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1 Michael Collins walking stick, Michael Stone paintings and gate from Maze prison go under the hammer
2 Treasure hunters to start digging for 10 tonnes of Nazi gold in 18th century palace after secret letter to SS lover reveals hidden location
3 How the 'Indiana Jones of the art world' ARTHUR BRAND hunted down Hitler's horses
4 What Are Felix Gonzalez-Torres's Most Famous Works? –
5 Len Deighton: a taste for deception and self-delusion
6 Oregon Auction House Blasted for Selling Himmler's Dagger
7 Digging begins by HAND for 10 tonnes of Nazi gold hidden in grounds of 18th century palace
8 A lesbian couple who scattered ‘butterflies’ to undermine the Nazis
9 Outstanding Steilacoom High Grads receive thousands in local SHEF scholarships! – The Suburban Times
10 Diaries of Holocaust Architect Heinrich Himmler Discovered in Russia
11 Art Industry News: Artist Who Gained Fame by Eating Art Basel’s Banana Is Now Collaborating With Dole on an NFT + Other News
12 Union Station's Auschwitz exhibit and 7 more KC events for June 2021
13 Following the Trail of a Nazi Mass Murderer Who Was Never Caught
14 Readers Write: Trump's art of the deal with the Taliban
15 The real housewives of the Third Reich
16 Nazi diary may reveal secret location of World War II treasure worth billions
17 Restoring Stolen Art to its Rightful Owners – Yeshiva University News
18 Could 16th century palace be hiding 28-tonnes of Nazi gold? SS diary reveals palace is one of five secret locations where Germans stashed WWII treasures
19 Himmler meets jihad in a Paris art museum
20 Himmler's Antiquity
21 ‘How on earth can she be married to him?’: The stories of the Nazi wives
22 Victors shielded Gestapo officer
23 Heinrich Himmler Foolishly Believed He Could Bring Back Nazi Germany
24 Report by Hitler's 'Executioner of the Warsaw Ghetto' to go on public display
25 Figurines in Dachau
26 Nazi Wives: Who Were The Women Beside Goebbels, Göring & Himmler?
27 Reflecting on the 80th Anniversary of the Nazi Invasion of Russia
28 Nazi collaborator monuments in Canada
29 Who would marry a Nazi leader — and why?
30 He Trains Cops. His Jiu-Jitsu Family Has Deep Ties to the Far Right.
31 Ernst Röhm, The Highest-Ranking Gay Nazi
32 Edda Goering, Unrepentant Daughter of Hermann, Dies at 80
33 Woody Harrelson to Star in Oren Moverman's WWII Thriller 'The Man With the Miraculous Hands'
34 When the Nazis Murdered Thousands by Sending Them on Forced Death Marches
35 The gay, Jewish scientist the Nazis left alone
36 Why The Nazis Fell In Love With The Bayeux Tapestry
37 Camp Himmler, Fort Eichmann? How would I, a Jewish soldier, feel if our army bases were named after Nazis
39 The Modern Artists the Nazis Favored
40 'Heini' Himmler: When Nazis Play Cute
41 The Cold War between the Medium and the Message: Western Modernism vs. Socialist Realism
42 COMMENTARY: Life as Norman Rockwell saw it
43 Nazi-Occupied Norway Offers a Glimpse of What Hitler Wanted for the Entire World
44 The Survivor of Auschwitz Who Painted a Forgotten Genocide
45 Reckoning with a Nazi Father
46 Inside global hunt for Hitler’s lost £20BILLION Nazi gold horde with sunken ships, hidden bunkers & a bu...
47 When Hitler Realised the End of the War Was Upon Him
48 Himmler's hidden gold? Secret society's long-lost map could uncover 30 tons of Nazi treasure
49 Nazi SS commander wished Grand Mufti success in fight 'against the Jewish invaders'
50 Heinrich Himmler's Private Letters Published In German Newspaper
51 Nazi collaborator monuments in Australia
52 Growing rate of theft of Nazi objects across Europe
53 New book claims a ‘secret deal’ between Nazis and Allies cut the Holocaust short
54 StoneMor cemetery apologizes after Nazi quote ends up on calendar
55 David Bowie's Filthy Lesson
56 A Heinrich Himmler Documentary, In His Own Words
57 Hitler's obsession with the occult
58 National Gallery and Courtauld ‘knew art restorer had links to Nazis’
59 How Nazi offspring dealt with their families' hellish histories
60 The Aftermath of the "Anschluss"
61 Germany's Spy Agency Employed Nazi Leader Heinrich Himmler's Daughter
62 Hitler's Killing of Followers Seen as Holocaust Prelude
63 The Hunt for the Nazi Loot Still Sitting on Library Shelves
64 Nazi collaborator monuments in United States
65 Hitler's secret stash: Nazi treasure map 'pinpoints location' of WW2 gold worth BILLIONS
66 The strange story of England's 'finishing school for Nazis'
67 'The Ratline' Follows Trail Of A Nazi Murderer Who Was Never Caught
68 Scientists reveal the dark Nazi history of Oświęcim's trees
69 Is Pudu Pudu Nazi pudding? How Dr. Oetker came to terms with its past
70 The ratlines: What did the Vatican know about Nazi escape routes?
71 Civilisations by Laurent Binet, review: A period romp that asks vital questions about our origin stories
72 Germany marks 75th anniversary of landmark Nuremberg trials of Nazis | Daily Sabah
73 Hitler, baby, one more time
74 Deana Lawson, professor of visual arts, becomes first photographer to win Hugo Boss Prize
75 Fact check: Nazi scientists were brought to work for U.S. through Operation Paperclip
76 Adam Tooze · To the Bitter End: The Nolde above the sofa · LRB 25 November 2019
77 Forging the Führer: inside the sinister trend for fake Hitler paintings
78 Jewelry, wearable art on display at Art Works Gallery in Grass Valley
79 Review: Käsebier Takes Berlin
80 Castle of Wewelsburg – Büren, Germany
81 Not alone: 'Hitler's Circle of Evil' | Tito Genova Valiente
82 Paris' Hotel Lutetia Is Haunted by History | Travel
83 WWII diary reveals details of FIVE locations where looted Nazi treasure is said to be buried as stories emerge of diary's dark past
84 Diary reveals clue to $900m of Hitler’s gold
85 Tickets on Sale for Auschwitz at Museum of Jewish Heritage NYC
86 Hitler protected his Jewish former commanding officer
87 Five Best: Scott Miller on Spycraft
88 London Library Spotlights Nazi Persecution of the Roma and Sinti
89 Jason Farago | Lumumba, Himmler, Me · LRB 11 January 2013
90 Hitler's Strange Last Orders
91 The Man in the High Castle Recap: The War Room
92 Winning ArtFields painting disqualified as reproduction of iconic photo
93 Berlin exhibition probes image of German expressionist painter Emil Nolde as Nazi victim
94 Website slammed for offering Holocaust-themed novelties
95 Berlin Review: Potentially Compelling Himmler Doc ‘The Decent One’ A Disappointment
96 Five Weird Hitler Myths | Guide
97 Longleat heir wants to rid estate of Nazi collection including Himmler's glasses
98 The cruelest people in Russian history
99 Why the Nazis were obsessed with finding the lost city of Atlantis
100 Evidence Reveals Hitler’s Hand In Mass Murder