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20 ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’: A Facile, Condescending Christmas Anthem National Review 1 day ago
21 'You're trying to remove the software from yourself': Deak Ferrand on designing the look of 'Dune' Art Newspaper 27 days ago
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24 Park City Film showcasing Dune this weekend TownLift 1 month ago
25 Piece of Mars Seems to Be Swarming With Dune Sandtrout autoevolution 2 days ago
26 Ben Palmer Becomes President at Arrakis Systems Radio World 4 months ago
27 The Spice In 'Dune': The Powers, Source & Value Of Arrakis' Spice Melange Bustle 2 months ago
28 How Dune Changed Liet Kynes Death (& Why) | Screen Rant Screen Rant 25 days ago
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36 Dune TV Spot Teases Thopter Chase Into The Desert Of Arrakis Screen Rant 3 months ago
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38 ‘Dune’: How Composer Hans Zimmer Invented a Retro-Future Musical Sound for the Arrakis Desert Planet IndieWire 2 months ago
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47 How the Middle East Has Enticed Hollywood With Stunning Locales and Generous Incentives Yahoo Entertainment 10 days ago
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63 Trade setup for Thursday: Top 15 things to know before Opening Bell 8 hours ago
64 'Don't check yourself when you come to work': Being openly LGBTQ+ in a scientist-led industry FierceBiotech 2 days ago
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71 Pyxis Oncology falls 21% to record low after key executive quits cancer-drug firm Seeking Alpha 2 days ago
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79 'DUNE' and APL Release Sci-Fi Inspired Footwear HYPEBEAST 1 month ago
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81 The science behind the suits of 'Dune' Arizona State University 1 month ago
82 The 10 Best Films Of 2021, According To The National Board Of Review Screen Rant 5 days ago
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84 Roche Pays $190M to Start RNA Drug Alliance With Arrakis Therapeutics Xconomy 2 years ago
85 Dune: How Space Travel Happened Before Spice Was Discovered Screen Rant 1 month ago
86 Sci-fi classic 'Dune,' now returning to the big screen, was inspired by Florence, Oregon The Register-Guard 2 months ago
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90 Arrakis, Roche team up on RNA-targeting drugs in $190M deal FierceBiotech 2 years ago
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97 Arrakis Therapeutics Appoints Patrizio Renzetti as Vice President of Human Resources Business Wire 1 year ago
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99 Arrakis Enters Multi-Billion Dollar Deal with Roche to Develop RNA-based Therapies BioSpace 2 years ago
100 How epic sci-fi novel Dune changed a climate-change pioneer's life Post Magazine 3 months ago