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1 Dept. of Energy awards $4.15M to Argonne National Lab to support work with industry
2 Argonne researchers use mice to hone imaging technology
3 Argonne announces 2022 Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellows, honoring the legacy of the physics Nobel Laureate
4 Preparing for Exascale: Argonne's Aurora to Accelerate Discoveries in Particle Physics at CERN
5 Electromagnonics Discovery at Argonne Heralds Next-Gen Information Transfer
6 People of Argonne’s history: A look at leaders who made Argonne what it is today
7 Argonne's machine-learning work may help ease US microchip shortage in time
8 Argonne's insect brain-inspired AI chip design to be unveiled in August webinar
9 New Argonne study puts charge into drive for sustainable lithium production
10 Editors of MIT Technology Review name Argonne's Jie Xu as a 2021 Innovator Under 35
11 Argonne researchers use AI to optimize a popular material coating technique in real time
12 Argonne National Lab celebrates 75th birthday
13 Argonne Cuts Through the Noise with SambaNova System
14 A 10-Year Look at the Battery Supply Chain in America
15 Scientists use artificial intelligence to detect gravitational waves
16 US Department of Energy Awards $4.15 Million to Argonne to Support Collaborations With Industry
17 Road construction on Argonne and Montgomery to begin as early as Saturday
18 A biological fireworks show 300 million years in the making
19 Argonne report finds most battery cells and packs for US light-duty PEVs produced domestically from 2018 to 2020; due to Tesla/Panasonic
20 Traffic restrictions planned until September for Argonne Drive project in Harrison
21 'The fun part is our work is always actually used': Fermilab, Argonne national laboratories welcome area engineering students
22 The Fix Is In neuters Argonne feral cat population
23 Researchers image an entire mouse brain for the first time
24 Analysis: When do electric vehicles become cleaner than gasoline cars?
25 Opening the gates to the next generation of information processing
26 Study puts charge into drive for sustainable lithium production
27 Argonne National Laboratory celebrates 75 years of scientific discovery
28 Press Release | Press Releases | Newsroom | US Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois
29 Department of Energy expands its CyberForce program to include more cyber defense events
30 Existing drug mastinib is shown to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 virus
31 'I'm pretty worried': Spokane Valley businesses afraid of negative construction impacts as city starts 10-week project
32 Scientists repurpose cancer and seizure medications to aid in the fight against COVID-19
33 “Zinc Sparks” – A Biological Fireworks Show 300 Million Years in the Making
34 A Promising Pathway to New Cancer Treatments
35 Quest to Reveal Fundamental Secrets of the Universe Driven by Curiosity and Technology
36 Argonne National Laboratory supercomputer making complex COVID-19 calculations
37 New framework applies machine learning to atomistic modeling: Method could lead to more accurate predictions of how new materials behave at the atomic scale
38 New bill seeks to eliminate ethanol RFS requirements
39 Structural biology provides long-sought solution to innate immunity puzzle
40 REMINDER: Periodic Single-Lane Closures on Argonne Drive to Begin Monday – AKVNEWS.COM
41 Ruth McCloskey Obituary (1936
42 Drug masitinib may inhibit SARS-CoV-2 virus: study
43 DOE Names 6 Argonne Scientists to Receive Early Career Research Awards
44 Argonne National Lab is helping a local utility in a program with national implications
45 Argonne Atmospheric Scientist Shares His Best Things To Read, Watch And Do
46 DOE Awards $3.7M for National Lab HPC Research for Energy Spplications
47 Eight ways Argonne advanced science in 2020
48 Argonne National Laboratory a partner in first accelerator program dedicated to quantum
49 Learn about science, engineering in free public events for Argonne's 75th anniversary
50 A 10-year Look at The Battery Supply Chain in America for Electric Vehicles
51 Existing drugs have been shown to inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 virus
52 Argonne researchers using artificial intelligence to shape the future of science
53 Manufacturers can utilize Argonne's supercomputers
54 Argonne, ORNL Award Codeplay Contract to Strengthen SYCL Support for AMD GPUs
55 Argonne Partners with Chilean Company SQM to Better Understand Lithium Life Cycle
56 Argonne Computational Scientists Collaborate with Intel on Compiler Readiness for Aurora
57 Argonne National Lab's future of work: Decades in the making
58 DOE names six Argonne scientists to receive Early Career Research Program awards
59 The POWER Interview: Argonne Lab Advancing Nuclear Energy
60 Energy Secretary Granholm virtually tours Argonne
61 Argonne Supercomputing Supports Caterpillar Engine Design
62 Caterpillar and Argonne project shifts heavy-duty engine design into higher gear
63 Nikita Kuklev's PhD Thesis Defense | Department of Physics | The University of Chicago
64 Argonne helps Caterpillar improve diesel engine design
65 Argonne study shows corn ethanol reduces carbon
66 Argonne National Laboratory a Founding Partner in Nation's First Startup Accelerator Program Dedicated Exclusively to Quantum Information Sciences
67 Ranking 15 best names from 2021 MLB Draft: Alaska Abney, Blake Beers, River Town and more
68 New Argonne Partnership to Predict Fuel Injector Dynamics
69 Rare earth supply disruptions have long-range impacts, computer model shows
70 For the first time, Argonne researchers reveal how COVID-19 has transformed communities
71 AI Systems Startup Scales Argonne’s Cosmic Cleanup
72 Lincoln-Way students team up with scientists at Argonne to study how gold transmits light
73 Llama Nanobodies Are At Center Of COVID-19 Treatment Study At Argonne National Laboratory
74 DOE Funds 5 Supercomputer Research Projects to Advance Quantum, Chemical Studies; Secretary Jennifer Granholm Quoted
75 Argonne Claims 1st Full-core Pin-resolved Nuclear Reactor Model
76 Argonne's 2021 Maria Goeppert Mayer fellows bring new energy, promise to their fields
77 UChicago, Argonne scientists zero in on molecules that could fight COVID-19
78 Argonne senior chemist Robert Tranter named fellow of the Combustion Institute
79 Argonne’s Wang and Streets named highly influential climate scientists
80 DOE Argonne National Laboratory Publishes Retrospective Analysis Of Changes In U.S. Corn Ethanol GHG Emission Intensity Throughout The Years
81 Most EVs for US sale have American-made batteries
82 Lasers, levitation and machine learning make better heat-resistant materials
83 New 2D superconductor forms at higher temperatures than ever before
84 5 ways Argonne scientists are powering ahead on nuclear micro-reactors
85 Argonne plays foundational role in development of COVID-19 vaccines
86 Advanced X-ray technology provides a viable pipeline for multiscale whole brain imaging
87 Buzz about thermoelectrics heats up with promising new magnesium-based materials
88 Argonne earns HPCwire awards for supercomputing excellence in energy and industry
89 Argonne demonstrates benefits of restoring native vegetation at solar facilities
90 Argonne Augments Theta Supercomputer with GPUs to Accelerate Coronavirus Research
91 Argonne captures five R&D 100 Awards and fields three finalists
92 GradableTM Forms Environmental Advisory Board, Appoints Representatives From EDF, Argonne National Lab, and The Nature Conservancy
93 'I played a small part': WWII Navy veteran's family reflects on 80-year effort to identify remains
94 Inside Argonne National Laboratory's High-Tech Effort To Crack The Code of COVID-19
95 Department of Energy selects Argonne, Fermilab to lead two multi-million-dollar national quantum research centers
96 Argonne Study Shows Corn Ethanol Reduces Carbon Footprint, Greenhouse Gases
97 Changes in farming practices could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2036
98 Argonne National Labs is Creating Aircraft Simulation Tool
99 Calendar of Events-Wednesday | Calendar |
100 Argonne Teams Earn HPCwire Awards for the Best Use of HPC in Energy and Industry