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1 We Need a Movement Against Vaccine Apartheid
2 Black July: Against Racism, Militarization, and Apartheid [VIDEO]
3 Israeli Apartheid: "A Threshold Crossed"
4 Human Rights Watch Responds: Reflections on Apartheid and Persecution in International Law
5 South Africa reels from the worst violence since apartheid
6 Students say Loyola Marymount's vaccine mandate is 'apartheid'
7 South Africa counts the cost of its worst unrest since apartheid
8 Is “Apartheid” the New Normal?
9 Anti-apartheid veteran Zuma casts shadow over South Africa
10 Radicalism mixed with openness: how Desmond Tutu used his gifts to help end Apartheid
11 Defiant ex-leader Jacob Zuma compares S.African judges to apartheid rulers
12 Why it is crucial to keep a spotlight on Israel’s apartheid
13 Opinion: Boycott Israel, the apartheid state under new management
14 South Africa unrest is worst since apartheid, confronts the failing state with hard choices
15 Perspective | It's impossible to separate politics and the Olympics
16 Violence Casts Shadow Over South Africa's Post-Apartheid Democratic Gains
17 The reality of apartheid
18 Pope appeals for constructive collaboration in post-apartheid South Africa
19 French MEP criticised for comparing COVID-19 certificate with apartheid
20 How South Africa's post-apartheid economic dream turned sour
21 As more US Jews call Israel apartheid state, organizations struggle to counter
22 London, Ontario Business Declares Apartheid Free Zone – Turkey-Other
23 The problem with talking about Israeli apartheid
24 Matt Williams: We did not achieve our mission in boycotting apartheid South Africa
25 Indian-origin anti-apartheid activist Maniben Sita dies in South Africa
26 Exporting the Tools of Apartheid
27 Cuban Exiles Want The World On Their Side, Not Cuba's. Try Persuasion, Not Petulance
28 Nelson Mandela International Day recognises contribu..f ex-president of South Africa, an anti-apartheid icon
29 Three decades on, a generation of anti-apartheid fighters look back
30 Cheslin Kolbe fulfilling the dream his father was denied by apartheid
31 This day in history, July 18: South African anti-apartheid leader and president Nelson Mandela born in the village of Mvezo
32 Global COVID-19 Vaccine Apartheid: Kenya
33 Another struggle against apartheid – The Gisborne Herald
34 6 Times the Olympics Were Boycotted
35 Painful reminder of apartheid’s racist legacy rises from the ashes of deadly Phoenix unrest
36 The New Apartheid shatters the idea that apartheid ever ended
37 Where does South Africa go from here?
38 From the Archives, 1986: Four more nations boycott Games over apartheid
39 Fueled with vaccine apartheid, Delta variant strikes deep into Africa
40 Ben & Jerry's is wrong, Israel and apartheid are one and the same just ask its leaders
41 Apartheid denials exposed – The Gisborne Herald
42 2021, the year of Israeli apartheid – Mondoweiss
43 De Klerk accused of being apartheid denialist, but his foundation says 'no one is denying anything'
44 South Africa unrest: Militias fill lawless vacuum after worst violence since Apartheid
45 No place for apartheid and colonialism in the AU
46 In Response to BDS and Apartheid Accusations Against Israell
47 The limits of Palestinian nationalism in the fight against Apartheid – Mondoweiss
48 South Africa needs to revisit the emergence of black conservatism
49 Israel, A Settler-Colonialist and Apartheid State, Is Joining The AU As An “Observer Member”
50 Read next on IOL Foreign anti-apartheid activists weigh in on violence sweeping SA
51 Anti-apartheid campaigners support anti-corruption efforts
52 Granting looters amnesty is an insult to victims of apartheid still awaiting redress — and it defeats the rule of law
53 PM lays out next steps towards recovering Portugal's freedoms, scotching predictions of 'vaccine apartheid'
54 Rally commemorates 1981 Springbok tour, but anti-apartheid struggle continues
55 Apartheid is alive and well in the suburbs | Citypress
56 Launch: ‘The New Apartheid’ by Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh (Wednesday)
57 Can Israel criminalise Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the US?
58 Key Steps That Led to End of Apartheid
59 Staging French football curtain raiser a 'win' for Israel, says organiser Sylvan Adams
60 Manhattan developer bypassed 'poor doors' with separate address: suit
61 Palestine & Hiroshima: US Wars, Then and Now
62 South African revolt aimed at economic apartheid
63 Apartheid in South Africa | History, Start & End, Meaning, Facts
64 Ben & Jerry's Is Shunning Israeli Settlements. The US Should Too.
65 Artists cut ties with museum over owners' alleged Israel connection
66 Abusive Israeli Policies Constitute Crimes of Apartheid, Persecution
67 Thandiswa Mazwai says racial tensions will remain if apartheid spatial planning is not addressed
68 Appropriating ‘Apartheid’ to Bash Israel
69 Leading human rights group calls Israel an 'apartheid' state
70 Don't Call What Israel is Doing Apartheid | Opinion
71 ‘Apartheid ghosts still haunt me,’ says former NP negotiator
72 The word ‘apartheid’ is used to describe Israel’s control over Palestinians. Why is it so loaded?
73 South Africa riots: fears of race war build as vigilantes roam streets on Nelson Mandela’s birthday
74 Calata’s last stand for the Cradock Four
75 World has entered stage of "vaccine apartheid"
76 #WordinBlack: Why I'll be cheering extra hard during these Olympics | Afro
77 Post-colonial leaders are holding Africa back
78 Moral imperatives – actions speak louder than words
79 South African Filmmakers Move Beyond Apartheid Stories
80 All eyes on Palmerston North as 1981 Springbok tour hung in balance
81 South Africa warns of 'vaccine apartheid' if rich countries hog shots
82 Rule of law under threat without socio-economic inclusion of majority
83 OPINION | Nombulelo Shange and Ntando Sindane: If poverty not eradicated, looting will happen again
84 Australians Should Know That Apartheid Is Still Happening Today
85 Where you live matters: Undoing spatial injustice
86 Apartheid and Persecution: The Forgotten Crimes Against Humanity
87 How the UN Can Help End Israeli Apartheid and Persecution
88 'South Africa has greatly reversed apartheid's legacy'
89 S.Africa losing cultural landmarks like Apartheid Museum to COVID
90 In 'Moffie,' A Gay Soldier Comes Of Age During Apartheid In South Africa
91 'Open the gate. People must just loot'
92 'Apartheid' claim, Israel and the verdict of international law
93 Food Apartheid: Racialized Access to Healthy Affordable Food
94 Slavery, Apartheid And The Holocaust: 11 Bold Signs From Valletta's 'Freedom Rally'
95 The Interview
96 A renewed commitment to TRC cases
97 How Nelson Mandela fought apartheid—and why his work is not complete
99 ANC and its ‘microwave’ leaders are the problem, not Indians or Zulus
100 A line must be drawn between art and sociopolitical activism: Percy Mtwa