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1 An illustration of resilience and hope, in the face of anti-Asian hate
2 The pandemic released a wave of anti-Asian hate. Now they're fighting bias in their own pews.
3 Asian American leaders fear Covid-19 origin report could fuel more bigotry and violence
4 Amid a rise in hate crimes, Black and Asian Americans are standing together: 'Solidarity is the answer'
5 Hate attacks are up in Orange County, with a huge increase against Asian Americans, new report says
6 How the yellow whistle became a symbol against anti-Asian hate
7 Hate crimes against Asian and Black people rise sharply in the U.S., FBI says
8 Austin wants to empower residents to stop anti-Asian violence, harassment: Find out how Thursday
9 Breaking down anti-Asian racism during the pandemic
10 Groups Fighting Anti-Asian Hate Still Waiting for Funding Albany Pledged in Spring
11 Asian American athletes speak out amid rising hate: 'We are tired of being invisible'
12 OC Asian American Community Leader Says Hate Crimes Spike During COVID-19 Surges
13 Anti-Asian, anti-vaccine hate roils Orange County government
14 7 in 10 older Asian American and Pacific Islander women are feeling the impact of racism and hate
15 Rep. Andy Kim on anti-Asian hate
16 At Philly’s Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival, the focus this year was on anti-Asian violence
17 Shang-Chi is a breakthrough for Asian representation, but the hero's comic book history has racist origins
18 Most Asian Americans are against the recall, but some haven't forgiven Newsom for his nail salon remark
19 FBI Reports Hate Crimes at Highest Level in 12 Years
20 Why Asian superhero Shang-Chi could truly change the world
21 Asian-Americans in the tech industry on hitting the bamboo ceiling
22 History of Anti-Asian Racism in the United States
23 America Was Eager for Chinese Immigrants. What Happened?
24 Looking for a Gold-Rush Town Named Chinese Camp
25 Local professor's mission: Share the rich history of Japanese Americans in San Diego
26 The painful history of anti-Asian hate crimes in America
27 Anti-Asian Discrimination, Locally and Nationally | Hawai'i Public Radio
28 More Than 9000 Anti-Asian Incidents Have Been Reported Since The Pandemic Began
29 New survey: Black, Latinx and Asian American donors give more to social and racial justice causes
30 Anti-Asian hate crimes surged in early 2021, study says
31 China Rising, Episode 10: Racism
32 New center offers Mandarin cultural programs for adults
33 There were 3,800 anti-Asian racist incidents, mostly against women, in past year
34 The Rise In Anti-Asian Attacks During The COVID-19 Pandemic – 1A
35 The long, ugly history of anti-Asian racism and violence in the U.S.
36 The story behind the group tracking anti-Asian hate incidents
37 With anti-Asian hate rising, California group keeps track
38 The erasure of anti-Asian racism
39 Anti-Asian Hate in US Predates Pandemic
40 Biden Announces Actions To Combat Anti-Asian Violence, Discrimination
41 Senate Resoundingly Passes Bill to Target Anti-Asian Hate Crimes
42 Anti-Asian hate crimes in California jumped 107%
43 Why Trump’s anti-spy ‘China Initiative’ is unraveling
44 A long history of bigotry against Asian Americans
45 FELLAS: Let fashion speak for itself
46 Opinion | What This Wave of Anti-Asian Violence Reveals About America
47 Swelling Anti-Asian Violence: Who Is Being Attacked Where
48 Americans are not satisfied with the way Asian Americans, immigrants are treated, poll finds
49 Anti-Asian Attacks Higher Than Numbers Indicate, Group Says
50 We need to recognize and fight against anti-Asian hatred
51 Anti-Asian violence: The history of anti-Asian racism in the US
52 How to address the surge of anti-Asian hate crimes
53 Op-ed: The pain and fear of anti-Asian hate crimes hits close to home
54 'Domino effect of discrimination': Polling shows mental health and career impacts of anti-Asian hate
55 Asian Americans reported being targeted at least 4,500 times this year
56 Biden Signs Hate Crimes Bill Amid Attacks On Asian Americans
57 New report finds 169 percent surge in anti-Asian hate crimes during the first quarter
58 Viral images show people of color as anti-Asian perpetrators. That misses the big picture.
59 Anti-Asian hate crimes spike in U.S. cities, study finds
60 Anti-Asian Attacks Continue as City Reopens
61 Rise in anti-Asian violence puts added strain on struggling NYC restaurants
62 Anti-Asian Racism Is on the Rise in Colorado
63 AP-NORC poll: More Americans believe anti-Asian hate rising
64 Why over 85 Asian American, LGBTQ groups opposed the anti-Asian hate crimes bill
65 Anti-Asian Violence Gives Rise To Bystander Intervention Training
66 Why the trope of Black-Asian conflict in the face of anti-Asian violence dismisses solidarity
67 Opinion | Anti-Asian hate is as bad as ever. Why has attention to it waned?
68 Berkeley expert: In times of crisis, anti-Asian violence is an American tradition
69 Covid 'hate crimes' against Asian Americans on rise
70 Anti-Asian hate: U-M chronicles location, nature of more than 1000 incidents last year
71 The Muddled History of Anti-Asian Violence
72 Illinois tackles anti-Asian hate with the TEAACH Act
73 Cathy Park Hong on Anti-Asian Racism
74 Looking at the Rise of Anti-Asian Racism in the Pandemic
75 Policing Won’t Stop Anti-Asian Violence—Solidarity Will
76 Changing the Narrative of Anti-Asian Hate
77 Anti-Asian American attacks increased during the Covid-19 pandemic
78 How Anti-Asian Activity Online Set the Stage for Real-World Violence
79 Anti-Asian Hate Crime Crosses Racial and Ethnic Lines
80 Senate advances bill to combat surge of anti-Asian hate crimes
81 The History Of Anti-Asian Sentiment In The U.S
82 Opinion | Anti-Asian Racism Isn’t New
83 Anti-Asian attacks include spitting, punching, racial slurs
84 How To Start Conversations About Anti-Asian Racism With Your Family
85 POV: What We Need to Do to End Anti-Asian Racism
86 Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Rise Dramatically Amid Pandemic
87 Asian Americans told to 'go back to China' in racist rant in Kips Bay, Manhattan
88 Opinion | Why Has There Been a Spike of Anti-Asian Hate?
89 'It Just Stays With You': The Corrosive Health Effects Of Decades Of Anti-Asian Violence
90 Covid-19 is a 'wake-up call' to act on Southeast Asia's food waste crisis, experts say
91 Lark Yan | The recently passed Anti-Asian Hate Crime Act is like smoke and mirrors — it's not enough
92 Houston Hasn’t Seen A Spike In Anti-Asian Hate, But Experts Say The Data Is Unreliable
93 Anti-Asian Hate Must Stop and as a Community We Must Remain United and Speak Out
94 Tracking Anti-Asian Hate
95 Though Attacks On The Rise, Anti-Asian Violence Predates COVID-19
96 Anti-Asian Violence in US Demands Response
97 The U.S. Is Seeing a Massive Spike in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes
98 'I will not be quiet': Teens speak out about anti-Asian attacks at L.A. event
99 Combating Anti-Asian Violence through UN Human Rights Mechanisms
100 What Iran’s membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation means