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1 Rediscovered Medieval Manuscript Offers New Twist on Arthurian Legend
2 Researchers Find Hidden Secrets in Rare Old Arthurian Legend
3 10 Arthurian Tales That Deserve The Green Knight Treatment
4 Medieval Manuscript Fragments Discovered in Bristol Tell of Merlin the Magician From Arthurian Legend
5 'A24' puts a unique, refreshing twist on an old Arthurian legend in 'The Green Knight'
6 Finally, a Seat at the Round Table
7 Neolithic Monument Linked to King Arthur Is Older Than Stonehenge
8 New Film Retells an Old Story From King Arthur's Court
9 Rare, Early Version of the King Arthur Legend Translated by Researchers
10 The Green Knight Is a Refreshing, Enigmatic Take on Arthurian Legend
11 Ancient monument linked to King Arthur is older than Stonehenge, research finds
12 September: Bristol Merlin update | News and features
13 The Green Knight — Dev Patel holds steady in a strange psychedelic quest
14 Archeologists Find the Hidden Original Form of Arthur’s Stone, an Ancient Structure That Inspired the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’
15 Man charged after woman fell to her death from Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh
16 Meet Port Arthur’s new fire chief
17 'The Green Knight' lives up to the Arthurian legend
18 Arthur's Seat death: Man charged with murder of Fawziyah Javed
19 Zany Grail quest continues at White Rock Playhouse – Surrey Now-Leader
20 One of Port Arthur’s first churches given ‘new life’ despite challenges
21 'Arthur's First Day' Special Premieres Sept. 6 – Vote for a School Mascot!
22 Literary Researchers Translate A Rare, Early Version Of King Arthur's Legend
23 A nightmare on Arthur's Court | Columnists |
24 There's no such thing as a 'faithful retelling' of the Arthurian legend
25 Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Perfectly Replicates Arthur’s Drawing Style
26 Charlie Hunnam Blockbuster Misfire to Leave HBO Max This Week
27 Watch now: Arthur’s Amish Country Cheese festival kicks off with ceremonial cheese cutting
28 'Arthur', the iconic kids' show, is getting a Sikh character
29 Found: An Early Merlin Tale, Hidden for Centuries
30 Arthur's 'Professional Edition' Virtual Reality office space and collaboration platform comes out of beta and enters stable release
31 Family Night: “Arthur's First Day”
32 The Green Knight Review | Movie
33 Arthur's seat death plunge victim was 'mum to be on honeymoon'
34 Scotland's papers: Chaos around over-12s jabs and Arthur's Seat horror
35 Epic Battles Reach New Heights
36 The Green Knight's Dev Patel: 'Every time I do a film, it's like 90 per cent panic'
37 Fan-Made Red Dead Redemption 2 Poster Focuses On Arthur’s Honor Level
38 Did Eels do enough to save Arthur's job?
39 What Do the Wolf Dreams Mean in Red Dead Redemption 2? | CBR
40 9 Arthurian Movie Adaptations You Might Have Forgotten
41 The Green Knight: Who Is Gawain? Arthurian Legend Explained
42 The Truth About Bea Arthur: Late ‘Golden Girls’ Star’s Loved Ones Recall Fond Memories
43 The Best Movies About Arthurian Legends
44 Arthur Reveals New Sikh Character Ahead of Hour-Long PBS Special
45 Tributes paid to 'empathetic and intelligent' Yorkshire woman after death at Arthur's Seat
46 Film about Sir Gawain Prompts Review of Beloved Arthurian Poem
47 Tabletop RPGs For Fans Of Arthurian Myth | Screen Rant
48 Huntington Announces WITCH Cast And Creative Team
49 Rest is best for Arthur’s Eels heading in to play-offs
50 The Green Knight director talks about casting Dev Patel in the lead role
51 Think Stonehenge Is Old? Arthur’s Stone Is A Millennium Older! |
52 Heads will roll: 'The Green Knight' a magical, fantastical take on an Arthurian legend
53 RESTAURANT TRANSITIONS: Bone's Chophouse changes name, Little Rock location closes temporarily for 'restructuring'
54 The Green Knight embraces the weirdness at the heart of the Arthurian myth
55 Arthur unscathed after wrecking his Ferrari in road accident
56 Preview: The Hand of Merlin Is a Mash-Up of Arthurian Legend and Lovecraftian Horror
57 Edinburgh residents fume after Arthur's Seat monument covered in Covid graffiti
58 Arthurian Legend Movies and TV Shows To Watch While Waiting For The Green Knight
59 11 Anime Based on Arthurian Legend That Are Not Fate/Stay Night
60 Famed Arthurian tale comes to silver screen in The Green Knight trailer
61 Blunder that could crush Cleary; Arthur’s worst-case scenario: Big issue finals coaches MUST address
62 Film Picks: The Green Knight, One Second, The Silence Of The Lambs
63 Knights Of The Round Table: Who Were They In Arthurian Legend?
64 Melbourne's NUFFJAH showcases risk-taking and versatility
65 How Red Dead Redemption 2's Arthur Morgan Makes the Most Out of Arthurian Legend
66 'Fantastic Beasts 3' Sets Early Release Date and New Title
67 ‘The Green Knight’ review: Dev Patel stars in a ravishing triumph
68 It is avalanche season across the South Island
69 The Green Knight: Watch This Exclusive First Clip from the Arthurian Fantasy Epic
70 Review: 'Sword Stone Table,' Edited By Swapna Krishna And Jenn Northington
71 Nick Cave releasing memoir about his grief after teenage son's tragic death
72 THE GREEN KNIGHT Trailer Shows a Grim Take on Arthurian Legend
73 Learn the Story that Inspired THE GREEN KNIGHT in This Mini-Doc
74 'Pestering' Gutho almost twists Arthur's team selection
75 Liberty Global Sells Polish Operations to Play in $1.8 Billion Deal – Global Bulletin
76 The Hand of Merlin is an Arthurian RPG with a sci-fi horror twist, hits Early Access next month
77 Every King Arthur Retelling Is Fanfic About Who Gets to Be Legendary
78 The Green Knight Early Buzz: A Haunting, Sexy Arthurian Legend
79 Dev Patel goes on an Arthurian quest in 'The Green Knight'
80 Revealing Sword Stone Table, a New Anthology of Arthurian Retellings
81 Review: In 'The Green Knight,' an enchanting Arthurian dream
82 Half Sick of Shadows: An underserved Arthurian heroine finally gets her due
83 Green Knight: How A24's Arthurian Adaptation Can Succeed | CBR
84 Arthur Ventures raises $375M for two latest funds
85 8 Fascinating Characters From Arthurian Legend
86 The Green Knight Movie Locations: Where The Arthurian Legend Film Was Shot
87 Arthur Nery, Adie, Rob Deniel, UNIQUE all set for ‘HRNA’
88 The Green Knight's Ralph Ineson on becoming an Arthurian legend, working with Dev Patel, and that ending
89 Dev Patel and Joel Edgerton Discuss the Arthurian Adventure 'The Green Knight'
90 Long COVID could be an autoimmune disease, new research suggests
91 Knights of Ages Is an Arthurian Legend-Inspired Strategy Game with an Epic Amount of Detail
92 Scientists are getting closer to classifying long COVID as an autoimmune disease
93 News | Nick Cave To Publish Memoir Of Years After Son's Death
94 The Kindling Hour review – Arthurian legend meets Hitchcockian thrills
95 Fantastic Four Confirms the Thing is Super-Vulnerable to One DC Hero
96 Drive-by shooting at a bus stop in west Louisville kills 16-year-old student
97 The First Excavations Near The Mysterious Arthur's Stone Have Revealed Its True Origin
98 The Arthurian Legends Behind Netflix's 'Cursed' | Time
99 'The Green Knight' Film Based on the Arthurian Legend | All Of It
100 How The Green Knight Changes Modern King Arthur Movies