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1 Jewish anti-Zionist to plead his case for asylum in the UK
2 New Jersey to Divest From Unilever Over Ben & Jerry’s and Israel
3 What A Daring Prison Break Taught Israel About Itself
4 Why I’m observing Yom Kippur this year as a workers’ rights holiday | Opinion
5 Trump said Jared Kushner was 'more loyal to Israel than the US': book
6 Arizona sells Unilever bonds over Ben & Jerry's Israel move
7 European Anti-Semitism Reappears with Virulent Versions for the Covid Era
8 Palestinian stabs two in Jerusalem shop before being shot, Israeli police say
9 Arizona to end investment in Ben & Jerry's parent company after ice cream sales decision
10 Opinion | Israel's prime minister is not seeking a reset. He just wants more cover for apartheid and colonization.
11 Israel catches two more escaped Palestinian militants, police say
12 Yom Kippur is the Jewish holiday of remembrance. Poland uses it to erase the past.
13 Facebook's Oversight Board calls on independent investigation over anti-Palestinian bias allegations
14 Interview
15 Arizona sells Unilever bonds over Ben & Jerry's Israel move
16 – Commentary: The European disease that's mutated through the Black Death and COVID
17 Israeli-Palestinian Strife Feeds Anti-Semitic Acts in Europe
18 Who's behind recent rise in US anti-Semitic attacks?
19 Anti-Semitic violence surged during the Israel-Hamas war. Why?
20 800 Harvard Affiliates Sign Letter Rebuking 'Anti-Israel Sentiment' on Campus | News
21 Google employees call for company to support Palestinians and protect anti-Zionist speech
22 Opinion | The Crisis of Anti-Semitic Violence
23 Anti-Semitic attacks are being reported in US cities as tensions flare over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
24 U.S. Faces Outbreak of Anti-Semitic Threats and Violence
25 Israel vows to 'act aggressively' against Ben & Jerry's
26 Israel’s war on (‘anti-Semitic’) ice cream
27 Jews Wonder About Response To Antisemitism Following Israel-Gaza Conflict
28 New Anti-Semitism Treats Israel as ‘the Jew Among the Nations’
29 The problems with an increasingly dominant definition of anti-Semitism (opinion)
30 Gaza Conflict Stokes ‘Identity Crisis’ for Young American Jews
31 Democrats must punish Tlaib and Omar if they're truly serious about antisemitism
32 Antisemitic attacks spread like 'wildfire' in the US
33 Anti-Israel protests in Germany prompt calls for antisemitism crackdown
34 Rubio Joins Cotton, Colleagues in Introducing Bill to Ban Anti-Semitic Country-of-Origin Labels
35 Israel recalls top diplomat from Poland citing ‘anti-Semitic’ restitution law
36 Unilever chief says company 'fully committed' to Israel
37 Rep. Ilhan Omar clarifies tweet grouping U.S., Israel with Hamas, Taliban after criticism from Jewish Democratic lawmakers
38 'This is pure antisemitism': Jewish group condemns anti-Israel protest
39 Jewish American groups appeal to Biden White House after string of antisemitic attacks related to Israel
40 International Criminal Court Backs Probe Of Duterte's War On Drugs In The Philippines
41 L.A.P.D. Investigates Attack as an Anti-Semitic Hate Crime
42 Spike in anti-Israel attitudes on US campuses: Study
43 Harvard Hillel Executive Director Accuses Cornel West, Supporters of Furthering 'Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theory' In Tenure Controversy | News
44 Opinion | Ben & Jerry's Founders on the Company's Israel Policy
45 A New German Anti-Semitism Rears Its Ugly Head
46 Synagogue Attacks And Slurs: Jewish Community Rocked By Rise In Anti-Semitism Amid Israel-Gaza Fighting
47 Anti-Semitism surge deeply disturbing
48 American Jews are taught a very specific Israel narrative — which leaves out Palestinians
49 Anti-Semitism Isn’t Merely Another Kind of Hate
50 Rubio, Manchin Reintroduce Legislation to Combat Anti-Israel BDS Campaign
51 Antisemitic incidents heightened across U.S. amid Israel-Gaza fighting; mosques were damaged, too
52 Antisemitic attacks are rising. Blame anti-Zionism
53 Boycott Israeli Apartheid: If Not Now, When? | Opinion
54 Jonathan P. Baird: A rise in anti-Semitic incidents is not the answer to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
55 “This was a hateful and Anti-Semitic act;” Student’s Israeli flag egged
56 We Should Use the Same Principles for Debating Israel As Debating Racism
57 Mark Ruffalo Mocked On Twitter After Apologizing For Recent Anti-Israeli Comments
58 ‘Die Jew.’ Jewish family visiting South Florida harassed while walking in Bal Harbour
59 Rights Group Hits Israel With Explosive Charge: Apartheid
60 Jewish opposition to Israel's oppression of Palestinians is growing. Here's why | Opinion
61 France Seeks Change in Law After Outrage Over Verdict in Anti-Semitic Killing
62 Not just neo-Nazis with tiki torches: Why Jewish students say they also fear cloaked anti-Semitism
63 SNL’s Michael Che said Israel only vaccinated its ‘Jewish half.’ Critics call the joke ‘an antisemitic trope.’
64 Iraqis Hold Anti-Israel Protests After Call by Cleric, Militias
65 German government agrees to ban Hamas flag after anti-Semitic incidents
66 Anti-Semitic incidents more than doubled in May compared to last year following Mideast violence, Anti-Defamation League reports
67 NYC crime: NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force investigating two anti-Jewish bias incidents in Brooklyn
68 Facebook is getting pulled into a fight about the politics of Israel
69 Yang Walks Back Stance on Israel After Drawing Criticism
70 Airstrikes and Protests Escalate as U.S. Steps Up Mediation
71 Why We Stand With Israel | Opinion
72 21 booked in Kashmir for ‘anti-Israel street protests’
73 Anti-Semitism Seen in Capitol Insurrection Raises Alarms
74 Israel and Hamas May Reach Cease-Fire Soon, Officials Say
75 Israel v. Ben & Jerry's: a Palestinian-American view of the ice cream war
76 Pompeo Visits West Bank Settlement and Calls B.D.S. Anti-Semitic
77 Labour councillor suspended over anti-Israeli outburst
78 IHRA ‘misrepresents’ own definition of anti-Semitism, says report
79 Israel-Palestinian conflict: False and misleading claims fact-checked
80 What celebrities are saying about the Israel-Gaza violence
81 Israel is the Jewish people's ancient home. We will always defend ourselves from Hamas.
82 Pakistan's top diplomat makes anti-Semitic remark during CNN interview about Gaza conflict
83 Israel isn't a democracy, it's an 'apartheid regime,' rights group says
84 When Anti-Zionism becomes Anti-Semitism
85 Canada’s Green Party remains a mess of obsessive Israel-bashing and allegations of antisemitism
86 L.A. restaurant attack investigated as antisemitic hate crime
87 Nuanced assessments of Israel-Hamas conflict from the New York Times
88 Radical rabbi's followers rise in Israel amid new violence
89 After opposing anti-hate crime bill, Hawley blames Democrats’ rhetoric for attacks on Jews
90 Dua Lipa slams New York Times ad accusing her of being anti-Semitic
91 Roald Dahl's Family Apologizes For His Anti-Semitic Comments
92 No Sign of Israel-Gaza Conflict Ending
93 Anti-Israeli protests in Mideast countries
94 Examining American Jews' Relationship With Israel, Zionism
95 Report: Pandemic amped up anti-Semitism, forced it online
96 What Zoom Does to Campus Conflicts Over Israel and Free Speech
97 Facebook might censor criticism of Zionists. That’s dangerous
98 Why Black Lives Matter Supports The Pro-Palestinian Movement
99 Trump admin considers branding Amnesty International, other human rights groups as 'anti-Semitic'
100 Germany detains suspects for stoning synagogue, burning Israeli flags