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1 CEO Spotlight: Founder and CEO, Duy Huynh, of Masters Customer Feedback as Recipe for Success
2 An autonomous ship’s first effort to cross the Atlantic shows the difficulty of the experiment
3 Autonomy and AI to Skyrocket Global Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market by 2025
4 Autonomous AI Drones Hunt Soldiers | Avast
5 IBM’s A.I. Mayflower ship is crossing the Atlantic, and you can watch it live
6 AI drone may have 'hunted down' and killed soldiers in Libya with no human input
7 Chinese startup gets approval to test driverless vehicles in California
8 The future of war and deterrence in an age of autonomous weapons
9 Digital Diagnostics and Orbis International announce study to help save sight in Bangladesh
10 Chinese startup to offer driverless robotaxi service by 2022 in California
11 A drone attacks humans without being ordered: Its autonomous AI decided the attack
12 In warfare, the future is now
13 AI is powering alarming new autonomous weapons systems
14 Moving around China has changed since Covid — and the changes may be permanent
15 Google Unit DeepMind Tried—and Failed—to Win AI Autonomy From Parent
16 FedEx partners with AI robotics company on last mile delivery
17 Machine-learned Human Emotions Will 'Drive' Autonomous Vehicles
18 Becomes First Company to Test Driverless Vehicles on Public Roads in Both the U.S. and China
19 FYI: There's a human-less, AI robot Mayflower ship sailing from the UK to US right now
20 KeepTruckin raises $190 million to invest in AI products, double R&D team to 700
21 AI Agreement Will Spur Advances in Robotics, Sensing, and Beyond
22 Mayflower, the AI ship sent to sail from the UK to the US with no humans, made it three days before breaking down
23 Self-Driving Cars Could Be Decades Away, No Matter What Elon Musk Said
24 AI Likely to Be Integrated into Naval Vessels in Next Five Years, GlobalData Says
25 Chinese startup can now test driverless vehicles in three California cities
26 The AI in computer vision market is estimated to be valued at USD 15.9 billion in
27 Invention uses machine-learned human emotions to 'drive' autonomous vehicles
28 Closed-loop AI Enables Autonomous Process Manufacturing
29 FedEx partners with AI robotics company, Nuro to test autonomous delivery
30 Mayflower Autonomous Ship embarks on Transatlantic crossing attempt – ShipInsight
31 China pits fighter pilots against AI aircraft in simulated dogfights
32 No time to cook? This AI startup’s autonomous robot can make 200+ dishes
33 AI, 5G, MEC and more: New technology is fueling the future of drone delivery.
34 Baidu To Build Autonomous Taxis With BAIC Group In China
35 AI pioneer, visionary launches autonomous vehicle firm in Toronto
36 ISEE Launches Autonomous Driving Solution for Yard Trucks to Optimize Logistics Hub and Warehouse Efficiency
37 ADASTEC selects Teledyne FLIR thermal sensors for Level-4 autonomous bus platform
38 A Texas town approved an AI border security camera
39 Plus's Autonomous Trucks to Transport Equipment for Good Machine's Anti-Climate Change and Sustainability Focused Projects
40 Light is the key to long-range, fully autonomous EVs
41 AI and Machine Learning Network to Connect Autonomous Economic Agents to IOTA Network’s Data Sources
42 Information Technology, AI, IoT For Better Healthcare: An Analysis
43 China's plans to begin commercial driverless robotaxi service in California in 2022
44 Hyundai Recruits AI Expert To Boost Autonomous Driving & Data Capabilities
45 Artisan robots with AI smarts will juggle tasks, choose tools, mix and match recipes and even order materials – all without human help
46 EDJX To Present Breakthrough IoT and Edge Computing Partnership Use Cases at IoT Evolution Expo
47 Baidu inks partnership to build 1,000 autonomous robotaxis
48 Moving towards autonomous driving networks
49 Electronic Design Automation Tools (EDA) Market
50 Announces Autonomous Customer Support on Salesforce
51 Poltergeist attack could leave autonomous vehicles blind to obstacles – or haunt them with new ones
52 The Navy sub commanded by artificial intelligence
53 5 Business Innovations Changing Supply Chain Management
54 Massive Record-Breaking Heat Wave Reveals How AI Self-Driving Cars Could Provide Some Cooling Relief
55 An Autonomous Truck Is Gathering Data for Volvo's AI-Based Transport Solution
56 Chips Designed By AI Are The Future Of Semiconductor Evolution Beyond Moore's Law
57 How to invest in robotics and artificial intelligence
58 Getting a Closer Look at Iris Automation's Detect and Avoid System, Casia, in Light of the FAA's New BVLOS ARC
59 AI Sensors Could Help Autonomous Vehicles in Snowy Cities
60 DARPA Program Aims to Help Autonomous System Operators Understand AI Process
61 In It For The Long Haul: Autonomous Trucking Startup Plus Goes Public Via SPAC
62 Bridgestone Invests In Kodiak Robotics Autonomous Long-Haul Trucking Technology Company
63 Why Autonomous, AI-based Software Tests Save Costs | eWEEK
64 Merlin teaming up with Dynamic Aviation to bring autonomy to 55-aircraft fleet
65 Autonomous Vehicles: Walk With AI/ML Before Taking The Fast Lane
66 KeepTruckin Gets $190 Million To invest In AI & R&D
67 Shares Initiative with Climate Action Now! to Raise Funds in Urban Environments
68 Elon Musk called lidar a ‘crutch,’ but now Tesla is reportedly testing Luminar’s laser sensors
69 Machine learning for autonomous AI systems and robotics
70 Robots and artificial intelligence to guide Australia’s first fully automated farm
71 ACR, RSNA Caution FDA Against Autonomous AI in Medical Imaging
72 Autonomous Shared the Luck on Saint Patrick's Day, Raising $15,000 for America's Environmental Future
73 DEWA's pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai prepares to highlight its efforts in sustainability and energy of the future
74 Are Autonomous Businesses Next?
75 The Autonomous Systems Pattern Of AI
76 Worried about the autonomous weapons of the future? Look at what's already gone wrong
77 Autonomous trucking company Plus will use AI and billions of miles of data to train self-driving semis
78 How Autonomous AI Will Transform the Marketing Industry
79 Coretronic Corporation deploys fully autonomous AI solutions to seize opportunities in 5G smart applications
80 Boeing tests autonomous, artificial intelligence-enable jets in Australia
81 A Fully Autonomous, AI powered Marine Ship with Its Own 7-Limb Robotic Chatbot Assistant
82 AI under the sea: Autonomous robot to collect data from new depths
83 Driving into the future from autonomous to AI
84 U.S. commission cites 'moral imperative' to explore AI weapons
85 Toyota taps Apex.AI for its autonomous vehicle operating system
86 Eyenuk Announces FDA Clearance for EyeArt Autonomous AI System for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
87 Autonomous delivery has a bright future in 2021, says Refraction AI CEO
88 Adding AI to Autonomous Weapons Increases Risks to Civilians in Armed Conflict
89 Biden urged to back AI weapons to counter China and Russia threats
90 Autonomous vehicles driving AI chip innovation
91 Digital Diagnostics, formerly IDx, Expands Global Impact of Healthcare Autonomous AI with Acquisition of 3Derm Systems, Inc.
92 The Pentagon Inches Toward Letting AI Control Weapons
93 Sam's Club using AI floor-scrubbing robots in all US stores this fall
94 Explaining Why Explainable AI (XAI) Is Needed For Autonomous Vehicles And Especially Self-Driving Cars
95 Launches World's Most Evolved Autonomous Driving Platform With Luminar
96 AI, captain! First autonomous ship prepares for maiden voyage
97 Autonomous balloons take flight with artificial intelligence News & Views
98 raises $100 million more to advance its autonomous vehicle tech
99 Was a flying killer robot used in Libya? Quite possibly
100 VW and Argo AI Will Begin Testing Level 4 Autonomous Ev Vans This Summer