
77 Dear Annie: I’m overweight and afraid my husband is going to leave me for someone skinnier
78 Dear Annie: ‘Backup bestie’ feels blown off when friend regularly cancels plans
79 Dear Annie: Former in-laws don’t get the message and keep talking about their daughter
80 Dear Annie: My husband had a second life I never knew about until we got divorced
81 Dear Annie: Trying to sort out love versus lust
82 Dear Annie: I want to warn my ex’s next wife/target
83 Dear Annie: Girlfriend would like to muzzle partner’s ‘puppy love’
84 Dear Annie: We’d like to have our daughter stay with us for the summer but not her dog
85 Dear Annie: How do I put my foot down with our daughter when our relationship is already strained?
86 Dear Annie: Boyfriend is hiding things
87 Dear Annie: How do I talk to our children about the death of a pet?
88 Dear Annie: Slowing Down
89 Dear Annie: Proper care for the elderly
90 Dear Annie: Should this mom stop trying for relationship with sons who ‘just don’t care’?
91 Annie Lane: More letters on love to continue Valentine's Day
92 Dear Annie: My ex-husband is trying to cause trouble for my fiancé
93 Dear Annie: My boyfriend just moved on
94 Dear Annie: I wish I had known about my husband’s affair
95 Dear Annie: Sometimes life makes you slow down and put the phone away
96 Dear Annie: Overworked couple with triplets on the way need to call in some favors
97 Dear Annie: What should I do about my daughters-in-law who practically ignore me
98 Dear Annie: Man’s life, marriage wounded by ongoing jabs from father-in-law
99 Dear Annie: After an ice-cold marriage I’m looking for some passion in my life
100 Dear Annie: Our marriage has been under a huge strain recently and I’m considering leaving