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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Record-Breaking Autism Rates Reported with New CDC Criteria WebMD 2 days ago
2 Lincoln nonprofits host lessons for children who have autism 1011now 14 hours ago
3 Earlier autism diagnosis associated with greater trait improvement Spectrum 3 days ago
4 'Pay-to-participate' autism stem-cells paper retracted | Spectrum Spectrum 3 days ago
5 High-Functioning Autism Symptoms (and Controversy) 12 days ago
6 12-year-old boy holds toy drive for children with autism 11 hours ago
7 Mission Autism Clinic Opens New Location in Frederick WDVM 25 1 day ago
8 Visit High Point becomes first destination marketing organization to receive certified autism center designation on the East Coast Triad Business Journal 2 days ago
9 Challenges surrounding the diagnosis of autism in children | NDT Dove Medical Press 2 days ago
10 Buddhi Clinic holds webinar on seizures and autism The Hindu 18 hours ago
11 Omaha mom faces charges of abandoning adult son with severe autism WOWT 3 days ago
12 West Virginia Autism Training Center set for Saturday night fundraiser West Virginia MetroNews 1 day ago
13 Impaired Brain Connections Linked to Autism Medscape 3 days ago
14 Christine McGuinness: TV star 'trying to be a bit more myself now' after 'amazing' diagnosis of autism Sky News 11 hours ago
15 'Autistic person' and 'person with autism' are not one and the same | TheHill The Hill 27 days ago
16 UVA Driving Simulator Goes Virtual to Help More People With Autism | UVA Today University of Virginia 3 days ago
17 Autism diagnosis at early age leads to better social development study 17 days ago
18 Resources for Autism Contractors | Texas Health and Human Services Texas Health and Human Services | 12 days ago
19 HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? Police search for missing autistic man CBS46 News Atlanta 13 hours ago
20 Island Autism Group faces permitting hurdles Martha's Vineyard Times 4 days ago
21 Meet the 'mitomaniacs' who say mitochondria matter in autism Spectrum 13 days ago
22 Christmas boat parade spreading cheer through Conway and for adults with autism 20 hours ago
23 Stories About Bullying: Personal Accounts from Autistic Individuals Autism Parenting Magazine 16 days ago
24 ‘Diagnosis is rebirth’: women who found out they were autistic as adults The Guardian 16 days ago
25 'Without what made me “me”, I'd be a shadow of myself' – portraits of life on the autism spectrum The Guardian 22 days ago
26 Gut microbiota differences seen in people with autism may be due to dietary preferences Science Daily 24 days ago
27 Autism Risks Related to Pregnancy and Birth Verywell Health 1 month ago
28 Low-dose PAX-101 improves autism spectrum disorder symptoms in boys Healio 1 month ago
29 Addressing autism in Putnam County Putnam County Sentinel 2 days ago
30 Community Newsletter: Autistic researcher strengths, challenging the medical research model Spectrum 21 days ago
31 Efficacy of Secretin Treatment for Autism Autism Parenting Magazine 25 days ago
32 Utah girl with autism commits suicide, sparking outrage online over bullying, racism Fox News 4 days ago
33 Ontario Increasing Access to Services for Children with Autism | Ontario Newsroom Government of Ontario News 2 days ago
34 Attitudes among parents of persons with autism spectrum disorder towards information about genetic risk and future health | European Journal of Human Genetics 20 days ago
35 One in four autistic children wait over three years for school support, poll finds The Guardian 26 days ago
36 Should Children With Autism (ASD) Be Taught Social Skills? Psychology Today 17 days ago
37 Man with autism repeatedly Tasered by Manitoba RCMP officers, wrongfully detained: lawsuit 2 days ago
38 Special report: How cannabis could shape future autism therapies Spectrum 27 days ago
39 Parents fight for autistic siblings to remain in specialist school The Age 1 day ago
40 How Nick McAllister found his words after a tough time looking for employment as an autistic writer ABC News 16 hours ago
41 Stanford program matches autistic job seekers with employers Stanford Medical Center Report 1 month ago
42 Intranasal Oxytocin for Autism Promising ― Then Came the Data Medscape 18 days ago
43 Omicron Creep Begins; Autism Cases Jump; States Ready Abortion Restrictions, Bans MedPage Today 2 days ago
44 Search resumes Thursday morning for missing Arlington teen with autism KGAN TV 3 days ago
45 Autism's Growing Problem Tablet Magazine 21 days ago
46 Father of autistic boy asks Supreme Court for emergency relief over TSA airline mask requirement Fox News 2 days ago
47 Reversing mutations in top autism-linked gene makes adult mice more social Spectrum 25 days ago
48 Signs of autism in adults the 8 unique personality traits 13 days ago
49 Kleiman v. Wright: Defense’s Autism Expert Explains His Diagnosis of Craig Wright Coindesk 16 days ago
50 For adults and children on the autism spectrum, getting a COVID-19 vaccine is easier said than done ABC News 29 days ago
51 Kids developing autism-like symptoms Times of India 13 days ago
52 Autism charity to change its name Third Sector 12 days ago
53 Asperger's vs autism: What's the difference? Medical News Today 6 months ago
54 Why Is Autism Increasing Dramatically? MedicineNet 5 months ago
55 Facilitating Autism Diagnosis Psychiatric Times 1 month ago
56 Age-Inappropriate Interests and Behaviors in Autism Verywell Health 5 months ago
57 A New Idea That Could Help Us Understand Autism Scientific American 4 months ago
58 Autism and Anxiety: Similarities, Differences, and Finding Support Healthline 3 months ago
59 Autism research: Recent findings Medical News Today 8 months ago
60 Maternal Epidurals and Autism Risk in Children: Is There a Link? Neurology Advisor 2 months ago
61 Autism wars: Why parents and autistic adults are battling 4 months ago
62 Preemptive Intervention Reduces Autism Symptoms, Diagnosis in Early Childhood Neurology Advisor 2 months ago
63 Moving for autism care | Spectrum Spectrum 4 months ago
64 Mapping the futures of autistic children Spectrum 5 months ago
65 We Don't Need a Cure for Autism. We Need to Make Living With It Easier TIME 3 months ago
66 Nature as a Salve for Children With Autism The New York Times 5 months ago
67 This April, Don’t Support Autism Speaks Florida Flambeau 8 months ago
68 Serious Infections Linked to Autism: Study The Scientist 3 months ago
69 Lessons for teaching students on the autism spectrum (opinion) Inside Higher Ed 2 months ago
70 Diagnosing Autism in the Pandemic The New York Times 9 months ago
71 I now know what caused my autism, which changes everything — and nothing CNN 8 months ago
72 Recognizing the Signs of Autism in Babies Healthline 9 months ago
73 How Autism Affects Families: Challenges and Positives 3 months ago
74 How an understudied trait has skewed autism studies for decades Spectrum 1 month ago
75 Sibling's likelihood of autism diagnosis impacted by age gap, study finds Science Daily 3 months ago
76 Online Tests for Autism Verywell Health 3 months ago
77 TikTok Helps Illustrate the Individuality of Autism Verywell Health 8 months ago
78 Understanding Autism Masking and Its Consequences Healthline 9 months ago
79 Brain Study Suggests Autism Develops Differently in Girls Than Boys WebMD 8 months ago
80 How to tell your child they have autism 3 months ago
81 Fact check: Autism diagnosis criteria changes have led to increased rates USA TODAY 8 months ago
82 How Big Data Are Unlocking the Mysteries of Autism Scientific American 7 months ago
83 Puberty and autism: An unexplored transition | Spectrum Spectrum 9 months ago
84 Study finds children with autism respond well to puppets Yale News 4 months ago
85 ‘The Battery’s Dead’: Burnout Looks Different in Autistic Adults The New York Times 2 months ago
86 Backlash from autistic community pauses research, exposes communication gaps Spectrum 2 months ago
87 High-profile autism genetics project paused amid backlash 2 months ago
88 Autism Fact Sheet: What to Know About ASD 8 months ago
89 Deep-learning model may accurately predict autism diagnosis Spectrum 1 month ago
90 The Spectrum of Autism Symptoms Verywell Health 8 months ago
91 National Autism Indicators Report: High Rates of Mental Health Conditions and Persistent Disparities in Care DrexelNow 3 months ago
92 What Foods Should Be Avoided With Autism? 7 Foods MedicineNet 5 months ago
93 Autism symptoms tend to decline with age, but support, monitoring remain beneficial Healio 6 months ago
94 FDA approves new autism diagnostic aid Harvard Health 4 months ago
95 We're Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation by Eric Garcia The Washington Post 4 months ago
96 Autism and Bipolar: Similarities, Differences, What to Know Verywell Health 2 months ago
97 Preparing Your Child with Autism for School After the Pandemic Verywell Health 4 months ago
98 Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder Autism Parenting Magazine 2 months ago
99 Autism discrimination in the workplace: Stats, legality, and effects Medical News Today 3 months ago
100 Using videos for automated detection of autism spectrum disorder in young children 3 months ago