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1 Multiregional profiling of the brain transmembrane proteome uncovers novel regulators of depression
2 Predicting risk of sudden cardiac death in patients with cardiac sarcoidosis using multimodality imaging and personalized heart modeling in a multivariable classifier
3 The site of breast cancer metastases dictates their clonal composition and reversible transcriptomic profile
4 [Webcast Transcript] Operationalizing Data Mapping: From Practices and Protocols to Proven Processes
5 Combining generative artificial intelligence and on-chip synthesis for de novo drug design
6 A database of battery materials auto-generated using ChemDataExtractor | Scientific Data
7 Leverage electron properties to predict phonon properties via transfer learning for semiconductors
8 High-entropy materials for catalysis: A new frontier
9 High-throughput functional screening for next-generation cancer immunotherapy using droplet-based microfluidics
10 Cytokines: From Clinical Significance to Quantification
11 The high-throughput highway to computational optoelectronic semiconductor screening
12 Fragment binding to the Nsp3 macrodomain of SARS-CoV-2 identified through crystallographic screening and computational docking
13 A catalog of tens of thousands of viruses from human metagenomes reveals hidden associations with chronic diseases
14 Mexico Publishes New General Law of Libraries in Gazette
15 AT&T’s WarnerMedia Merging With Discovery In $43 Billion Mega Deal
16 An Overview of Next-Generation Sequencing
17 Automated organic synthesis made easier with capsule-based console
18 Discovery CEO: 'Our IP library became more valuable in the last year'
19 Bright X-Rays, AI, and Robotic Labs—A Roadmap for Better Batteries
20 UCLA, UCSB share $23.7 million grant to study biologically based polymers | UCLA
21 Deep exploration of random forest model boosts the interpretability of machine learning studies of complicated immune responses and lung burden of nanoparticles
22 Three-dimensional microscale hanging drop arrays with geometric control for drug screening and live tissue imaging
23 HGTV Is Getting a Renovation
24 The inner membrane protein YhdP modulates the rate of anterograde phospholipid flow in Escherichia coli
25 Wax-wetting sponges for oil droplets recovery from frigid waters
26 Twist Bioscience Acquires NGS Library Preparation Maker iGenomX
27 NASH limits anti-tumour surveillance in immunotherapy-treated HCC
28 Mystery gamma rays could help solve age-old lightning puzzle
29 85% of CFOs Expect Digitization to Improve Cash Flow, Profitability and Revenue
30 Towards complete and error-free genome assemblies of all vertebrate species
31 SARS-CoV-2 genome-wide T cell epitope mapping reveals immunodominance and substantial CD8+ T cell activation in COVID-19 patients
32 Multiple integrated metabolic strategies allow foraminiferan protists to thrive in anoxic marine sediments
33 The Lancet Global Health Commission on Global Eye Health: vision beyond 2020
34 Polyclonal expansion of TCR Vb 21.3+ CD4+ and CD8+ T cells is a hallmark of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children
35 How El Anatsui Broke the Seal on Contemporary Art
36 Automation: Chemistry shoots for the Moon
37 Giant lungfish genome elucidates the conquest of land by vertebrates
38 Tumor immunological phenotype signature-based high-throughput screening for the discovery of combination immunotherapy compounds
39 Genome-scale CRISPR-Cas9 screen of Wnt/β-catenin signaling identifies therapeutic targets for colorectal cancer
40 High titers and low fucosylation of early human anti–SARS-CoV-2 IgG promote inflammation by alveolar macrophages
41 Broad and potent activity against SARS-like viruses by an engineered human monoclonal antibody
42 Low-field NMR of polymer materials: An introduction to characterizing multicomponent polymer systems on SelectScience
43 A curious formulation robot enables the discovery of a novel protocell behavior
44 3D curvature-instructed endothelial flow response and tissue vascularization
45 Tumor-specific cytolytic CD4 T cells mediate immunity against human cancer
46 Human coronaviruses and therapeutic drug discovery
47 Systematic engineering of artificial metalloenzymes for new-to-nature reactions
48 Discovery of a previously unknown biosynthetic capacity of naringenin chalcone synthase by heterologous expression of a tomato gene cluster in yeast
49 Week In Review: Design, Low Power
50 Anaerobic gut fungi are an untapped reservoir of natural products
51 PerkinElmer to Acquire Cell Engineering Company Horizon Discovery for $383 Million (£296 Million)
52 An Open Letter to Idiots Who Do This on Augusta's Rotaries
53 Stellar feedback and triggered star formation in the prototypical bubble RCW 120
54 CBSViacom Unveils Its Rebranded Streaming Platform
55 Systematic profiling of protein complex dynamics reveals DNA-PK phosphorylation of IFI16 en route to herpesvirus immunity
56 Functional antagonism of chromatin modulators regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition
57 2020 Top 10 Innovations
58 An engineered decoy receptor for SARS-CoV-2 broadly binds protein S sequence variants
59 Viral infection of algal blooms leaves a unique metabolic footprint on the dissolved organic matter in the ocean
60 Nanobody cocktails potently neutralize SARS-CoV-2 D614G N501Y variant and protect mice
61 How microbes in permafrost could trigger a massive carbon bomb
62 Recent Court Decisions of Interest to Local Government Officials
63 Solving a Double Murder with Investigative Genetic Genealogy
64 How Fast Can Scientists Find the New Coronavirus Strains?
65 Targeting protein-protein interactions (PPIs): Identifying PPI inhibitors for novel therapeutics
66 An intracellular nanobody targeting T4SS effector inhibits Ehrlichia infection
67 Transcriptome and regulatory maps of decidua-derived stromal cells inform gene discovery in preterm birth
68 Potent neutralizing RBD‐specific antibody cocktail against SARS‐CoV‐2 and its mutant
69 Vibrational and X-ray spectroscopy
70 [Webcast Transcript] Automating Privacy and eDiscovery Workflows: Operational Excellence as a Service
71 PerkinElmer to acquire Horizon Discovery
72 Building the dams that doomed a valley
73 The ORF8 protein of SARS-CoV-2 mediates immune evasion through down-regulating MHC-Ι
74 Immune Cell Profiles Reveal Cancer's Leading Indicators
75 Pooled CRISPR screening identifies m6A as a positive regulator of macrophage activation
76 Interview: Clean TeQ's Sunrise battery materials complex in Australia is construction ready
77 Editorial Article: Increased NGS throughput for personalized genomics with automated cell counting
78 Nominee found in breach of duties in successful Regis' CVA challenge and CVA revoked: a warning shot across the bows of accountancy firms
79 What sets river width?
80 Patents issued January-March 2021
81 Coadaptation between host genome and microbiome under long-term xenobiotic-induced selection
82 A CDC7 inhibitor sensitizes DNA-damaging chemotherapies by suppressing homologous recombination repair to delay DNA damage recovery
83 Chore no more: Patric Richardson’s love of laundry brings a book and a TV show
84 Comparative host-coronavirus protein interaction networks reveal pan-viral disease mechanisms
85 Expert Insight: 12 expert webinars and virtual events coming up this week
86 Ensure data quality for single-cell genomics applications: Optimizing sample prep
87 Streamline your pipeline with procedural workflows & automation
88 SARS‐CoV‐2 infects an upper airway model derived from induced pluripotent stem cells
89 SARS-CoV-2 mutations in MHC-I-restricted epitopes evade CD8+ T cell responses
90 Ionizable lipid nanoparticles for in utero mRNA delivery
91 Tackling the rise of variants with novel monitoring assays
92 If these walls could talk
93 Everything You've Heard About Section 230 Is Wrong
94 Human population dynamics and Yersinia pestis in ancient northeast Asia
95 The American lobster genome reveals insights on longevity, neural, and immune adaptations
96 Is Discovery Inc. (DISCK) A Smart Long-Term Buy?
97 What social media told us in the time of COVID-19: a scoping review
98 Overcoming immiscibility toward bimetallic catalyst library
99 You Don't Have To Be A Rocket (Or Quantum) Scientist To Design A Quantum Computer Chip Using IBM’s New Tool Called Qiskit Metal
100 News BIORON and GENAPSYS start cooperation in Germany to offer new DNA-sequencing technology