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1 Aptera Opens New Investor Website, Appears In A Fan-Made Game Mod
2 Aptera and its solar car are back from the dead
3 Letter to the Editor: Ghosts of environment past, present and future
4 Resurrection of Elio Motors Begins with Electrified Version of Three-Wheeler
5 Automotive composites accelerate a greener future
6 Indigo Technologies Promises Lightweight, Highly Efficient Electric Cars
7 Aptera Sol: 1,000-mile, solar-supplemented EV teases tent, space for a surfboard
8 Aptera shows off its ultra-futuristic solar-powered Sol electric vehicle with 1,000-mile range
9 Aptera Taking Orders for EV That It Claims Never Needs Charging
10 Aptera shows how its “never charge” solar EV performs
11 Elio Motors pivots to 150-mile Elio-E EV, gasoline version still not canceled
12 Aptera Electric Car Is Incredibly Efficient And Green, But ‘Never-Charge’ Solar Panels Are Not.
13 Aptera is back with a new EV it says doesn’t need charging
14 Aptera solar electric car with ‘1,000 miles’ of range gets $4M in backing, more than 7,000 preorders
15 Watch Aptera’s Solar-Powered 3-Wheel EV Cruise Southern California’s Winding Coastal Roads
16 Aptera Closes $4 Million Series A Round, Claims $250 Million In Orders
17 Aptera's EV Can Go From 0 to 60 Mph In Less Than 3 Seconds
18 Aptera Shows Off Its Second Dev Car & A New Website
19 Aptera Is Going Gangbusters
20 Aptera opens orders for EV that doesn't need charging
21 Aptera IPO Ambitions Shine Through In Latest Executive Hiring
22 Rivian CEO letter suggests deliveries awaiting government approval
23 Close To 10,000 Reservations, Aptera Reveals Its Body Is Made Of Hemp
24 Aptera’s 1,000-Mile EV Moves Closer to Production With Millions in Preorders and New Funding
25 Interview: Aptera's Head Engineer Talks Range and Performance
26 Aptera Uses Many More Tesla Parts Than We Previously Thought
27 Aptera releases video of Sol, its second solar car prototype
28 Aptera has 3,000 preorders for solar-powered 'never-charge' EV
29 Aptera, the first mass-produced solar-powered car, is due to roll off the assembly line this year
30 Would You Buy Aptera's Three-Wheeled EV If It Had a Range of 1,000 Miles?
31 Aptera Uses Drag Strip To Prepare For Beta Prototype Production
32 Aptera Motors
33 Aptera Solar-Powered Car With '1000-Mile' Range Gets 7000 Preorders for Delivery in 2021
34 Aptera Presents Sol, Its White Pearl, And Last Alpha Prototype
35 Solar-Powered Aptera Will Float, Last a Lifetime
36 Aptera Uses Animations To Present Key Aspects Of Its Trike
37 aptera's 3-wheeled solar energy vehicle is back on track
38 Aptera Is Looking For a New Manufacturing Site For Its 11000 Reservations
39 Aptera Alpha Prototype Takes Transport Evolved On A Quick Spin
40 The measure of: Aptera Motors' solar electric vehicle
41 Meet Sol: Aptera's Three-Wheeled Solar-Powered EV in White
42 2022 Jaguar I-Pace, Aptera “never charge” lifestyle, GM EV policy: Today's Car News
43 Aptera Is Getting Sandy Munro's Help To Spread Efficiency's Gospel
44 Is this solar-powered car the future? Aptera EV sells out in 24 hours
45 Can This New EV Really Drive Us Off the Grid?
46 Is Aptera Using Tesla's Charging Tech: 1,000-Mile, Supercharge-Capable EV?
47 Karma GS-6 review, Aptera performance, EQS reveal, MX-30, hybrids before Prius: The Week in Reverse
48 Aptera CEO Presents the Sol and All That Makes This Electric Trike Unique
49 Aptera performance, Tesla's Canadian charade, Panasonic on Tesla battery plans: Today's Car News
50 Aptera Motors introduces new solar car
51 Aptera Gets Closer To Production Of 1,000-mile Range EV
52 I can't stop watching Aptera's solar EV take on the drag strip
53 We Learned A LOT About The Aptera Today
54 Longest-range electric vehicles (EVs) you can buy in 2021
55 Aptera introduces Sol, its newest pearly white Alpha prototype
56 Aptera Opens Pre-Orders For Paradigm Series On December 4
57 Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle with 1000-mile Range Gets 7000 Preorders—Is it Still Available?
58 Core BTS Acquires Aptera For Software Development, Modernization Expertise
59 Core BTS Acquires Aptera Software Inc.
60 Aptera Introduces Sol, Its Newest Alpha Prototype
61 Core BTS Acquires Microsoft Partner Aptera Software
62 Solar-Powered Aptera Alpha Undergoes Testing at the Drag Strip
63 Aptera's 'Never Charge' 1,000-Mile EV Seems To Feature Tesla Supercharger Compatibility: Report
64 Aptera is a Sci-Fi Electric Vehicle that never needs to charge
65 Transport Evolved Is Among 3,000 Aptera Pre-Order Holders: Here's Why
66 World's First Never Charge Solar Electric Vehicle Aptera Goes Live
67 Here's Everything We Know About Aptera's Upcoming EV
68 Solar-powered cars could be mass-produced in California by end of 2021
69 Core BTS buys Aptera Software Inc.
70 Aptera Motors Reports Surging Interest, Funding, Preorders For 1,000-Mile Paradigm Solar-Electric EV
71 As demand rises, electric vehicle companies pop up
72 Aptera Boldly Claims It Can Make a Three-Wheeled EV with 1000 Miles of Range
73 The Day
74 Aptera unveils an electric car that doesn't need charging
75 First mass-produced solar power car rolling out in 2021, will retail for $25,900
76 Aptera And Lordstown Have Something In Common: Elaphe In-Wheel Motors
77 Aptera Coming Back With A $34,000 Aerodynamic Trike, Maybe
78 Aptera launches a 1000-miles solar/electric car that needs no charging
79 Aptera shows its electric tri-wheeler Sol on video
80 Solar-Powered Aptera Might Be Small but, by Jove, It Will Be Practical
81 Pioneering Innovation in the Tesla Roadster and Aptera
82 A Better Routeplanner Adds Aptera
83 Toyota EVs, Aptera solar sell, Canoo delivery van, XC40 Recharge: Today's Car News
84 Aptera Solar EV with 1000 Mile Range doesn't need Plug-in charge
85 Aptera Reveals Solar Calculator
86 Aptera Receives $4M In Funding, 7,000 Orders For EV Billed As Having 1,000-Mile Range
87 How Far Would More Efficient EVs Go With Oil Extraction Energy?
88 This Weird-Looking Electric Car Has 2X Range Than Tesla Model S
89 Revived Startup Aptera Debuts 3-wheeled, No-charge Solar Vehicle
90 Squad Mobility eyes shared platforms as target for its compact solar electric quadricycle
91 MSP Core BTS Acquires Aptera Software to Boost Cloud App Dev Services
92 Relaunched Aptera electric cars get thousands of pre-orders
93 Aptera Gets $550,000 Crowd-Led Investment Round
94 Aptera's hyper-efficient, solar-charged car: Does $2 gas change its appeal?
95 Why Aren’t More People Talking About Solar Cars?
96 This Tiny Electric Car Is Solar-Powered and Costs $6,800
97 Crazy sun-powered two-door car could eliminate need for refueling
98 Do You Need A Motorcycle License For An Aptera?
99 Aptera Wants Anyone To Be Able To Repair Its EVs – Even Under Warranty
100 Going All-In With Aptera: South Africa To Europe, Then The World