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22 Where Was Dune Filmed? 2021 Filming Locations
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24 The Origin of Dune
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28 Dune
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41 Mike Palmer, the Founder of Arrakis, Dies at 69
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43 We Watched David Lynch's 'Dune' And It's ... Not Bad!
44 Why Dune Director Shot Desert Scenes in Abu Dhabi’s Hottest Period
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47 User Report: Apex Serves Buenas Nuevas Network
48 How ‘Dune’ was inspired by the Oregon coast, at the beautiful Oregon Dunes
49 Dune Soundtrack Vinyl With Expanded Hans Zimmer Score Released by Mondo
50 DUNE (2021)
51 The best part of David Lynch’s ‘Dune’ movie is the House Atreides pug
52 Stars, director of ‘Dune’ sum up dense plot, talk about massive shoot ahead of US release
53 Ben Palmer Becomes President at Arrakis Systems
54 Drugging RNA was once considered impossible. Now Big Pharma can't get enough of it
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56 Top 3 Films of the Week 22 Oct 2021
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67 Boom!'s 'Dune: A Whisper of Caladan Seas' traps Atreides troops in an Arrakis cave in this 1st look
68 Where to watch online 'Dune' free streaming at home – Film Daily
69 Arrakis Therapeutics Appoints Patrizio Renzetti as Vice President of Human Resources
70 Arrakis Therapeutics Announces New Scientific Advisory Board Members
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72 'Dune' (2021) glossary: 14 sci-fi words you need to know, according to an expert
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78 Roche Pays $190M to Start RNA Drug Alliance With Arrakis Therapeutics
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91 Special Report: WJEH Goes DARC for Remote Control of AoIP
92 No desert for offers: Arrakis waited for right partner in multibillion-dollar Roche deal
93 The 10 best sci-fi films — from Star Wars to Logan's Run
94 DUNE’s First Ever Graphic Novel Adaptation Is Here
95 Gilman buckles in as Arrakis raises $75M, gains momentum
96 "I Grew Up on the Planet Arrakis": Why Frank Herbert's Dune Reminds Me of Lubbock, Texas
97 Dune: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Sequel, and Everything We Know So Far
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99 Youth review: 'Dune' by Frank Herbert |
100 Arrakis Therapeutics Appoints Elizabeth Radcliffe as Vice President of Finance and Strategy