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1 App Tracking Transparency: Here’s all you need to know
2 What is app tracking transparency and how to enable it?
3 How to control activity tracking by apps on your iPhone or iPad
4 Apple will ask before it targets you with its ads in iOS 15
5 What is App Tracking Transparency and how do you block app tracking?
6 Apple iOS 15: 3 Exciting New iPhone Privacy Features Coming Any Minute Now
7 Apple's iOS 15: 'Enhanced user privacy to the detriment of marketers & publishers'
8 Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature will be enabled by default and arrive in ‘early spring’ on iOS
9 Allow App to Track? Most iOS 14.5 Users Tap Fuggedaboutit!
10 iPhone app tracking transparency: how to use the new features in iOS 14.5
11 How to use App Tracking Transparency on iPhone and iPad
12 Apple shares more details about its imminent App Tracking Transparency feature
13 How to configure App Tracking Transparency in iOS and iPadOS
14 Apple iOS 15: New iPhone Privacy Features To Beat Facebook
15 New iPhone Privacy Features: What’s New in iOS 15
16 What the Privacy Battle Upending the Internet Means for You
17 How mobile app developers can thrive in Apple’s new world
18 Apple seems to be finally fixing grayed-out App Tracking Transparency toggle in iOS 14
19 Your apps are watching everywhere you go unless you change this setting
20 Data Privacy Day at Apple: Improving transparency and empowering users
21 Apple’s new “app tracking transparency” has angered Facebook.
22 App Tracking Transparency required in all apps starting April 26
23 App Tracking Transparency: How to use the Apple feature
24 This one iPhone setting change keeps ads from following you across the internet
25 iOS 14.5: How This Outstanding New Feature Will Change Your iPhone Forever
26 App Tracking Transparency causing 15% to 20% revenue drop for advertisers
27 Snap has tested workaround to App Tracking Transparency; 95% effective
28 Apple criticized for inaction over App Tracking Transparency workarounds
29 Apple's Tracking Transparency Tool: What Happens Outside The App Stays Outside The App
30 Twitter and Snap report strong growth; App Tracking Transparency opt-in high
31 Apple's App Tracking Transparency Framework Causing Advertisers to Spend More Money Targeting Android...
32 Apps Must Adhere to App Tracking Transparency Rules and Be Built With iOS 14 SDK Starting April 26
33 Apple says app tracking transparency policies will be applied globally, following reports that Chinese ad networks are trying to skirt the rules
34 Why you are not seeing IOS 14.5 privacy pop-ups
35 Apple Now Rejecting App Updates That Defy iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency Rules
36 Despite Better Than Expected Tracking Opt-In Rates, iOS Continues To Lose Share To Android 09/02/2021
37 How to Use App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5 to Stop Apps Tracking You
38 Apple's App Tracking Transparency Update Is Turning Out to Be the Worst-Case Scenario for Facebook |
39 Facebook hates Apple's new privacy feature — here's how App Tracking Transparency works
40 Google announces its own version of App Tracking Transparency
41 Antitrust Complaint Filed in Germany Over Apple's Incoming App Tracking Transparency Requirement
42 Apple sees positive customer reaction to App Tracking Transparency
43 Apple's New ATT Privacy Protection Framework Rolling Out With iOS 14
44 Apple rebuffs Facebook criticism, says iOS anti-tracking features are about ’standing up for our users’
45 How to use App Tracking Transparency to stop apps from collecting your data and location on Apple devices
46 Apple Confirms Commitment to App Tracking Transparency in Letter Condemning Facebook's Data Collection [Updated]
47 Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy not anti-competitive, but French investigation continues
48 App Tracking Transparency having big impact on ad effectiveness
49 New data shows how devastating Apple’s new anti-tracking feature is for Facebook
50 Forget “App Tracking Transparency”: Facebook is enjoying more ad revenue than ever
51 Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Has Advertisers Scrambling, With Concern More Is to Come
52 iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency Guide: Here's How to Use it on New and Already-Installed Applications
53 Apple Facing Another Antitrust Complaint Over New App Tracking Transparency Framework
54 Chinese apps test bypass for Apple's App Tracking Transparency
55 Google responds to Apple App Tracking Transparency with new rules for Android
56 Apple exec warns it may remove apps that track users without permission
57 Why iPhone Users Are Being Tracked By Apps Even If They've Refused Consent
58 Former Employees Explain What Facebook Has to Lose When Apple Implements App Tracking Transparency
59 Twitter Expects Apple's App Tracking Transparency Changes to Have 'Modest Impact' on Revenue
60 iOS 14.5 to Have Controversial Security Update: App Tracking Transparency Will Arrive, Soon
61 Twitter CFO: Apple's App Tracking Transparency Changes 'Level the Playing Field'
62 Apple’s Stunning New iPhone Feature Is A Triumphant Success
63 Apple poised to reshape online advertising as investment and influence grows
64 Twitter Begins Asking Users to Enable Ad Tracking
65 The Privacy Push: How Apple and Google Are Blazing Their Own Privacy Trail | Legaltech News
66 Mobile Ad Companies Form 'Post-IDFA Alliance' to Navigate Upcoming App Tracking Transparency Changes
67 App Tracking Transparency leads to antitrust complaint in Germany
68 iOS ad spend drops as AppTrackingTransparency takes off
69 LinkedIn Won't Use IDFA After Apple's App Tracking Transparency Changes
70 iOS 14: Apple Issues Facebook Blow With Bold New iPhone Privacy Feature
71 Facebook tells businesses it has no choice but to comply with upcoming App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS 14
72 Apple debuts humorous new ‘Tracked’ ad promoting iPhone privacy [Video]
73 Google announces its answer to App Tracking Transparency on iOS
74 P&G Wanted to Skirt App Tracking Transparency Rules With China Data Collection Tech [Updated]
75 Most Apple users agree with App Tracking Transparency, plan to buy AirTag
76 Two-Thirds of iPhone Users Expected to Block Ad Tracking
77 Apple's App Tracking Transparency to Kick in on Monday
78 Tim Cook tweeted about App Tracking Transparency and it's easy to see the target
79 Apple’s Stunning Plan To Strike Facebook With Brilliant New iPhone Features
80 App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5 could lead to in-house tracking: Report
81 When will Apple release iOS 14.5 to the public?
82 Tim Cook Says Apple is 'Not Against Digital Advertising' Ahead of iOS 14.5 Launch With App Tracking...
83 Apple App Tracking Transparency: 12% of users allow tracking
84 Facebook's New PR Campaign Promotes Personalized Advertising Ahead of Apple's App Tracking Transparency...
85 iPhone's Next Software Update Aims to Give More Privacy Control
86 Apple Software Chief Craig Federighi Defends App Tracking Transparency Feature
87 This Week in Apps: A surprising report on App Tracking, Apple event predictions, Instagram for kids
88 Apple launches the post-IDFA world to the dismay of advertisers
89 When Do Third-Party Cookies End? Apple (AAPL) Google (GOOG) Ending Practice
90 How Advertisers are Reacting to iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency
91 Apple's new ad controls in iOS 14.5 could shape Facebook's future
92 Tim Cook explains new App Tracking Transparency feature and how it will affect Facebook
93 Apple spells it out with new ad for app tracking privacy feature | Advertising
94 Only 35% of App Store Apps Use iOS 14 Privacy Labels
95 How the iOS 14.5 Update Is Going to Really Hurt Facebook
96 Craig Federighi talks App Tracking Transparency with Joanna Stern
97 The Challenges of PPC Tracking and Attribution After iOS 14.5
98 Android 12's new privacy settings draw a clear line between Google and Apple
99 After Apple, Google Bringing Android 12 Feature That Allows Users To Block Apps From Tracking Them Online
100 Apple's App Tracking Transparency Update and Email Marketing